Given the near ubiquity of computers and related technology in our day-to-day lives, as well as the likelihood that this will continue into the forseeable future, “Koomey’s Law” is good news.

A deeper law than Moore’s?

by The Economist online

The energy efficiency of computing is doubling every 18 months

IN 1965 Gordon Moore, a co-founder of Intel, first observed that integrated circuits, better known as silicon chips, seemed to conform to a predictable law: since their invention in 1958, the density of components in each chip had doubled each year, and this trend was, he suggested, likely to continue for at least a decade. In 1975 Dr Moore modified his prediction, observing that component density was doubling every two years. In practical terms, the result is that personal-computer performance doubles every 18 months, and has done so for decades, a prediction commonly known as Moore’s law. As computers have become mobile devices, however, their users are increasingly concerned about battery life as well as raw performance. So they will welcome a new analysis, by Jonathan Koomey of Stanford University and his colleagues, which seems to have uncovered a deeper law relating to the energy-efficiency of computers, dating back to the era of vacuum tubes. The researchers found that the electrical efficiency of computing has doubled every 1.6 years since the mid-1940s. “That means that for a fixed amount of computational power, the need for battery capacity will fall by half every 1.6 years,” observes Dr Koomey. This trend, he says, “bodes well for the continued explosive growth in mobile computing, sensors and controls.” Some researchers are already building devices that run on “ambient” energy harvested from light, heat, vibration or TV transmitters. As the energy-efficiency of computing continues to improve, this approach will become more widespread. Dr Koomey’s team published their results in IEEE Annals, an industry research journal. Inevitably, industry observers are already calling this new finding “Koomey’s law”.

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  1. – Peak production has passed. but peak use has also passed. The US has an abundant supply of natural gas. nuke energy can be extracted from sea water. new solar breakthroughs are announced every day. (my fav is decentralized generation). tons of research in energy right now. check out energy rather than conspiracy theorists. factory farms are another bad tech. decentralized hydroponics is a much more efficient method. manufacturing on demand ends wasteful supply chains

  2. is this also a joke for Twilight? Please say it is! (the whole having a dream for 50 days in a row thing)

  3. thi moran says:

    I wanna tweet but I really am behind on work from the days we couldn’t get in the computers ahhhhhhhh

  4. schmillang says:

    Coal is just fine with me. It is a great source of energy for electricity, along with natural gas, nuclear and existing hydro. Air pollution is way down and could go down even if we modernize our coal plants. We have a coal supply of a couple hundred years in our country. Nothing to worry about. We need to build more nuclear plants now. Oil is not a factor in electricity production, less than 3% of electricity production and I believe much of that is low-grade waste oil.

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  7. chon corstro says:

    I know this comment is months old but still: Iä! Ië! If dreams, then most likely either Great Cthulhu or Nyarlathotep. I wonder what solstice will bring us this year…

    And personally, throw in my lot with He who is the Key and the Gate. I SO desire to see what lies beyond the void…at least after I shuffle off my coil.

  8. tet thalcander says:

    yeah but, what if the computers turning our technology against us, and look at us the way we look at mosquitoes?

  9. den weddleber says:

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  11. citorade pat says:

    thx, i knew that i’ve heard that song a hundred times before, but i couldnt remember the name of the band . thx

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  13. All that means is that they pronounce it wrong. And exactly how often has the word come up in non-sc conversations (or are you just that young?)

    If you grow up in the right places in America, hear instead of your entire life. A bunch of people mispronouncing it magically make it correct. Pick up *any* dictionary, in whichever country like. in Edinburgh at the moment, and the dictionary here agrees with me.

  14. Energy conservation,Calories are energy so it won’t be created from nothing…it is the same without Additives but I will check!

  15. oh, I understand your point I think…so you mean Bill Gates made better things than Steve? what a discover hahaha … be serious man.. Bill gates is a difficult person to surpass. And I guess he is not obligated to spent all “our” money of buying unnecessary gadgets in a good way.

  16. barykowski tant says:

    You are definitely not a horrible person! it strange how careful you have to be when saying anything critical about Apple or Steve Jobs? take it a little even and say that he be lauded for his contributions to capitalism. After all, we have problems with of reaaally rich and powerful men or of new and interesting things to buy, but we do have problems with of funds for humanitarian purposes!

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  20. vini joe says:

    Internet cafes would be more enjoyable if firefox, chrome and opera was installed on all computers and the OS was upgraded a bit…cmon now

  21. dom pani says:

    Water & energy conservation go hand & hand. Check out EPAs new Energy Water Principles to learn what you can do.

  22. what about that 40 year old guy with all the computers on the first page of the writing paper today. still lives with his mum

  23. antheeler says:

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  24. dang arvello says:

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  28. naphe doerden says:

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  31. hastad lupakshane says:

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