When I Grow UpPredicting The Future Is Tricky

Prognostication is an inherently risky game. Prognosticators take the serious risk of being wrong, and the risk of being seriously wrong. Making predictions about the world stage, about the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional dispositions of future generations and societies, is particularly problematic, given the innumerable variables that can heavily influence the trajectory and state of society.

Consider how 9/11 served the terrorists’ interests by unexpectedly devolving us into what they claim we are: a nation of brutal fear-biters who, for example, debate even today whether or not pre-emptive warfare and torture are ethically justifiable means of protecting ourselves and advancing our interests. The fact that we as a nation can even tolerate the hypothetical notion of the US detaining people without evidence, trial, representation, or any other of the principled guidelines demanded by the Rule of Law, or can casually dismiss “collateral damage,” speaks to how even one significant variable can permanently alter history.

The Past Repeats Itself

We once held ourselves as the standard of humanity, decency, and fairness, but 9/11 even now makes it acceptable (even right) to a surprisingly large minority of the US citizenry for us to behave just like the “enemies” we used to justifiably condemn, such as Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. Moreover, since the beginning of the nuclear age, of the bioweapons age, and the age of a population and its supporting industries large enough to threaten the biosphere itself, we have, for the first time in our collective history, come to face the possibility of annihilating ourselves altogether, or very nearly so. Predicting where we’ll be and what we’ll think down the road is indeed risky and fraught with the likelihood of error.

Reason For Optimism

Nevertheless, with a little optimism and faith in humanity’s ability to learn and grow, it’s not hard to suspect that 10, 20, or 30 years from now, Americans will look at the water boarding debate, the unprovoked attack and occupation of Iraq, the government’s seeming apathy to those suffering in the wake of Katrina, Big Business’ long-tolerated treatment of our planet as a fire-sale liquidation event, the differential allocation of “rights” to different segments of society (eg. gay people), and many other phenomena of the age we live in, as tragic deviations from the goodness and wisdom that we claim guide us. I think our nation will view these things the same way we now view the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and more importantly to us since we did these things ourselves, slavery and the Salem Witch Trials. I predict that the neoconservative imperialistic foreign policy that is now our accepted norm, the largely brutal, anachronistic, superstitious, and negligent approach we so often take toward social issues, and the short-sighted, selfish, and wasteful way in which we exploit our environment for momentary comfort, convenience, and profit will be thought of by our decedents as shamefully ignorant and brutish, much the way we now think of the European milieu during the Dark Ages. I’m ashamed already. We’re better than that, and we know it.

The Golden Rule

I propose this: let’s wise up. We can and should. Let’s begin to treat the planet the way we would treat our mother’s house. Let’s begin to treat other people the way we would want to be treated ourselves, the way we hope others treat our children. Let’s take the trillion dollars we currently spend on war and spend it instead on peace, prosperity, education, and charity. Let’s grow up and behave like decent, kind adults, instead of like petulant, spoiled children. Let’s work up to our potential. Let’s learn from our mistakes and use them to guide us into better choices. Let’s make my prediction come true.

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  1. I wanna go to war!! But no to war where USA attacking country for no reason (Iraq, Afganistan, ect.) But it’s a good song..

  2. Even if he is overdoing it, the cat may be enjoying it. If the cat like it, let you know…

  3. vibrations of peace coming at you requesting your email so I may get you some sound vibrations of a higher frequency…

  4. scrisen parvailest says:

    “i WorRY, BaBE.”

    “heY, Ry?”


    “when DiD jOo BrInG tHAt NOte OvEr?” ShE asKEd, cuRIOUS.

    “oH, I think iT wAs lIke 3 OR SO. MaYBE 4.”

    “yOU Got a RiDE thAt lATE?” She AsKED incReDuLoUSLY.


