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  1. yasheini vol says:

    With most of our economy locked up in Corporate and Top 1% investments/accounts, the effectiveness of consumer boycott is maximized

  2. ser annice says:

    Romney becoming symbolic of what’s wrong with the Republican Everyone wants to vote safe when we need sudden & relentless reform.

  3. If the stories about running are true, Neocon will probably pee all over herself because Christie is her choice. –

  4. mutha hagwerylis says:

    Fiction! One(through the BulboUrethral is the WORD that came downTo became Flesh, in the Triangle of the Manly Crotch, and resurrects, in all shapes and sizes! (unless he suffers from resurrectile Dysfunction), in the expectance of the due worship, and he provides the Divine blessings of SACRED ORGASM and spends the milkey river of LIFE.

  5. Democracy is the last rung on the ladder to every dictatorship in history.. Will America ever wake up and realize that “We The People” doent mean WE people.. it means.. the people who wrote the words “We the people”… stop believing in these fraudulent documents that NEVER applied to YOU people… YOU are the authority, YOU are the intrinsic sovereigns… .. not some dead document that only applied to the people who signed it… THEY are DEAD.. along with their constitution and their fraud

  6. ise scann says:

    Want to promote a hot product? Of course you do! And my new guidebook is just what this economy’s many unemployed need. This well written guide offers hope, job search tools and tactics and new insights. In this market, it’s an easy sell. Go for it!

  7. machavin broeibelli says:

    Obama: “For the third time in recent weeks, every single Republican in the United States Senate has chosen to obstruct a jobs

  8. “Sweden denies health attention for illegal immigrants.” Thats more of Europe thing. EU policy

    Sweden has problem with their own swedish culture, since nordic culture excludes thoose who doesnt want to assimilate. Like everywhere in the west you dont have to adapt the native culture. Dont agree with multiculturalism, then you are racist, nazi. Its a big taboo to talk about massimmigrations in negative terms. You got the leftist extremist on you if you talk like Pat in Sweden.

  9. Aha. When polled, 26% said that they are in the 1%. I think this explains why there’s still a Republican

  10. zega schummer says:

    and be like i need some secruity and protection ill pay you so and so for this long. cant do that the military only deals with war search and rescue ETC.

  11. Are we all aware that we are being dragged into war with Iran? We are blindly/unknowingly (?)following the US neocon agenda. Time to wake up

  12. Geez. This guy coulda been prez. And that dumb-assed Palin coulda been vice prez.

    We woulda been in a world of then.

    They probably would have brought back Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton, Wolfowitz.

  13. clos phonds says:

    just sent final ambush election to Federal Register. Should go final Thurs. Just in case the economy had thoughts about recovering…


  15. According to the neocon radio goons, Iowa is now relevant; however, there are now only two tickets out of Iowa. –

  16. luddin lonesbreu says:

    Whats on your lip, a turd? You are so wrong and wierd looking. Have you ever made a dime on your own. You have not got a clue, you remind me of my daughter who is and thinks everything should be given to her. Thank you for reminding me of what the losers are doing, nothing.

  17. codd drewagne says:

    Job Skills / Training, How To Get Promoted And A Raise 3 Hr Audio And Ebook In Spanish –

  18. balder saume says:

    Obama’s coming to our town on Thurs. Wow. Of course, this being the of Republican OC, the protester are readying

  19. —>> Ron Paul 2012 – MONEY BOMB — TODAY!! < <---- ronpaul2012 . com
    Donate toward preserving the which our government has grossly since the founding of our nation. Help restore our rights and freedoms.
    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
Abraham Lincoln
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke

  20. so your saying you have never watched the news and you only dislike fox bc your liberal friends tell you to

  21. “Yes we can heal this nation”? Well what has Obama done to help heal this nation in the last 3 years? And if stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is one of them then sorry, count very much. :/ :”(

  22. reutnere vassarado says:

    Or did Kid Rock go “uncool” so long ago he’s in that “nobody cares so I can be a Republican” zone with Nugent now?

