We’ve been hearing from Republicans and other conservatives for a long time that “we” (meaning those who vote Republican) need to “take this country back”. They literally argue that “liberals are trying to destroy this country”

But, as always, the Republicans attempt to apply the “heads I win, tails you lose” rule.

Here, Jon Stewart lambastes them for their duplicity. And it’s painfully funny.

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  1. Following a fundraiser in Chicago on Monday, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said, “The thing that I think is going to convince people that my…

  2. seehaldaws says:

    Hi Lisa, you were a good straight man to Jon last night. He didn’t seem too convinced by the Standard Model! LOL!

  3. Thanks, I have recently been searching for facts about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far.

  4. Sad for most of the comment below not say hes funny maybe look above? loyalty is right he may not seem funny but he created it.

  5. The financial world is being run as a Anarchy. Multinational companies and Billionaires need to follow any of the laws and rules the rest of us have to obey. If you can afford enough lawyers you can do whatever the hell you want to.
    It is anarchy.

  6. mengky salvi says:

    Brookhaven PA | Re: Republican council: I don’t know, I just remember it was a real mess.It had me voting local…

  7. Which Republican Debate Got the Most Social Media Buzz? While the race to the GOP primary has been a lo…

  8. saw them opening for offspring in paradiso in 1995… they blew them away. yes, amazing they did not get that big.

  9. been unable to find any videos where Lee comes out in of foreign wars or the FED. I did find a video where he calls Afghanistan a boondoggle.

  10. Isn’t doing what Jon does best making fun of pundits on 24 hour news channels? And your attempt at an AIDS joke sucked. Leave the jokes to the comedians.

  11. not that the Star Spangled Banner is a bad song — just that this would make such a better national anthem. And the official version should always be a Ray Charles recording — no one does it better. With all the problems we are facing, and all the bickering that keeps us from getting anything done, hard to stay optimistic. Listening to this sure helps. Maybe if we required every American to listen to this once a day, we could solve any problem.

  12. overecinau says:

    mohandasgandhi: lovehustle: note-a-bear: [Gif 1: “The pundits have asked ‘Is this all some joke?’ I say if they are calling being allowed to form a Super PAC and collecting unlimited, untraceable amounts of money from individuals, unions and corporations and spend[sic] that money on political ads and for person[sic] enrichment and then surrender… –

  13. tah marlin says:

    Jon on Mitch Daniels: “Either he’s living in a hellscape devoid of all hope and beauty or he’s from Indiana.”

  14. Jon and Stephen Headlining at Amnesty International Event
    Lily Sobhani, executive producer of the ball, told Broadwayworld.com, “The Secret Policeman’s Ball has a long and hilariously off-color history of using comic genius to fight for free speech and human rights around the world.
    and more »

  15. A new line I heard tonight during Maine State Rep. Aaron Libby endorsement of “I am a Ron Paul Republican.” –

  16. dolner arrick says:


  17. cheise axe says:

    Lots of Muslim voters in MI, but Ron Paul seems to be only one reaching out to them. Paul Arabic flyer:

  18. voignet domer says:

    Better to be 110th on HHK list than 20th on BHK list: The dispute between the Republican of Armenia (HHK) …

  19. The Minnesota Republican says it has a deal with its landlord to make up for missed rent and avoid being e…

  20. eddie plattigoni says:

    A Republican health reform plan might look a lot like Obama’s: What would health reform look like if the Republi…

  21. petlerons says:

    With “The Daily Show” on break this week, you may find yourself a little But don’t worry, the show posted an awesome video mash-up of Jon talking technology throughout the years to keep you company.
    Whether it’s the dawn of Instagram, Twitter or (gasp) even the Internet itself, has been there to joke about it. And ah, who could forget SOPA?
    Check out the full clip above.

  22. I don’t know if jon wrote that tweet, but I can see him saying that wit his stupid ass!!! Lmao

  23. waalon ward says:

    Mitt Romney is like a use Car salesman!!!! Why would any American Republican or Democrat vote for that DAMN LIER!!!!!!!

  24. gemesh lan says:

    Michael Steele is so Why he gotta be a Republican? Man…. I know he just doing it for the money!

  25. foun lack says:

    President Obama revealed some details of his media diet in an interview with Rolling Stone. Speaking to editor Jann Wenner, Obama shared that he doesn’t…
    Sanjuanita Schlicher liked Obama: Jon Is ‘Brilliant’ on 25 April 2012 (3 months ago).

