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40 Responses to “Limbaugh’s Web Page”

  1. osela sty says:

    The only reason that Rush Limbaugh can’t stoop any lower to attack President Obama is that it’s pretty clear by now that he’s far, far underground already: Yesterday, when President Obama announced  that the United States would be sending 100 special Read More »

  2. carnetting cashwand says:

    Vote however you like, but do it for good reason. To say voting Obama to see “rednecks squeal” is a racist comment and a lousy reason to vote for Obama. call Republicans racists and immediately make a racist statement against them. Many Obama are like you in that they think about why voting Obama- in fact they care or possibly even know why. They are voting for him, period. SCARY and reason enough to say not responsible enough to vote.

  3. illarkhauv says:

    You must be reeducated. You want jobs, FINE if you are white or hispanic or Asian you can become SLAVE CATCHERS. Putting blacks back in chains under a law that says there savages is the right way to go about this BLACKS ARE LIKE PITBULLS IN THE HUMAN RACE. They must be or be destroyed just like a dog who is on the streets. Think of how much CO2’s will save by getting rid of useless Savages or primates. The black must not be classified anymore as human. Animal YES.

  4. conter dano says:

    not trying to “ban” food by any extent of the word; trying to make you eat less, as making you unwell.

  5. which, speaking of, o reilly is actually not as conservative as people make him out to be. not that i like him, but he’s not neocon jesus

  6. I do feel your pain. You want to help SAVE AMERICA. So come join us on the Liberal Side. sold YOU out to big MONEY. –

  7. what do you expect he wants an election win what any politician would do it,conservatives would go on the side of the left if it meant the election

  8. To all Ron Paul-hating liberals out there, just remember that you stand in solidarity w/ Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dick Morris, etc. –

  9. heisdenen katja says:

    Bilderberger update: we’ve treated all the NYE champagne glasses w/ Zionist Fluoride & have plans to give drunk Paulbots NEOCON tramp stamps

  10. disserro geo says:

    To compare the occupy terrorists (threats of molotov cocktails to with the movement that is ACTUALLY accomplishing something for future is just plain stupid. The ringworm and STD infested vermin that are defecating in the streets only WISH they are a legitimate movement, let along an EFFECTIVE one. waiting for 84% of the 99% that are tired of the 15% trouble makers to break away and their own movement. SO fun to see this circus tear itself

  11. NeoCon is not neo classical. The euro is a political project and was always doomed to fail. They are playing with lives

  12. reif towe says:

    Chomsky points out that Ron Paul got it exactly right: we were attacked not because they hate our freedoms but because they hate our policies. Chomsky also notes the the US national security community, including the Pentagon and CIA, *agrees* with Ron Paul on that point.

  13. bergen uzzen says:

    Any thoughts from Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin or Fox News on the surge in auto sales? They had some… –

  14. “Neocon” by the way, was an identity that THEY coined. They decided limited govt was holding back their cause so they flipped

  15. hano eggio says:

    the jew is so dull……………… and a jew… almost immune to the sardonic monotone and he still grinds my neurotransmitters to shreds

  16. Man I’m a floridian and I voted for marco rubio. He came from a tea perspective but it appears he’s just a neocon. He voted for NDAA.

  17. Neocon republicans can’t make up their minds about which cockroach they want to put up against the other cockroach in the WH. –

  18. Senator Jefferson Einstein, Junior Republican from South Dakota, eloquently elaborates on the views which have helped him surge in the polls — and that he believes will carry him to victory. out MORE about Junkie Einstein’s voting record as the race for President heats up:On drug legalization: smoking lettuce: prescription medicine: the existential crisis of not knowing if life is really how one can understand the poetry of Congress: the economic benefit of marijuana legalization:…

  19. fayer furcormack says:

    So this politician is spewing common sense and of course backwater AmARcans are all huffy puffy that maybe, just MAYBE not everyone is responisble enough to carry around a weapon that can so easily kill another…

    not suprised here.

  20. kundhandre mary says:

    He needs lessons on how to give a speech. If Reagan was still alive he could teach him and maybe teach him about why America is great and how to keep it great.

  21. enger lelliefebi says:

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  22. carpe ster says:

    ron paul 2012!

    end the fed!

    end the endless wars!

    end the war on drugs!

    end the NDAA!

    end the patriot act!

    you fought for independence in 1776 now fight for it again.

    love from britan 🙂

  23. Barack Obama Sr has nothing to do with the Presidents eligibility.
    Stanley Ann Dunham was a US citizen. Her son was born on US soil. He is a natural born American.

  24. sher coyke says:

    The main purpose of hasbara trolls like gf on forums like this one is not to sway people into becoming pro-zionist, they spam this kind of site to disrupt it and get everyone arguing about irrelevant stuff, sow dissension and get people hostile to each other. Divide and conquer. The usual tactic is to claim that someone is an antisemite, since practically anything can be twisted to look antisemitic, and the antisemite “hunt” that results totally kills the thread’s subject matter treatment to the advantage of those wanting that conversation stopped. The “noble” way to deal with them is to ignore them altogether, but few people are able to resist their taunts, it seems (afterall, these techniques have been honed to perfection among the crew). Inevitably they disrupt the forum. This is why once one of these trolls get exposed I think they should simply get tossed. It’s really the only practicable way of dealing with this of attack.

  25. schesner puetell says:

    Ive called so many times before and have never even gotten an operator. My sister calls and get on her very first time… Errr…

  26. dachinklen says:

    True liberals will come back only if becomes president. He’s a typical neocon like who won’t be able use race as a shield.

  27. bufferaatz guez says:

    WTF I’ve only used $30 for the several years I’ve been playing neocon games, I haven’t even used it all yet.. –

  28. ambrook says:

    I figured that out too late. Sorry. I get that from RW…they can’t fathom a Republican Obama & assume I’m a fake 🙂

  29. chisele ienia says:

    voters think everyone that gets food stamps and such are lazy n to Fox News lies,Glenn Beck Lies..Limbaugh Lies. –

  30. kotald clattendal says:

    I think Obama is at a Moderate Republican who found pretending to be a Democrat an easier path to power #occupy / Agree? –

  31. Righties I’d like you to meet my friend Joe the Republican? – A DAY IN THE LIFE OF JOE REPUBLICAN Joe gets up at 6…

  32. Limbaugh just said POTUS Obama “of going after the moron vote” this from the who go after the NeoNazi & …

  33. Rush Limbaugh perfect example of pompous, loud, crass to distract his own internal core issues of high dysfunction to deflect onto “unlikes”

  34. too much trotskyite neocon paradigm in my stream still. i really wish some of you dupes would learn some damned history already. –

  35. 40% estate tax over 5 million means I’ll have more work than ever that I hoped I wouldn’t get… –

  36. elvinday pissalvian says:

    there is no “magic 2k”, is just a hyped up list which is now being used to spam block anyone who’s n …

  37. jumahropp hick says:

    I see ur a borderline neocon. I guess u cld care less abt the reckless spending from the DOD. ur already 4 Iran & Syria, right?

  38. ronsino gaugh says:

    If you think USA needs more divisiveness & hatred use Rush Limbaugh like But; If not, avoid them & help –

  39. basnahoza balbiass says:

    … what’s SSP’s role in all this? you mean, “having been dumbass enough to elect KA their fearless leader?” suffer it out for a year, as I had to do with M-ch–l G-rm-n.

  40. bodfreifer says:

    Sarah B. Boxer / NBCNews.com: Romney returning to the private sector  —  Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has a new job. …

    News and notes from inside and around the White House, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon and the UN. http://bit.ly/politicalbrief

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