Would you like to meet President Barak Obama and get the chance to talk with him about what you think is important? On his campaign page you can give yourself just that opportunity:

Title: Chat With Barak Obama

Obama For America

46 Responses to “Meet Barak Obama”

  1. El movimiento de protesta ha recaudado 300, 000 dólares en una cuenta bancaria; las movilizaciones fueron comentadas por Barack Obama y Ban Ki-Moon

  2. ibaldango banoshivne says:

    Obama sucked as president He screwed up our country even more than Bush did. He spent too much time on vacation.

  3. Obama “Don’t pretend air & water for our kids, & less Wall Street accountability is a jobs plan.” –

  4. sharp bald says:

    ISLAMABAD (AP) — The Obama administration on Friday intensified pressure on Pakistan to do more to crack down Islamist militants destabilizing Afghanistan who are allegedly by elements of the Pakistani government, as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a tough public message that extremists have been able to operate from Pakistan for too long….

  5. gartlow hein says:

    Romney is going 2 cost us the WH- I don’t see him as a tough guy 2 take on the Obama slime machine…..

  6. poulosalot far says:

    AP – The death toll of a twin bombing in a Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad rose on Friday to 32 — the worst violence to hit Iraq since President Barack Obama last week said all American forces would leave the country by the end of this year.

  7. stilessina says:

    bush spent close to 2 years on vacation…id say a basketball game is a well deserved break, dont you?

  8. ¡Queremos la renuncia de la directora de salud, acta de nacimiento de Obama, que las madres dejen de joder y que se joda Kyle! – –

  9. sanstoupka job says:

    Colpita una postazione militare lungo la frontiera con l’Afghanistan, nel distretto di Baizai. Ci sono anche una decina di feriti. Immediata la reazione di…
    Rivolta in Egitto, 41 Folla blocca ingresso a Palazzo del governoRussia, al voto il 4 marzo 2012 Consensi in calo per PutinSomalia, libera la “Rosalia D’Amato” oltre sette mesi nelle mani dei piratiIl cane di Obama ispeziona l’alberoElezioni in Marocco, bassa affluenza gli islamisti rivendicano la vittoria

  10. Obama pr guy: “Gingrich is very much for real.” I guess that means they want him to be the GOP nominee.

  11. Ieri sera almeno 300 manifestanti
    Elezioni Russia, dopo le accuse di brogli sale la tensione a Mosca. Città blindata

    (06/12/2011 – 13:12:36)
    Russia, Hillary Clinton chiede un’inchiesta su accuse di brogli. In migliaia in piazzaRussia, Clinton accusa: “Brogli”. Folla contro il risultato in piazza a MoscaKabul, strage di sciiti vicino alla moschea: almeno 30 le vittime, decine i feritiAmanda Knox sceglie lo stesso agente letterario di Obama per il suo libroKabul, strage di sciiti vicino alla moschea: almeno 48 le vittime, cento i feriti

  12. Patriot Act, indefinite jailing, extrajudicial killing, censoring the web…Man, ’08 Obama would have a field day running against ’12 Obama.

  13. RED FLAG. Possible attack in Minnesota. white state. They closed the state government and sent the employees home. Maybe to plant explosives.

  14. In all this game, the devil is the victim, is the scapegoat, will be acused of everything cause the GOD don’t want any rivals. Conclusion: live at the full in the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form,following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the incapacity and limited power of devil cause he is just a temporary puppet. Jesus Christ is our savior and our hope!

  15. ray wilbergers says:

    actually both my daughters are in college, and they and their friends are HUUUUGGE RP And they are actually very active about it. They see him as the only hope for the future they have. just get them and watch em go. amazing how educated they are and how apethetic they are toward establishment canidates including Obama.

  16. B”H – ABY: So what? Since when economics and nukes are related? Korea’s economy isn’t in shambles? Economy only matters to materialists and Westeners, which the Iranians are not: Elementary. Read More »

  17. pinniner vodnia says:

    “Obama’s justices: They are less enamored of government power.” Columnist Steve Chapman has this op-ed today in The Chicago Tribune….

