Global Climate Change is a very real and dire problem.

Here is an excellent video from Nasa that covers the salient points.

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  1. You didn’t express your opinion on “meateating” (not a word) and molesting children. You just said over and over that eating meat is 100X worse than molesting children. You don’t have any political views, you haven’t given any – you’ve just bashed other people and their beliefs then cry about yours. I don’t need to justify me insulting your political views because you haven’t given me any nor have I insulted politics in any shape or form in our conversation.

  2. sassieger min says:

    Blooming Lake Erie. Photo Credit: NASA EO Pure Michigan is a slogan used in the Great Lakes State, to bring in tourists and celebrate the beauty of nature. You probably won’t be seeing these images in any Pure Michigan ad campaign. They’re of algae, including some of the toxic kind. Stuff so big and nasty that you can see it from space. Be happy that you’re not close enough to sme…Read the full story on TreeHugger

  3. knuttias deau says:

    Most of Europe is socialist too~

    Problem with all things forms of governments, and power is corruption, lies, manipulation, not really delivering what the people wanted and or good and improving for all.

  4. widdara dowicky says:

    I say again: Watch Australian Broadcasting Company’s analysis of the Great Global Swindle. See what they have to say. Listen to what the show’s creator Durkin has to say. The piece went through four revisions according to Durkin, the documentary’s producer.

  5. bord moodria says:

    No wonder i find this again. Stop changing the names of the songs You got me all over youtube looking for songs that are right there. ( You really dont have to though)

  6. This video is one of the only ones to bring me to tears of joy and sadness every time. Congratulations humanity, may you once again reach above.

  7. estdager blott says:

    Tags: Plant biodiversity, Climate change, Global warming Washington: The ability of a plant and its pollinator to survive rapid climate change depends upon the density and distribution of other species in the community, a new …

  8. dont srivia says:

    Children like the lake, so do the birds! – The Nature Walk on Sunday, 13th November. went off very well with

  9. mundler mooranft says:

    Suddenly hearing Dueling Banjos in my head.
    Sure not the best idea to nuke them (God knows we may someday need the resources in the area). just that I look at rednecks as the Morlocks to the rest of society. Maybe we should go Brave New World on them and keep them in reservations… until we need a ready source for Soylent Green.

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  12. berter mathke says:

    2012 comes in with a beautiful 65 degree day! Yay for global climate change! I feel rather nostalgic for college, just cause of the weather. –

  13. alifacioli guluschoog says:

    Equity and justice in the global climate change debate – Daily Star Online: Equity and justice in the global cli…

  14. lou toraigasas says:

    Pt2. The scientists that promote the concept and idea of man made climate change and suggest that we must reduce the amount of pollution if we are to preserve this vital protective layer. Put simply, its people like you, who dare I say probably own two or even three gas guzzling tanks who feel the need to justify their over indulgent existence and therefore chose to ignore the painfully obvious fact that the way we live needs to change.

  15. lyley farham says:

    its probably the most prolific its ever been; be it newly grads trying to work or child labour. Its nature now

  16. lot adva says:

    yes, but choise term does not rlly reflect these There are choises which effect by some of our body but some not. Buying a yellow or red is choise and in ur case being gay and heterosexual is choise either, but when u look at the of both, are they same? Even parameters effect, also choise itself effect. Its about priorities of person, being hetero is easier than being gay, cuz most of population is hetero, so maybe this was not even a choise for u. But once u hve feelings for ur same sex ppl, due to culture, religion etc it becomes a choise, but without them, u have no fear, so those what makes it choise, but being gay itself not choise

  17. carpalming fullietti says:

    NC passed law against global warming science, therefore it’s not happening. So I’m ignoring Twitter’s 140-character limit, so it’s not happ

  18. packson dette says:

    Dear plant eaters,chicken never gave oxygen, chicken never gave shade, loss of chicken never caused global warming,then why eat good plants?

  19. hupilson says:

    I’m often asked whether I believe in Global Warming. I now just reply with the question: “Do you believe in Gravity?”

  20. zamlinstek sis says:

    I overreact. I underestimate. I overestimate. I over think everything. I dream big. And when I say I love you, not lying.

  21. velnith monstikes says:

    Twitter was a mistake. I’m leaving it behind and going outside to look at nature, then use my hands to make something. Join me. Goodbye.

  22. “Istanbul hackers like to gather at Hacker Space. At the end of a alleyway, a few little girls ride around on their bikes. “HS” is spray-painted in neon orange on a broken concrete wall. The front of the office is glass, and through it, you can see two men typing away on computers. The office is clean, furnished with a few tables and some bookshelves. There is pile of mineral water bottles waiting to be recycled.”

  23. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – California is set to unveil a new weapon in its fight against global climate change on Wednesday when it ho…

  24. seckey depont says:

    It’d be really great if this POS light meter would actually work so I could get some work done on my science fair ********

  25. cham whitsu says:

    I love the way CS lewis writes fiction as if it was nonfiction, making no to conceal it’s being a book in nature.

  26. Men speak of natural rights, but I challenge any one to show where in nature any rights existed or were recognized until there was establish

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  28. If you look at it the right way, the universe can astound you with its scale. Astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said we live on an “insignificant planet of a hum-drum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe.” The scope of the space around us and within us is practically inconceivable.

    Similarly, we are beginning to harness the power of technology to create, send, store and receive more data than at any time in history. This digital world is just as striking in its seemingly infinite depth — the Internet routinely processes more data than humans have exchanged in 5,000 years of civilization. This is the decade of the digital universe, after all.

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