Greedy BanksMultinationals Behaving Badly

Most of us would probably agree that the behavior of certain large corporations, such as those in the pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance industry, and the banking industry, has been shameful and destructive to the well-being and best interests of nearly all of us. For example, we have seen something like a 40-fold increase in the ratio of top executive salaries to the wages of their workers since the inception of the Reagan Era, depending on how you calculate it, alongside a shrinking supply of jobs which pay well, and a stagnation of wages for the rest of us over that same period of time. Regardless of the exact numbers, there is no doubt of the trend: we are experiencing a steady shift of the percentage of America’s wealth held by most of us to the hands of a progressively smaller, richer, and more powerful minority.

Trickle Down Economics Failed

Why do I say that the record profits and growing size of these megacorporations is not good for the rest of us? Because I don’t buy the Reaganomics Doctrine; this past year alone has made it clear that so-called “Trickle Down Economics” is a shell game and an inaccurate, damaging model.

But Corporate Wealth Derives From Us

However, to resign ourselves to this trend as an inevitable one is to deny an important, basic reality. We can capitulate to this trend and allow ourselves to be thrust back into the Dark Ages, with multinational megacorporations serving as the modern feudal barons, or we can remember a key fact: corporate power derives from corporate wealth, and corporate wealth derives from us, the employees and customers of this country. We effectively vote with our dollars, and we can change who we vote for. There are many ways to do this, and they have been better addressed by many others than I could do. But, in short, we can shop conscientiously, directing fewer of our own hard-earned dollars to products, services, and companies that do us harm.

So Move Your Money

One recent effort to help us select companies which provide goods and services that serve our needs and don’t rob us behind our backs is called Move Your Money. Simply, navigate to their web site, enter your zip code, and find an FDIC insured community bank in your area. Take your money away from the big banks that continue to rip us off (like JP Morgan/Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo) and reduce their power to keep ripping us off. Encourage people you know to do the same.

We vote with our dollars. Stop voting for those who hurt us and vote instead for those who serve our needs.

Move Your Money

Move Your Money: A New Year’s Resolution

If you’d prefer to use a credit union instead of a bank, here’s a similar tool for locating one:

Credit Union Locator

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  2. bron kalagampan says:

    The critical day has came, and today the European summit will reveal the leaders’ plan to overcome the debt crisis and the measures to quell jitters and rising debt woes, awaiting the mechanism to aid Greece, recapitalize banks and leverage the European Financial Stability Facility.

  3. gretoykin mickshyh says:

    They need to track down the real terrorists… the Rothschild Banking Mafia… owners of the Federal Reserve and the criminals who hijacked our government after they murdered JFK.

    Rothschilds must face justice for terrorism… they are the terrorists!!!!

  4. Follow if you do not! Dick Bove on CNBC pumping the banks again. Still thinks $LEH gets bought out. $$

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  7. I just want honesty in the poll I am getting sick and tired of being told how to think, who the pretent top tier. Please the results and try to be a little more truthful. Stop the mainstream media who take down polls, fudge polls, like 50 to 100 votes making people think 10’s of thousands actually voted. Wait until the polls are finished before the results. We should treat candidates fairly and let the people decide, not the CEO’s of the news media.

  8. mia gaeta says:

    “41% of marketers surveyed had no return on investment figure for any of the money they had spent on social channels.”

  9. Does anyone actually know its being made into a film? look at the bottom of The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ wiki like so everyone can see

  10. lecori stra says:

    just daydreamed bein in outback and shaunti actin like she aint got money & screams “put it on my tab “!

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  13. So.. Someone close to him has poisoned him and then stayed in the room with everyone else and then even asked if the poison is where they put it and its been pulled out of the air from background sound. I see.

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  15. watching The Nate Berkus show on channel 4, Tyra Banks is on it!!! I have a new show to watch now until oltl &amc finds a new tv station

  16. yeah i know that man, he should hire some new talent, someone who is famous, someone who is gonna bring flavour to the unit, because its been the same old g-unit for a while now

  17. witzel mila says:

    very simple. Every dollar printed devalues the rest of them. But when banks get that dollar it has full purchase power because it has not yet met the market. So the banks get this strong money and spend it and then we get the left of dilluted dollar. But the funny thing is is that it was actually your money devalued so the banks could get even more.

    My question is who has all that cash? China have that much. Banks went under and there was none to be found?

  18. julia o'mal says:

    waste you’re money, and time to just see one direction & leave. Big Time Rush doesn’t write songs or live to please you! *cont*

  19. You know WHY America is so screwed up?!? Because it passes UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws….
    I have to chuckle when I see police brutality….
    These people are defending something THEY THEMSELVES will be a victim of. All of them will lose their retirement pensions. Those still on the force will take a HUGE pay cut.
    You gotta love the Irony in it…

  20. spuhariot says:

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  23. I do not recommend watching the special “Money, Power, and Wall Street” before going to bed. Try cleansing with first.

  24. calo schler says:

    AAA: July 4 Holiday Auto Travel Seen Up 4% Vs Year Earlier – Wall Street Journal: AAA: July 4 Holi…

  25. muna mazzolis says:

    A la page “Are Mega-Corporations and Wall Street Killing Electronic Dance Music? | | AlterNet”
    Huge corporations are acquiring rave promotion companies across America, and no one’s psyched but Wall Street. –

  26. This week a Senate investigation detailed that HSBC (HBC) had lax controls against money-laundering and often ignored warnings about clients with ties to drug and terrorists. The bank is also nearing a settlement with the Justice which has two criminal investigations into whether HSBC was complicit in money-laundering and tax evasion.The federal regulator that should have been keeping tabs on all this the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency also came under fire for “systemic weaknesses” in its oversight of banks’ anti-money laundering procedures. The reaches back more than a decade and in testimony in

  27. off cau says:

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  28. calin stasin says:

    Let’s put things in perspective. Spain’s requirement for 2012 is to raise €35.5bn. With the new €100bn aid to the banking system, Spanish banks will have no trouble absorbing this debt. Even with higher haircut requirements due to thedowngrades, Spain’s banks will be able to finance a big of these bonds a …
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  29. Just wrote a piece for Wall Street Journal on futuristic fashion design. Will turn it in tomorrow and see what happens.

  30. kovanzo jarman says:

    Another month, another dismal set of euro-zone manufacturing purchasing managers’ indexes. No wonder all eyes are on the prospects of yet more heavy lifting from central banks to prevent a deeper downturn.

  31. ernesco bharpel says:

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  32. I am excited to see Elizabeth Warren go “all the way”. She stands up to Wall street. She wants the middle class back. She speaks –

  33. Banks too big to fail, companies too big to pay their taxes – we need a new economic model based on m …

  34. rodgettle fiorentera says:

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  37. bunt watanger says:

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