We call it “alternative energy”, which I think is a misnomer. That moniker implies something false: it implies that 19th century dirty energy technology is the standard by which all other energy sources should be judged. It isn’t.

Petroleum has in some ways done wonderous things for us as a civilization. The apologists for it who argue that it has made modern civilization possible and elevated the standard of living of billions of us make a valid point — but they fail to take into account some important caveats.

Caveat 1: Petroleum is not the only form of energy that can provide these benefits. It’s just the only one we’ve exploited to its fullest.

Caveat 2: Petroleum is, by definition, a finite resource. Solar and wind power, on the other hand, are not finite from a human perspective. We could resonably expect to have solar power available, for example, for no fewer than billions of years. Petroleum (and similar energy sources) might last us another one or two hundred years. That’s no less than a million-to-one ratio.

Caveat 3: We now know that our use of petroleum as our energy source produces profound pollution and waste. Not the least of its effects are the climate change 98% of all climate scientists tell us about, along with a suite of other deleterious evironmental effects. The only people who deny this are the shills of the industry that relies on and profits from finite 19th century energy sources like petroleum, and those they mislead.

Caveat 4: It is never wise to place all your eggs in one basket. By aggressively developing so-called “alternative energy”, we build failsafes into the energy system that supports all of humanity. By failing to do so, we leave ourselves vulnerable to certain catastrophe.

Caveat 5: The cost of petroleum as an energy source is constantly rising, and will continue to do so even more as the supplies become smaller, scarcer, and harder to get to and process. The cost of alternative energy is going down.

There are many reasons to work toward replacing dirty combustion as our primary energy source, so I am glad to see reports like the following.

Small Wind Power Market to Double in Size to $634 Million by 2015

by CGR Staff Writer

Power generation from small wind turbines is an increasingly important part of the broader market for renewable distributed energy generation. Small wind power provides cost-effective electricity on a highly localized level, both in remote settings as well as in conjunction with power from the utility grid. According to a new report from Pike Research, growth in the industry is being driven by increased government incentives and an expanded awareness of small wind technologies as an alternative source of electric power. Other market drivers include the desire for customer and community ownership of power generation and the recognition that investment in small wind turbines can be an enduring source of economic development for the rural locales in which they are typically deployed.

The cleantech market intelligence firm forecasts that the global market for small wind systems will more than double between 2010 and 2015, rising from $255 million to $634 million during that period. Within the same forecast horizon, small wind system installed capacity additions will nearly triple to 152 megawatts, and average installed prices of small wind systems will decline to just over $4,150 per kilowatt.

“The payback period for a small wind system can be 5 to 10 years in a region with adequate wind resources,” says senior analyst Peter Asmus. “These economics provide a strong value proposition for a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Small wind turbines are currently more efficient than solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and, therefore, more economical from a levelized cost of energy perspective.”

Asmus adds, however, that despite their benefits, small wind turbines have not enjoyed the same level of innovation when it comes to unique financing and business models, particularly when compared with distributed solar energy. Pike Research’s analysis indicates that business models gaining traction in the small wind sector include leasing programs and utility or third-party ownership. However, subsidy scams in California, which shut down the nation’s most popular incentive program in 2011, have raised questions about whether programs designed for solar PV will work with small wind, given the increased complexity of siting and optimizing power production from small wind turbines.

Pike Research’s report, “Small Wind Power”, examines the global market for small wind power systems including the equipment, components, and installation and service models to enable distributed energy generation from small wind turbines. The report provides a comprehensive examination of industry growth drivers, technology issues, regulatory frameworks, financing structures, and the competitive landscape. Global market forecasts, segmented by world region, extend through 2015. An Executive Summary of the report is available for free download on the firm’s website.

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40 Responses to “More Rising Wind”

  1. Honesetly…..An unlimited renewable energy source is the most thing to the human population right now and going forward.There is SO MUCH potential for ocean tidal energy. Estimates say that with a 100Billion dollar investment in ocean America – Canada and the U.S would have enough energy forever. Of course there are repairs and upkeep costs..but still….