  23. faassa marsen says:

    McCain the Neocon Warmonger thinks he will get political capital out of this. he pushes NDAA at home, tries to act the

  24. TheBLAZE is a NeoCon WarMonger site I just saw some negative Ron Paul slant. NeoCon’s did not try to serve the spirit of

  25. shaya maier says:

    I was blocked by a republican racist bigot who hates the Brits n who thinks Iranians rape their daughters lol.

  26. How is it going to help the economy to pay more to job centre staff to work in leafy suburbs than in areas of high unemployment?

  27. ”De la crisis se sale trabajando y no vagueando”, felicidades, habéis sido actualizados al capitalismo neocon 3.0 😀 Disfrutad lo votado. –

  28. cunengeleo says:

    How China sees its eclipse of the US: | Just a matter of years rather than decades before has largest economy

  29. US likely added over 200000 jobs in March for 4th month: By Lucia Mutikani | WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US payrolls …

  30. Blick Economy Canvas Panel Classroom Packs – 18 times; 24, Economy Canvas Panels, Pkg of 24: Suitable for all ty…

  31. chalier atsuk says:

    I don’t care if your a Republican or a Democrat, an independent, an anarchist or anything else in between, if…

  32. vander manney says:

    Neocon on the news says Obamas not going to “protect” marriage. Divorce rate currently 50%. If that’s protection, then the condom is broken.

  33. So I been called a neocon, sellout, wish I was white baffoon, false christian, racist all in the last hour cuz I dont Obama….lol –

  34. A lower CAD?: While the outlook on the rupee continues to remain bleak due to weak macro-economy, there is some …

  35. TheGhostOfNoLibs on slams Rand Paul: “No true no true friend of and no true blue Tea could possibly even consider, much less actually endorse or approve of, the Father of Obamacare, Big Government tax and spender, Republican Mitt Romney” –

  36. rudd efren says:

    With being very to the New Zealand economy, seeing bugs & insects & other things inside Containers coming-in is nasty

  37. glaerba says:

    Normally open minded but these selfish, neocon, jackasses are wearing me thin 2 the point I will unfriend, though I’ve known forever.

  38. Republican politicians have messed up the thinking of many educated guys. They just can’t define capitalism, socialism, & job-creators. –

  39. diff ntemp says:

    Correction Beth Myers not Bush supreme appointee still of the Bush neocon billionaire club war and 1% control ajenda –

  40. The House Republican income tax cut goes into effect today. Every single taxpayer in Michigan now pays less to the government.

  41. Romney: “I’m different from Bush. I may have hired his old advisers. But I haven’t crashed the economy or invaded the …

  42. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission may be headed toward an “unwarranted” power grab in its antitrust investigation of Google, two lawmakers from Silicon Valley have said. Various media have suggested the FTC may accuse Google of unfair or deceptive businesses in addition to traditional antitrust violations, but the additional charges would be an expanded role for the agency in antitrust cases, wrote Representatives Anna Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren, both California Democrats. “Such a massive expansion of FTC jurisdiction would be unwarranted, unwise, and likely have negative implications for our nation’s economy,” the two wrote in a Monday letter to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz. Some other lawmakers have also questioned the FTC’s investigation of Google and its expected use of Section 5 of the FTC Act to charge Google with unfair business practices. This month, Senator Jim DeMint, a South Carolina Republican, raised similar concerns about the FTC’s Google investigation, but the…

  43. Jesus your timeline is the most self deluded, hilarious & pitiful thing I’ve seen in ages! Are u tweeting from a padded room? –

  44. chalidalik jonquez says:

    Do what u Love & money will chase you. Do what u think u have to do & be subject to the ebb & flow of the …

  45. afkhames epe says:

    Please if U agree: Tax cut’s 4 the wealthy Americans, have not grown US economy! There is clearly no evidence they have!

  46. leit saultandru says:

    Ann Coulter has no idea what being a Christian is all about, ‘tho she continually professes to be one. Typical Republican!

  47. jera jossiorgil says:

    WATER RISK: Scarcity and Disruption to Water Provision Affect the Global Economy; Industry and Investors Meet with Water Sector Leaders at Major Summit in Seville –

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