In this video, Naomi Klein discusses our collective human recklessness and the foolishness of continuing to pursue life in this way.

Specifically, she talks about the dire threat of Global Climate Change (Global Warming), and about the Alberta Tar Sands.

There is no doubt but that exploiting the oil in these Tar Sands is the height of stupidity — and yet, there are significant and powerful forces aligned behind making this happen.

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  1. Filed under: Etc. Whether it’s covering the absurd or the we enjoy being your go-to source for fuel-efficient motoring news day in and day out. With the smell of special meals cooking and a present or two being unwrapped, here’s hoping that everyone in the AutoblogGreen community has a great holiday this year, no matter what you choose to call the reason for the season. Don’t let the old “divide and conquer” trick fool you. There are those who benefit when the population is divided over silly questions like whether to wish someone a Merry Christmas or not. Some also benefit when people disagree on issues like global warming and thus ignore the big challenges. Around here, we think it makes more sense to figure out what we agree on and go from there. But today and tomorrow, we’re taking some time to celebrate with family and friends, just like many of you. We look forward to getting back to covering the green car scene on Tuesday – ramping up our coverage until we get to the…

  2. Gingrich gets in bed with Fascist Nancy Pelosi to promote the Global Warming lie, proving he is still a globalist

  3. Its way more complicated than that you know :p

    Some areas get way dry.. like where i live …. down in mexico…. and then some just get more rain, not sure if cali is one of them but could be

  4. estree seguy says:

    “I’m sorry you are so sensitive to the tone of my post. I wasn’t meaning to your feelings.”
    “I’m sorry you are so sensitive to the momentum of my car. I wasn’t meaning to run you over.”

  5. petteno pupplicut says:

    Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years
    This weekly posting is brought to you of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week’s Global Warming news roundup

    Read the rest of this post… | Read the comments on this post…
    Also check out the featured ScienceBlog of the week: Inside the Outbreaks on the ScienceBlogs Book Club

  6. The Wall Street Journal and Murdoch and News Corp suck! Suck badly BiG TiME (only All Things Digital don’t suck)

  7. juschua bendorthan says:

    Check out a video with insane workout moves by vegan athletes, and learn about the study that led James McWilliams to say, “Veganism offers the single most effective path to reducing global climate change.”

  8. wina akiam says:

    End the federal reserve printing money out of thin air inflating the US dollar and bailing out the billionaires. End the wars and bring our troops home. Restore the US constitution. The patriot act cancelled the amendment and the national defense act authorizes the president to assinate US citizens without trial. Fight for your life, and pursuit of happiness. Ron Paul 2012

  9. dos burg says:

    RDM says he left Juan Mata out of line up because of physical nature of the game. He was not rested for Napoli match. (SL)

  10. Hall, same day: a mode of inquiry that has at its centre an essential unknowing about the nature of where one is going ..

  11. bajeweliou diedroniol says:

    Lampe, Missouri / Only 2-day School: As you stand in the 10,000 acre Dogwood Canyon Nature Park with the Ozarks …

  12. chatte schian says:

    This 2pm class though, it will not have me in its attendance for the date of 4/5/12. Global Climate change, Shlomal Shlimate change.

  13. Lead Software Engineers / QA Engineers – (San Francisco, CA & Arlington, VA ) Do you want to help fight global climate change? In 2008, Business Week named us ne of the “Fifty Tech You Should Know.” Since then, wehave grown into an industry-leading behavior-based energy efficiency and grid software company of software engineers, product specialists, behavioral scientists and efficiency advocates. We are already working with more than twenty-five utilities, including six of the ten biggest, to reduce energy consumption and help consumers save on their energy bills. Our success has been recognized by USA Today, the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, Fox Business News, LA Times, Good Morning America, and even President Obama. This hot company continues to expand its team! About the Job: Are you tired of large corporate or government environments? Would you like to work on the OS of your choice? To have a and talented team to work with and have weekly code reviews…

  14. enneales von says:

    Great topic! Prof. D. Wise’s seminar: Spiders, Decomposition Rates & Global Climate Change. (12 April, 10AM, R3-035 Mac Campus) 2/2

  15. gajlou her says:

    Washington, 5 mag. – (Adnkronos/Washington Post) – E’ polemica negli Stati Uniti per un pubblicitario, pagato da un think tank conservatore, che paragona chi crede al global warming a Unabomber, il scienziato americano arrestato arrestato nel 1996 per aver ucciso tre persone, e ferito altre 23, inviando pacchi postali esplosivi.