  26. By (almost) all accounts, Mitt Romney had a very bad week.

    Among the many indignities he suffered were:
    of campaign infighting/disarray Public dissemination of his “inelegant” remarks about 47 percent of the population Heated criticism from leading conservatives Abandonment by Republican candidates Ominous signs in state and national polling A downward turn in his campaign’s The release of his 2011 tax return, which raised more questions than it answered; and, by his own admission, disqualifies him from being president
    Lesser men would’ve packed their bags and gone home after all that, but not Mitt Romney—he’s a survivor.

    Mitt didn’t have what you people would call a “privileged” upbringing; he wasn’t lucky enough to have been born to Latino parents.

  27. The Emmy Awards were basically the Modern Family awards for the third straight year, with ABC’s ensemble hit comedy about a loving, slightly dysfunctional family winning best directing, actor and actress. Other big winners Sunday night were HBO’s Game Change and Showtime’s Homeland. Besides best dramatic series, Homeland earned trophies for lead actress Claire Danes, lead actor for Damian Lewis, and for writing, all first-time wins in those categories. See the full list of winners from the 2012 Emmy Awards after the jump! Drama Series: Homeland Comedy Series: Modern Family Miniseries or Movie: Game Change Variety, Comedy or Musical Series: The Daily Show With Jon Reality-Competition Program: The Amazing Race Host, Reality or Reality-Competition Program: Tom Bergeron, Dancing With the Stars Acting Actor, Comedy: Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family Actress, Comedy: Julie Bowen, Modern Family Guest Actor, Comedy: Jimmy Fallon, Saturday…

  28. yury preger says:

    PINK on the Daily show with Jon PURE JOY! 😀 MADE my day!! Hard to beat this :):):) & all smiles!!

  29. 30 for 30 “Broke” tonight at 8, Tosh at 10, Brickleberry at 10:30, Jon at 11, at 11:30. My DVR is set!

  30. suminattin says:

    Beatlemania is about to strike again.

    The Beatles’ Apple Corps has authorized a production company, OVOW, to scour the globe for material captured by amateurs and professionals during the group’s tours in the 1960s for a major film project called “The Beatles Live!”, TheWrap has learned.

    The will kick off on Thursday morning with a promotional video (pictured below).

    Beatles’ Troubled Manager Brian Epstein Subject of Tell-All Film (Updated)

    The Beatles and Beyond: Sir Paul Through the Years (Slideshow)

    Watch Fiona Apple’s Paul Tribute for His 70th (Video)

    Jon ‘Crazy’ Herman Cain Covers John Lennon

    read more

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  32. hutchotano sniko says:

    Kristen Sheer Dress at the On the Road Premiere

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  33. EVERY single Republican I talked to tonight said we should NOT buy the Obama & Democrats TAX & SPEND “deal” – EVERY …

  34. After Republicans spent the past three years unsuccessfully opposing health care reform en masse — introducing dozens of failed repeal bills, losing a Supreme case, and being defeated in a presidential election — former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) is promoting a last-ditch to undermine Obamacare: simply “break the law.” At a rally in […]

  35. krohard nico says:

    Wow, Jon is really showing how toothless the ATF has gotten because of the NRA’s influence. Time to change that. …

  36. moedelottl says:

    The head of the largest federal employees union sent a scathing letter to Mitt Romney after the Republican presidential candidate made disparaging remarks about federal pay. After essentially clinching the Republican nomination on Tuesday, Romney said “ We will stop the unfairness of government workers getting better pay …
    Eleanor Bodkins liked Federal union blasts Romney over remarks about government workers’ pay on 27 April 2012 (8 months ago).

  37. Hey sis! Either it’s the A thing or Republican voters are just ignorant. BTW: Your description of AZ sounds a lot like AL! 🙂

  38. Rep. Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana who is the new chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), believes Al Jazeera has a First Amendment right to expand its

  39. kolander thurg says:

    REPUBLICAN CODE REVEALED: When John Boehner says, “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”; that’s code for “Cuts, Cuts, Cuts”. Stop the Obstru …

  40. It’s cute how keeps saying Jon “destroys ___”! He destroys nothing. When’s last time anyone was remotely affected by Jon?

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