The marine ecosystem is the foundation of all other ecosystems. We literally cannot survive as a species without a healthy marine ecosystem.

And now it’s collapsing.

Fortunately, if we choose to acknowledge the problem and do something about it as a global civilization, we can still save the oceans.

Marine life facing mass extinction, report says

by Thair Shaikh, CNN

London (CNN) — Marine life is under severe threat from global warming, pollution and habitat loss, with a high risk of “major extinctions” according to a panel of experts.

These are the conclusions of a distinguished group of marine scientists who met at Oxford University, England, in April to discuss the impact of human activity on the world’s oceans.

The meeting, led by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO), examined the combined effects of pollution, acidification, ocean warming, over-fishing and depleting levels of oxygen in the water.

The panel found that oceanic conditions are similar to those of “previous major extinctions of species in Earth’s history,” and that we face losing marine species and entire marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs, within a single generation.

The interim report, produced in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), was presented to the U.N. on Tuesday.

The study also said that the speed of decline of marine ecosystems is faster than predicted.

Alex Rogers, IPSO’s scientific director, said: “The oceans are a common heritage of mankind. The extinction threat we believe is real.”

Rogers, professor of Conservation Biology at the Department Of Zoology, University of Oxford, told CNN: “The rate of change we are seeing in the quantities of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere and then being absorbed into the oceans is so great that it is difficult to compare what is happening now with what has happened in the past but we do know that past disturbances in the carbon cycle have been a feature of mass extinction events.”

According to the panel — which consisted of 27 marine experts from 18 organizations — most if not all the five “global mass extinctions” in Earth’s history were probably caused by the “deadly trio” of global warming, ocean acidification and lack of water oxygen or hypoxia.

It states that these three factors are present in the ocean today and gives examples of marine ecosystems suffering severe disturbance, such as the mass “coral bleaching” in 1998 that killed 16% of all the world’s tropical coral reefs.

According to the report, over-fishing has reduced some commercial fish stocks and populations of by-catch species by more than 90%.

Dan Laffoley, senior advisor on Marine Science and Conservation for IUCN, and co-author of the report, said: “The challenges for the future of the ocean are vast, but unlike previous generations we know what now needs to happen. The time to protect the blue heart of our planet is now, today and urgent.”

Marine scientists often describe oceans as the earth’s circulatory system, performing numerous vital functions which make the planet habitable, such as creating more than half our oxygen, driving weather systems while modulating the atmosphere, as well as providing us with vital resources.

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40 Responses to “Marine Ecosystem Collapsing”

  1. ovendan ami says:

    Oh.. global warming, the sun is up, closer to the equator, maybe u need a/c or a fan «TennaJ_ Why is it always hot ?

  2. A new study in Environmental Research Letters, looking at the first offshore wind farm in the Netherlands for the past two years, finds little negative impact on the marine ecosystem–some species benefit from the wind farm, some lose out, and some are unaffected. …Read the full story on TreeHugger

  3. ppl tell me exactly what their will do but they dont realize that if what they say is true than be dead by now

  4. tipp britson says:

    ??????? ya might wanna use at least some understandable grammar. I could barely make out what you wrote. But from i could discern you said ‘nature is god’. So im assuming your not an atheist but a pantheists. And i dont think we’re “unnatural” since we’re of nature that evolved billions of years ago

  5. rafton gambouthal says:

    Green plants have prevented a global rise in carbon dioxide in the air over last two centuries. Global warming was fiction invented by nuclear power. Who makes plutonium and toxic death

  6. ratuna schojnacke says:

    ( — New research into the paleoclimate history by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies director James E. Hansen suggests the potential for rapid climate changes this century, including multiple meters of sea level rise, if global warming is not abated.

  7. The marine pest card on Phillip says that Phillip Bay could be the most invaded marine ecosystem in the southern hemisphere

  8. Sea of plenty a green finds freedom off Lord Howe Island. The marine ecosystem is estimated to be $25 billion. Photo: James Woodford WHAT price nature? When it comes to adding up the ecological benefits to Australia of … Continue reading →

  9. Time running out on global warming – Daily Pioneer: What’s the relevance of this book? And, how is the climate c…

  10. sahiko wortnerty says:

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  12. ter vansord says:

    it’s technically called global climate change & it’s not a good thing. dont make me lecture you when we get back to school :b

  13. yami ruthe says:

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  14. arcelwinty hendonski says:

    Divers need to shout from the rooftops about conservation. Divers are the eyewitnesses to the collapse of the marine ecosystem.

  15. miston grendolfst says:

    He also doesn’t believe in evolution or global climate change. Tweety Bird may think twice about having him on in the future.

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  17. Hey, we’re Conservatives — we can’t be bothered by stupid scientific facts! Not about or cancer, or global climate change, or evolution, or anything! If it’s not in the Bible, or wasn’t uttered by Saint Reagan, it doesn’t exist! How to you expect us to advance our anti-woman, anti-worker, anti-civil anti-minority agenda if you keep pelting us with meaningless facts?