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  7. lahager dufre says:

    Feel sad when people call Dr M racist. I have had serious disagreement with him on rule of law issues but a racist he is not

  8. naglechlae gen says:

    He’s “former” so what’s the big deal? Plus, it shows rule of law over personal rank. I’d think that a Good Thing.

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  10. The Knesset has declared war not only or mainly on these NGOs, and not even on the rule of law, but on law itself. Read More »

  11. norbettney says:

    A reminder–tomorrow 12.4 is Rule of Law Promotion Day in China. Please set aside a few moments in ur day to talk up how ROL is helpful 2 u

  12. elverban brauterrel says:

    Eric R. Sorry, my mistake. Both are by Reuters. The one on Ynet is a bit more comprehensive and creates many talkbacks. Problem is; Ynet and Jpost use Reuters. NIJ is better – by far.

  13. This is not accidentally (genuinely) stupid. You cannot be this stupid and create videos this stupid. It either required a really stupid person to be assisted by a joker, or it is just a bad joke by a joker. This level of stupid requires brain trauma or psychological conditioning beyond electro-shocks.

  14. bari ruppol says:

    Dear Amendment One, Today I said what I wanted, read what I wanted, and enjoyed practicing my religon in peace. Thank you.

  15. seann moley says:

    Michael Steele should resign and go join the democrat surrender monkey liberal of anti-war, anti-american, pro-terror kooks. Bill Kristol was right, michael steele is a RINO liberal like that little loser pro-terrorist politician freak ron paul. But ron paul is taking michael steeles back so I guess we know whose side these two surrender monkeys are really on: The side of 911 mastermind saddam Hessian.

  16. zubert berger says:

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  17. appornemus ter says:

    bush & CIA sent thousands of Afghans to Uzbek to b & some boiled alive. We have HOT WATER BOARDING! try that!

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  21. Aw, you can’t even come up with insults of your own can you boy? Again, it is no wonder you were among the rejects that got left behind. Ha ha ha!

  22. osentlemme fran says:

    Pakistani nation must recognise those who are breaking the law in the uniform and without uniform both are terrorists we need rule of law

  23. ikr it was I was telling sera I’ll slowly withdraw from the fangirl life too, real world calls. it sucks

  24. I like how ppl who weren’t upset at invading Iraq & leaking spy names are outraged over Cheney transplant jokes.

  25. lackinday says:

    It’s disgusting that talking about water-boarding is being treated as a criminal act and the actual is not considered criminal.

  26. tromensiak says:

    Sad to hear of Dawn’s editor Razvi’s violent death. There is no rule of law in Pakistan.Only can stop this chaos now.

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  30. georgerson says:

    When I call my parents, and they don’t answer it’s no big deal but when they call me and I don’t answer it’s like World War II.

  31. grewellini says:

    My God I am tired of seeing Obama’s Cheshire cat grin every place I look! It’s like photographic water boarding!

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  33. van ruffelskil says:

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  35. ran rottipinel says:

    Either my butt is way too big or the seats in the bus stop (if you can call them that) are actually devices!!

  36. framedlove balcots says:

    I fall asleep in peace the moment I lie down because you alone, O LORD, enable me to live securely. -Psalm 4.8

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  38. Don’t yourself over the past. Use it as a teacher. Whatever happened to you in the past has only prepared you for now

  39. ser pottle says:

    Jeezus H. Christ, I thought I was free of Amy G. and damn if doesn’t trot out that scourge Erin Andrews.

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  41. kal klens says:

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  42. So sorry to hear that; it IS hell! TY for and signing the petition. would give peace to so many.

  43. lol okay you can take home back with you too!! I had to hit him with the NyQuil trick to get some peace lbvs

  44. Politics are almost as exciting as war and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.

  45. grews egle says:


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  49. or one could argue that our approach to rights/stability/rule of law the last area in which we remain superior 🙂 –

  50. rosen schilier says:

    I don’t mind u not changing your surname but “authority” ova your woman? Yah, this war is far from ova

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