  16. joao gaberke says:

    OK, we admit it: We love Nissan’s “polar bear” ad for the Nissan Leaf. It works on several levels, not the least of which is putting a face, of on the issue of global climate change.

  17. dong-gilsi edmon says:

    Explaining nature by to of is like explaining how good/bad a TV show is by only explaining how the TV works

  18. gock mcqueroszu says:

    “In the last few years, work along the Cape Churchill Peninsula of western Hudson Bay by Rockwell and colleagues has suggested that polar bears are not as hamstrung by their environment as many biologists believe. One new nutritional option for polar bears is the bounty of goose eggs which had previously hatched into goslings that were gone by the time bears came ashore. In recent years, ‘early’ bears have left breaking sea ice to come ashore and consume eggs. In fact, the earlier the bears come ashore, the better: eggs are higher in nutrients when the embryo is younger.

    In the new Oikos paper, Rockwell and coauthors Linda Gormezano (also affiliated with the Museum) and David Koons (a researcher at Utah State University in Logan) simulated the timing of events during the Arctic spring: the break-up of sea ice, the movement of bears onto shore, the migration of geese to the and the laying of eggs. Results from the computer model show that the mismatch of timing is something that both the bears and geese can use to their advantage. The timing of geese migration is primarily based on photoperiod (the amount of light in 24 hours), which will not change as quickly as polar bear movements, which are based on the melting of sea ice.

    Results show that the advance in mean overlap of the two species gives an advantage to polar bears. But increased variability, also the result of global climate change, leads to an increased mismatch that is good news for snow geese.”

  19. sala deira says:

    Over the past few decades, the scientific understanding of El Nino has grown increasingly complex. Traditionally viewed as a periodic warming focused largely in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, El Nino is associated with reduced productivity in South American fisheries and changing temperature, pressure, and rainfall patterns around the world. In the 1990s, however, researchers to notice a new kind of El Nino, one where anomalous ocean temperatures were concentrated mainly in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean. This previously unknown mode of variability, now termed the Central Pacific (CP) El Nino, in contrast to the classical Eastern Pacific (EP) El Nino, has increased in frequency and intensity over the past 30 years. Some scientists expect CP El Ninos to become the dominant El Nino variant in response to global warming, so understanding their differing effects is a pressing concern. Comparing the major 1997-98 EP and 2009-10 CP El Nino events, Gierach et al….

  20. soume schonssorr says:

    Well we had 37 tents up this weekend around the , and not one problem with all the wind and rain mother nature –

  21. Gi Group are looking for warehouse operatives to work in Rugby for one of our major blue chip clients. Duties can be of heavy or light in nature. Shifts are on a 7am or 9am fixed shift basis, working from Sunday to Friday. All applic….

  22. wiltschenb golinger says:

    If you insult my I will attack you. Unless you are an actual equestrian, you cannot qualify the nature of this

  23. brook ten says:

    How beautiful is Kashmir…how lovely the ppl & silences that can only be Nature’s voice. Feel blessed to be here in the land of sufis.

  24. If society wants to address big picture environmental problems, like global climate change, acid rain, and coastal dead zones, we need to pay closer attention to the coupled biogeochemical cycles. So a special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, published this month by the Ecological Society of America.

  25. maulcalian bela says:

    Reading denials by Greek oligarchs that they rely on state for their business. Laughable to anyone who knows nature of …

  26. Not enough of them. After the asked Bill Nye if meteors were an effect of global warming, my tolerance 4 stupid is low.

  27. wada benny says:

    is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of – Lin Yutang

  28. What do you people think you’re doing? If you knew about global climate change, why did you even let them make a 4th Star Wars?

  29. Of course we’ll have people denying global climate change as it so much bs. You are being played & manipulated if you believe.

  30. schowski says:

    You’re asking the same of question that the most emotional congregationalists in the Holy Church of Global Warming almost always try to avoid answering in a straightforward manner.

    Here are two more:

    1. If the Keystone pipeline is never built, do you honestly believe that the Canadian oil in question will remain in the ground forever … or will it be pumped out anyway and sold to China or some other oil-thirsty nation?

    2. The 2009 Copenhagen Agreement that drew the of many self-styled environmentalists would have required developed countries to pay developing countries an estimated $70 billion to $140 billion a year. By how many degrees would that have lowered the temperature?

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