  2. kire guittger says:

    Wind Power : Are Wind Turbines Effective Or Unsafe? | Wind …: Write-up by Ross Mayer Just in situation you hav…

  3. hoendeflem says:

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  4. hiphammeri juveir says:

    Yeppers. The only way to store energy is with batteries unless someone came up with star trek technology we haven’t heard about

  5. salbaum urpinovan says:

    What does it take to wake the world up? Michael Jackson wrote a song as powerful as this and STILL people wont act! What does it take???

  6. Thanks Brother…I will come up and cure your to many tools problem anytime..At your place I would feel like the ultimate American Picker….

  7. shabell amarson says:

    I laugh when people tell me Ron Paul is crazy. Yeah you think Ron Paul is crazy because he tells you the truth about America, which is a crazy place. I agree with about 50-60% of what he says, but what I do agree with him on is the most issues to me, and he always speaks the truth. GUARANTEE if the other candidates were actually speaking the truth and were not bought off by corporations, you would be saying their crazy too. Don’t be a sucker. I voted Obama last election, not again.

  8. yeah i live in Alhambra too! yeah trees street signs all down pasadena area was hit very hard too i think the most. Im not sure :

  9. swini rexroda says:

    lol beyonce singing this, would just be wrong….Monica did a great job singing this because she made this song her own. Have to say no where near the original, but then again Whitney Owns this song and all of songs she recorded.

  10. dunwent tennidi says:

    You lack knowledge of Ron policies. Read his proposed cuts of a $1 trillion dollars in his first year as president and how in 3 years, his policies would resolve the national deficit issue and the US economy to be able to flourish again. And the best is he would not cut anything that the American people have become dependent of like social security (opt. out for younger people), medical care, etc. He would eliminate the income tax, foreign aid, militarism, etc

  11. testanitz don says:

    Sean: I will gladly say that you are very much in tune with politics, but that doesn’t automatically mean your are correct. I will tell you know that Romney will be the GOP candidate, just based on the voter base and their preferences based on misinformation and undereducation.

  12. It matter who you vote for Repub or Demo they all follow the broken same monetary(money) and foreign polices. The reason many people Ron Paul is because he challenges broken polices . You can find videos of him for the 80s warning of us of what we have today.In his 30 years in politics He has NEVER changed his views, NEVER compromised, NEVER voted to raise taxes, NEVER go to the middle east, and at night he dreams about the Constitution. He is Thomas Jefferson.

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  15. So let’s see now. Pouring water into rock deep within the crust to extract oil causes but pouring water into rock deep within the crust to produce steam for generating electric power doesn’t cause Uh huh. In addition the building of a facility for generating electric power along with high voltage wires to carry the power in an area zoned off limits for commercial development doesn’t seem to ruffle the feathers of the enviro-Nazis who can’t ever seem to find a safe place in any of the 57 (sic) states of Obama for oil drilling or building an oil pipeline. While they are at it, why don’t they build a windpower farm in the areas frequented by tornados and hurricanes to take full advantage of the renewable wind energy that that these areas possess. So what if they get knocked down. They can always be rebuilt. Maybe we could all wear beanies with propellers and solar cells to generate our own wind power and solar power to reduce the need for…

  16. purdahami hom says:

    Posted a comment on discussion. I have been researching wind power and Solar power and have come across a sit……

  17. pdeve pton says:

    Wind Power For Homes Is Reborn: by MS Rochell February 3, 2012 Wind Energy 0 Comments Wind power for homes…

  18. Forbes

    Germany offers help in renewable energy sector
    Pakistan Daily Times
    He highlighted the due role of Alternative Energy Development Board and said that on the basis of public-private the government has village electrification programme for social uplifting of remote areas. Elahi was of the view that …
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  19. jaret petsuhiko says:

    IDK Fekkypoo. Why did I edit? To join the three bit together… then I decided I mumbled a bit, tso I added subtitles, hahaha! A waste?

