As hard as the establishment media and the corporate right is trying to deligitimize and discount the Occupy Wall Street movement (Occupy Together), it is gaining momentum and notoriety. It’s about time.

I say again that it’s worth remembering that the same approach has been taken by the right-wing establishment in its attempts to quash civil rights ever since the beginning of this country.

Moreover, it’s disingenuous for anyone to feign confusion as to the reason and motives for the growing Occupy Wall Street movement. We all know exactly why the protesters are there and what they want. They simply lack a neatly packaged corporate-written set of slogans (like the so-called “Tea Party” has), corporate sponsorship (like the so-called “Tea Party” has), and their own propaganda network (like the so-called “Tea Party” has in Fox “News”).

Here Jon Stewart does his thing: he satirizes the hypocricy of Fox “News”, the aristocratic right, and the establishment media.

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  1. I am interested to know your candid thoughts on the “Occupy Wall Street/ Occupy Every Place” happenings. Necessary or absurd?

  2. It is also a weak attempt at competing with the Tea which I do not but can clearly see is light years above this group of modern day hippies who feel in the civil rights/peace of our time…

  3. Give us the referendum on the EU constitution that you promised us you spineless tosser,your iron is about as solid as a melting strawberry jelly!

  4. knappolens says:

    See How They are Like Wolves Picking at the Corners of a Flock of Sheep or Lions on Wilderbeasts,They Pick You Off One By One and the Rest of You Just Let Them Take Your Brothers and Sisters. The Terrorists Wear “Counter Terrorist” Written on Their Backs. Tells the Story Quite Clear as He Stomps on Helpless Women and Children.

  5. AP Enterprise: Alabama’s immigration battle revives ugly images of state’s civil rights past MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The epicenter of the fight over the nation’s patchwork of immigration laws is not Arizona, which shares a border with Mexico and became a …

  6. Don’t call me a liar. I’m 70, I marched for YOUR civil rights and the one thing I DO like about Obama is his race.

  7. took abdesler says:

    It’s a fundamental theme in Atlas Shrugged, and now we see this novel being played out in reality, and on a much larger level.

  8. Why occupy wall street will keep up (the wrong?) fight: What we need isn’t more democracy, or fascist price fixi…

  9. edstan niestroth says:

    Similar burden on those who deride corporatism but big gov. Gov may be major cause of prob you’re attempting to solve.

  10. ghi nafzgarz says:

    Blacks act as though the civil rights movement is untouchable and nothing compares to it. I disagree. You cnt gt mad wn similarities r drawn

  11. Check out .Fred A. Leuchter/Ernst Zündel/William Lindsay/ Pressac/Paul Rassinier/Burg/Harry Elmer Barnes/James J. Hoggan/Thies Faurisson/Faurisson affair/Wilhelm Stäglich/Willis Mermelstein/James Keegstra/Bradley R. Smith/Richard Verrall/Arno Joseph Mayer/Richard J. Green/Deborah Lipstadt/Pierre Guillaume/Roger Walser/

  12. fabelowski says:

    use this graphic to spread to the non-political masses that Obama signed NDAA, and what it means for our civil rights

  13. Occupy Wall Street, Glenn Beck, President Obama, Google, Heritage Foundation & Wikipedia all oppose Hey Congress are U listening! –

  14. lol not the “top dog” ……no president has been for a while….all of these so-called president have been nothing more than a lap dog for banks and corporations….

  15. Adbusters Tells Occupiers to Take to the Streets of Chicago a la 1968: This past weekend Occupy Wall Street prot…

  16. egel opal says:

    1960s, 1970s

    In the United States, during the late 1970s, the deinstitutionalization of patients from state psychiatric hospitals was a precipitating factor which seeded the homeless population, especially in urban areas such as New York City.[26]

    The Community Mental Health Act of 1963 was a pre-disposing factor in setting the stage for homelessness in the United States.[27] Long term psychiatric patients were released from state hospitals into Single Room Occupancies and sent to community health centers for treatment and follow-up. It never quite worked out properly and this population largely was found living in the streets soon thereafter with no sustainable system.[28][29]

    In 1965, The Diggers, a community-action group dedicated to the concept of everything being free of charge, established soup kitchens and free health-care facilities in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.[30] This also began a movement of people that began to travel for political reasons as well as for personal choices. This is where the beginnings of the American nomadic caravans became popular, living homelessly, but happily.

    In 1969 the Pine Street Inn was founded by Paul Sullivan on Pine Street in Boston’s Chinatown district and began caring for homeless destitute alcoholics. In 1980, it moved to larger facilities on Harrison Avenue in Boston due to growing needs of the homeless population.[31][32]

    In 1974, Kip Tiernan founded Rosie’s Place in Boston, the first drop-in and emergency shelter for women in the United States, in response to the increasing numbers of needy women throughout the country.

