Jamie I’m carving a jesus o’lantern this year.

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Heide Good! Maybe his light will shine upon you even brighter!!!
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Tami post pics plz!!! and god bless my friend..god bless. 馃槢
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Jamie can I get a hallelujah!?!
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Jamie T I def want to see this PLEASE post pics!!!
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Eric Hmm. Good idea. Maybe you should carve the head, complete with thorny crown, and mount it on a skeleton that you then crucify to an inverted cross. Be prepared for the villagers to show up to your house with torches and a lynching rope, though.
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Heide Eww your friend Eric is stupid and evil. Yuk.
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Eric You could even construct a Roman soldier and have it poke him in the side with a spear.
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Eric As a matter of fact, Reverend, you have inspired me. My Nativity Scene this year will be magnificent and will likely make the local news.
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Heide sad “little” person.
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Eric The challenge will be to figure out how to visually convey a father knocking up one of his children, who is wed to another of his children, to have himself.
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Heide Douche
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Eric A motorized diorama with recorded narrative will probably do the trick.
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Eric And, to be fair, I will need to include as many of the myriad conceptions of Jesus as I can, not just the Amercanevangelical one. For example:

Is Jesus Gay?

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Jamie Heide, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Eric.

Eric, this is my friend Heide.

I think that the two of you will be fast friends!
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Heide No, I’m not friends with losers, and don’t pull the “no judge” card on me, I’m so over that. Stupid people are stupid.
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Heide You cant like what I am saying douche. Stay off my comments. BLAH!
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Eric Well, at least Jesus loves me.
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Heide There ya go.
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Heide He’s a better person than me that Jesus.
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