  20. fert gier says:

    The fact that the US + EU r able to refuse the use of Iranian oil is a testament to the recent advancements in alternative energy

  21. CEE POWER-Czech power for Monday up on less wind: Power for Monday up on expectations for less wind * Lithuania …

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  23. perero says:

    Europe Power-German curve hits 16-month lows
    By contrast, spot power prices for early next week rose on expectations for reduced supply of solar and wind power and for cool temperatures, which boost demand. Increasing hydro supplies are likely counterbalance the tightness, traders said.
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    Vestas receives 216 MW offshore wind energy order in Belgium
    We are truly committed to the development of offshore wind energy and we are extremely proud to receive another strong customer commitment to our V112 platform technology.” “This agreement is a significant joint accomplishment building on our close …
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    EIB Financing of € 333 million for offshore wind power plantWindtech International
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  28. lerozsga men says:

    Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s spokesperson explained to ABC News on August 9 why the governor opposes extending the wind industry’s production tax credit (PTC), a 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour for projects’ first ten producing years, which is scheduled to expire December 31, 2012. Even with “Obama’s approach of massive subsidies and handouts,” Amanda Henneberg told Devin Dwyer, the wind industry has “shed jobs while output has declined,” adding that “the one-year cost of extending the tax credit would be an estimated $12.2 billion.” Henneberg’s “$12.2 billion” number references the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimate for the PTC. It is derived from the version of the PTC recently approved by the Senate Finance Committee in a 19-5 vote that included crucial for the committee Democrats from Republican Senators Chuck Grassley (IA), Pat (KS), Mike Crapo (ID), Orrin Hatch (UT), Olympia Snow (ME) and John Thune (SD). Welcomed as a lifeline by a…

  29. Liberals should apply rhetoric in the Legislature right now to wind power. “We can admit we made a mistake, we take responsibility for that”

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  31. sulosachel ribalan-we says:

    The Des Moines Register lost all credibility today. Romney is a pathological liar who also insulted Iowa’s wind power industry!

  32. o'caruck perobalz says:

    We need to scrap wind power and figure out a way to harness all the energy put into posting passive-aggressive facebook statuses

  33. willin herathalma says:

    If big oil put their money & research behind alternative energy sources, they could go along way to solving this.

  34. It’s a brrrrrright cold morning and wind power is providing a mere 0.9% of our electricity – 400 MW out of 45,000MW

  35. Examiner.com

    Energy solutions during load shedding in India
    Energy Solutions · energy conservation · Energy conservation education · Alternative Energy. According to The Hindu, it on Dec. 2, 2012 that with the increase in load shedding in Tiruchirapalli, India, residents are seeking …
    Vivint Solar Expands into S. CaliforniaToday’s Energy Solutions
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  36. verwege vie says:

    Intermittent solar & wind power cut into baseload power. The energy system of the future will be flexible & …

  37. wahl moutie says:

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  38. billi staffah says:

    NEW – Wind power surpasses coal. Ontario got 56.4% of electricity from nuclear plants in 2012. Hydro 22.3%. Gas 14.6% …

  39. sali bott says:

    Solar power continues to grow in the USA, What alternative energy do you think will free us from our need for petroleum products?…

  40. shea josadiacci says:

    Is the ‘Saudi Arabia of wind’ willing to sacrifice the economic benefits of clean energy for the sake of the coal industry? To date, 29 states in the US have set standards requiring a percentage of electricity production to be met by renewable sources. Soon that number may fall to 28. In 2009, Kansas passed legislation establishing a renewable energy standard requiring 10% of the state’s electricity production to come from renewable sources by 2010, and 20% by 2020. The state, the “Saudi Arabia of wind”, met the 2010 requirements by exploiting its wind power potential, which is second only to Texas in the US. Republican congressman Dennis Hedke, the chairman of the Kansas Congressional joint committee on energy and environmental policy – who has ties to the oil and gas industry – arranged for his committee to hear arguments to delay or eliminate these requirements. This Thursday, the commitee has its final hearing on the subject. The main argument against the renewable energy…


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