  18. caltraulia mayes says:

    US President Barack Obama has confirmed for the first time that American drones have targeted Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants on Pakistani soil.

  19. Today I asked my mom if she thought Obama would get reelected, she said “I’m surprised he’s still alive, I was positive he’d get shot”

  20. RT Oops he did it again ~RINO Romney joining with Obama, Dems in division rhetoric?
    Said 1 % – http://twitter.com/conserv

  21. “Rick Santorum voted 5 times to increase the National Debt…How can he possibly go after Obama on the economy on a Presidential debate?!”

  22. “I’m keen to the hyperbole around here. It’s almost as if this subreddit is moderated by a mirror universe Glenn Beck.”

  23. volaoual lapier says:

    Why aren’t the top three turning their campaign focus to Obama? Fighting each other is dumb. Fight Obama and we’ll win. Whoever is nominee.

  24. yamalalon goy says:

    Israel and Israel-first agents in U.S. have maneuvered Obama into a vice and are squeezing down for war with Iran –

  25. Hey remember that time Paul Ryan’s budget passed the House with a majority and Obama’s budget failed to get a single vote?

  26. haefernsis says:

    According our gift that keeps on giving VP Biden; Obama has a BIG STICK & He personally knows this fact?

  27. testian baru says:

    If u voted 4 in 2008 2 prove u weren’t racist,vote in 2012 2 prove ur not an idiot. –

  28. peloesemil says:

    Same-sex marriage: Obama takes a stand on the issue, but leaves it to states to decide – United Press International

    Same-sex marriage: Obama takes a stand on the issue, but leaves it to states to decide – United Press International
    U.S. President Barack Obama went out on a political limb last week, saying he has come to the idea of same-sex marriage but stopped of saying the federal government should recognize it. “At a point I’ve just concluded that for me, personally, it is for me to go ahead …

  29. corca arkinley says:

    Barack Obama needs Bill Clinton, even if he can’t control him: The current president is learning that there is b…

  30. ruth perer says:

    What President Obama didn’t tell you in his 2011 State of the Union Address: agree that the next crisis is to be expected within one or two ye

  31. Obama’s Tax Cut Gambit: Seven And A Half Things To Know Thing One: Cliff Diving: We’re less than six months away fro…

  32. The Main Stream Media has been purchased and dwells in Obama’s lap snuggling for a piece of the socialist pie.

  33. pome yagi says:

    have or are getting underground shelters “whoa be unto you” b/c if is back into office, by him being the antichrist, he’s going to

  34. santon jarmery says:

    Want a Landslide!?
    Tell everyone you know to go see
    “2016 Obama’s America”
    Stunningly brilliant, brutally factual.

  35. Old and manufactured and President Obama keeps on greasing the wheels to this hate machine! POTUS where does your loyalty lie?

  36. can you believe Obama’s approval ratings? That proves either 50% of the population are idiots or the polls are lies

  37. guthrope dauerly says:

    Barack Obama is a Directioner. The Queen Elizabeth is a Directioner. Katy Perry is a Directioner. And you? if you’re a DIRECTIONER too.

  38. geoutts hen says:

    CONFIRMADO.Netanyahu pidió y recibió ayuda de Obama para poder evacuar al personal de la embajada israelí asaltada po … –

  39. Bozell Column: The Year of ‘Our Savior’ Obama – > – > – > – > – > – > – > – > …

  40. SAF: “I was demonstrative but I was not out of order. The press have had a field day. The only person they haven’t s …

  41. nevik ehrdalessu says:

    The people that think Obama is good for this country either get a check from him or they hate job creators, or both. –

  42. It is the second big speech of his presidency’s second act, but there is little or nothing to suggest President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address offers any hope of a new beginning or a new spirit in divided Washington.

  43. thie kilbindale says:

    If every African went back to their home country including Obama, Africa will be the BEST continent in the world.

  44. bideo onnin says:

    guess our Country had alot more freeloaders than thought we had (sad) Obama is doing as much sht as he can in our faces

  45. Maybe this is a silly question but…could President Obama have simply vetoed the sequester bill instead of signing it?? Anyone?

  46. bal tumb says:

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