    In 1979, a New York City lawyer, Hayes, brought a class action suit before the Callahan v. Carey, against the City and State, arguing for a person’s state constitutional “right to shelter”. It was settled as a consent decree in August 1981. The City and State agreed to provide board and shelter to all homeless men who met the need standard for welfare or who were homeless by other standards. By 1983 this right was extended to homeless women.

  17. rayer aurodimizu says:

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  18. wood earms says:

    I think a unions job is to represent workers, corporatism has got us into this mess, it’ll hardly get us out of it IMO

  19. i wanna believe the voice is actually gonna concentrate on real aspects of music and not corporatism, but its ppl not working for the awards

  20. Twitter: I need dramatic music for a human rights infomercial. Preferably strings. Or at least something sad. Can you help? Thank you! 😀

  21. malcarlach says:

    An example of corporatism – in yesterday’s OWH there was a story about designated a piece of at 72nd and…

  22. What’s wrong with showing identification when you vote? That’s an egregious civil rights violation if you ask the Obama Administration and liberal groups like the Center for American Progress, and the Advancement Project. So what happens if you show up at

  23. milman soult says:

    US police have arrested several anti-corporatism protesters during a demonstration in front of the New York Stock Exchange, Press TV

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  25. gini pointz says:

    Ashby makes victimisation claims
    Sky News Australia
    On Thursday, Harmers Workplace Lawyers wrote to the Australian Human Rights Commission saying their client, Mr Ashby, had instructed them to lodge a formal complaint of victimisation against Mr Carr and Senator Joyce. The letter says that in direct …
    and more »

  26. Don’t worry about the DoomsDay CULT Destroying your Civil Rights Because you want to Vote for Obama ? Well DO WORRY & VOTE GOP OUT.

  27. kennalijay says:

    I’ll be in KINGSTREE, S.C. staging a Civil Rights press conf. in the AM (addressing what appears to be another Jena 6) Info -> 704.713.0448

  28. Political Occupy Wall Street with Wall St. Sign Vinyl Euro Decal Bumper Sticker 3″ X 5″: THIS IS A SELF-ADHESIVE…

  29. miricki men says:

    ACORN: 34 Counts of Voter Fraud uncovered in 8 States; ERIC HOLDER Response; “MY PEOPLE” -“No different than Civil Rights Movement of 60’s”.

  30. ini shingobert says:

    U.S. does not have a freemarket in medicine- it is entirely locked down by corporatism. Cancer cures hidden etc etc.

  31. memille shik says:

    WASHINGTON, 20 de julio de 2012 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — La Comisión de Derechos Civiles de los Estados Unidos (United States Commission on Civil Rights) tiene el placer de anunciar a los oradores que en la audencia de la Comisión el viernes 17 de…

  32. mossweek mer says:

    LOL “Microsoft turned into a caricature of right-wing corporatism: front porch with a shotgun cursing at passers-by—while they wait to die”

  33. A little less complaint and whining, and a little more dogged work would do us more credit than 1000 civil rights bills.

  34. Welfare is the socialist pt of corporatism. Not pt of capitalism. In capitalism, communities take care of ea othr, not govt

  35. its really more true than anyone really knows. The Rich of America and the world, really do hate occupy wall street

  36. call billo says:

    Watching thus documentary on the Koch brothers. I actually feel sorry for poor whites. They don’t even realize they’re pawns of corporatism.

  37. puentoff sdiekh says:

    After your election victory, we are dragging you left. Fairness is the issue. Banks are your enemy. Corporatism must die.

  38. So far in black ops 2 african warlords and oliver are heroes and occupy wall street has invisible soldiers and ju …

  39. frascarlin jon says:

    lewrockwell: “Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.” ~ Benito Mussolini –

  40. Congrats to vocal Occupy Wall Street critic Erin Burnett on her marriage to Citigroup Managing Director David Rubulotta … –

  41. pruni haillmahn says:

    My great-grandma can tell the story of when women gained the right to vote. My grandpa can tell me the stories of the Civil Rights movement. –

  42. rubergenge says:

    I’m pretty sure my civil rights class prof thinks my entire class is stupid. I’M SORRY BUY WE’RE TALKING ABOUT LAW AT 10AM

  43. I’m about to my own social justice / human rights / political philosophy / poetry blog. Any suggestions on titles?

  44. neuferdt says:

    ; idunno what i would do if i grew up during the civil rights movement … i got too many white friends

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