  18. vert faddini says:

    crazy how quickly some of the people nader has sacrificed his life to fight for turned around to stab him in the back. those obamaites who refused to see all the signs that obama was just another corrupt, status quo politician who had nothing to offer but manipulative political theatre while serving the powers that be should be so ashamed now of what they accomplished. i wonder if they figured out yet that if you vote for people who actually represent you, you get represented!

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  20. GLOBAL WARMING IS BULL says new study Fox Nation: where are u when the truth is spoken U SEXPOODLE U??

  21. ervan baer says:

    US behind China on carbon – Turnbull
    Central Midlands & Coastal Advocate
    CHINA is more likely than the United States to provide global climate change leadership, the former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull believes. The Coalition leader, Tony Abbott, cites the impact of soaring Chinese emissions as one of the ”crazy …
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  23. keywart kamorrenne says:

    Stop Shark Finning – As an apex predator sharks play vital role in keeping the balance of the marine ecosystem…

  24. bohainstin daves says:

    Bonn – If global warming continues at its current pace, the planet will increasingly suffer irreversible damages to its biodiversity, natural resources and substantial losses of human life and territory according to a joint published today by CARE International, Germanwatch, ActionAid and WWF at the Climate Change Conference in Bonn.

  25. kohl alartor says:

    Yeji (B/A) March 30, GNA – Nii Amasa Namoale, Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture in charge of Fisheries has called for effective traditional management systems to preserve the marine ecosystem. He therefore tasked the District, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies to enforce the bye-laws that would make the Community-Based Fisheries Management Committees (CBFMCs) efficient. Nii […]
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  26. sabinot bords says:

    2nd degré: We can now admit it: global climate change is one big hoax. the special effects guys are good.

  27. See the sea rise: Making global warming real in Halifax – check out the amazing images produced by a Dal grad student

  28. Tens of millions of your tax dollars r being spent on global climate change. Why? I need to b Emperor.

  29. I don’t think global warming is what is messin with the world its all this ass n one place tilting the world off its axis

  30. zaleshart says:

    ,after ramdev and Anna stories people finally get the real news the peril of global warming ,after ramdev and Anna stories… –

  31. rajanny prasen says:

    This is sad news. DENR, DOT – ACT now! – PH marine ecosystem deteriorating, says study – Yahoo! News Philippines

  32. Viruses could be the key to healthy corals: Corals are an invaluable of the marine ecosystem, fostering bio… htt …

  33. Mostly just religious nutbags who believe that this world is at our disposal and that global warming is a myth and Go …

  34. Caribbean coral reefs are in danger of disappearing, depriving the world of one of its most beautiful and productive ecosystems Caribbean coral reefs – which make up one of the world’s most colourful, vivid and productive ecosystems – are on the verge of collapse, with less than 10% of the reef area showing live coral cover. With so little growth left, the reefs are in danger of utter devastation unless urgent action is taken, conservationists warned. They said the drastic loss was the result of severe environmental problems, including over-exploitation, pollution from agricultural run-off and other sources, and climate change. The decline of the reefs has been rapid: in the 1970s, more than 50% showed live coral cover, compared with 8% in the newly completed survey. The scientists who carried it out warned there was no sign of the rate of coral death slowing. Coral reefs are a valuable of the marine ecosystem because they act as nurseries for younger fish, providing…

  35. By Karimeh Moukaddem,, 19 June 2011 | Africa’s forests are fast diminishing to the detriment of climate, biodiversity, and millions of people of dependent on forest resources for their well-being. But is the full conservation of Africa’s forests necessary to mitigate global climate change and ensure environmental stability in Africa? A new by The Forest Philanthropy Action Network (FPAN), a non-profit that provides research-based advice on funding forest conservation, argues that only the full conservation of African forests will successfully protect carbon stocks in Africa. Focusing on the role of African forests in helping mitigate climate change, the Protecting and restoring forest carbon in tropical Africa: A guide for donors and funders is the first to explore methods to protect and restore Africa’s forests.

  36. johner grevo says:

    I’ll buy in to global warming when I can’t skate on my pond anymore. Then we’re gonna have a problem.

  37. gas iacoza says:

    Plants remove CO2 from the air and replace it with oxygen. So think again, vegetarians. Who is causing global warming?

  38. halenfel thoski says:

    Famous name urges: Jail the climate scamsters

    The U.N. now admits there’s been no global warming for the past 17…

  39. zai ditte says:

    (AFP) – Indonesia has announced a new shark and manta ray sanctuary, the first to protect the species in the rich marine ecosystem of the Coral Triangle, known as the “Amazon of the …

  40. WASHINGTON — The federal government’s official watchdog had a message for Congress on Thursday: Hey, Stupid, the climate is changing. The Government Accountability Office delivered that warning in its update of the greatest threats the government faces in carrying out federal programs. Generally the GAO identifies things like flaws in the defense contracting process and fraud inhealth care programs. This year’s update of the High-Risk Series included the increasingly obvious and growing external threat of climate change — in spite of the continued insistence from many members of Congress that fears over global warming are overblown. “Limiting the federal government’s fiscal exposure to climate change is one of the new areas we have on the list,” Comptroller General Gene Dodaro, the head of the GAO, told at a Capitol Hill press conference. “The federal government is terribly exposed to this change,” he added, noting…

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