Politics has always been replete with misrepresentation, disinformation, distortion, and manipulation. It seems that nearly all politicians do these things. However, the scale of casuistry and mendacity employed by Republicans now and in recent years has become nothing short of astonishing.

Particularly as it relates to the Affordable Care Act (derisively called “Obamacare” by the Regressives), misrepresentation has become astronomical. Herman Cain is the most recent piler-on, and here is what Politifact said about his claim:

Herman Cain said government bureaucrats will determine when you get a CAT scan once the new health care law begins


Herman Cain said at a Republican presidential candidates’ debate last week that he would be dead if his cancer had occurred while “Obamacare” was in effect.

Cain had made the statement previously, so Chris Wallace of Fox News asked him about it at the debate sponsored by Fox News and Google in Orlando, Fla.

Wallace: “Mr. Cain, you are a survivor of Stage 4 colon and liver cancer. And you say if ‘Obamacare’ had been — (Here Wallace was interrupted by sustained cheers and applause) and we all share in the happiness about your situation, but you say if ‘Obamacare’ had been in effect when you were first being treated, you’d be dead now. Why?”

Cain: “The reason I said that I would be dead on ‘Obamacare’ is because my cancer was detected in March of 2006. And from March 2006 all the way to the end of 2006, for that number of months, I was able to get the necessary CAT scan tests, go to the necessary doctors, get a second opinion, get chemotherapy, go to get surgery, recuperate from surgery, get more chemotherapy in a span of nine months.

“If we had been on ‘Obamacare’ and a bureaucrat was trying to tell me when I could get that CAT scan, that would have delayed my treatment. My surgeons and doctors have told me that because I was able to get the treatment as fast as I could, based upon my timetable, and not the government’s timetable, that’s what saved my life, because I only had a 30 percent chance of survival. And now I’m here five years cancer-free because I could do it on my timetable and not on a bureaucrat’s timetable. This is one of the reasons I believe a lot of people are objecting to ‘Obamacare,’ because we need to get bureaucrats out of the business of trying to micromanage health care in this nation.”

“Obamacare,” in case you haven’t figured it out yet, is the Republicans’ often mocking name for the health care law that President Barack Obama signed into law in 2010. Some of the changes resulting from the law have already taken effect, including sons and daughters under 26 being allowed to be covered by their parents’ health insurance. But many major provisions don’t begin until 2014.

Here’s the general way the new law works: The major health insurance systems are left in place, especially the health insurance coverage people get through work and Medicare. For people who have to buy insurance on their own, the government adds new regulations for health insurance companies to follow. States will create “exchanges,” which are virtual marketplaces where people will be able to comparison shop for insurance. The law says that everyone must have insurance or pay a tax penalty. (That’s called the individual mandate, and it’s being challenged in federal courts.) People who make modest incomes will qualify for tax breaks to help them buy insurance, and very poor people will be eligible for Medicaid.

What the law is not is a single-payer system, as in Canada, where the government picks up the bills; nor is it a nationalized system like Great Britain’s where the government owns hospitals and employs doctors. So if those are the systems Cain had in mind, that’s not what the new health care law is. (We asked Cain’s campaign what the basis was for his statement, but we didn’t hear back.)

Even for people over age 65 in Medicare — the part of the health care system that most resembles a single-payer plan — private physicians would still make decisions about scans and treatments. Still, opponents of the health care law have argued that it will eventually result in bureaucrats making decisions that affect treatment, particularly for Medicare recipients. But those claims have been rated False on our Truth-O-Meter when they have asserted that bureaucrats will make decisions about individual cases.

For example, PolitiFact Georgia looked at a statement from Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., who said that under the health care law, “a bunch of bureaucrats decide whether you get care, such as continuing on dialysis or cancer chemotherapy.”

Gingrey said the bureaucrats are part of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB.

The board is a new part of the health care law, and it was created in response to criticism that Congress has been unable to make the politically risky and technically complex decisions needed to slow the growth of costs for Medicare.

Under the health care law, if Medicare spending growth is projected to exceed certain targets, the IPAB must come up with plans to slow the increase. If Congress does not act on the recommendation within a set time frame, the IPAB’s plans are automatically implemented.

Both sides of the aisle have problems with the board. Some worry it will be too hard for Congress to overrule IPAB recommendations or that the board will stifle innovation. In recent months, several members of Congress from both parties have signed on to repeal the board.

But saying that the IPAB will determine the course of treatment for individual cases is an entirely different matter — and it’s factually incorrect. Even people who oppose the IPAB agree that it will not intervene in the cases of individual patients but will rather determine how much the government pays health care providers for various services. It can also reduce payments to hospitals with very high rates of readmission or recommend innovations that cut wasteful spending. (See PolitiFact Georgia’s fact-check for more details on the IPAB.)

But we should point out here that the IPAB applies to Medicare. Medicare is a government-run health insurance program for those over age 65. When Cain was diagnosed with cancer in March 2006, he would have been 60 — too young for Medicare. So the IPAB wouldn’t even have applied, even if it had been in effect at the time.

We don’t know the personal details of Cain’s health status or how he is insured. But it’s impossible for us to see how a government bureaucrat could have delayed Cain’s care. Cain said at the debate that, “If we had been on ‘Obamacare’ and a bureaucrat was trying to tell me when I could get that CAT scan, that would have delayed my treatment.” But there is no part of the health care law that allows a government bureaucrat to weigh in on an individual’s course of treatment — not Cain’s nor anyone else’s. We rate his statement False.

Original post on Politifact

There is no doubt but that the ACA is flawed – but most of the ways in which it is are the result of concessions to Republican demands.

However, the basic ideas that people can’t be dropped from coverage just because they get sick, that people can’t be refused coverage because of pre-existing conditions, that people get to enjoy the benefits of competition between insurance providers when buying a policy (an idea one would think conservative free-market idolaters would love) are all good things.

Don’t believe the Regressives’ lies about this important law.

49 Responses to “Herman Cain’s Veracity Problem”

  1. The poor elderly will not get any form of medical care under Obamacare. If you read the constituents of the bill, only those contributing in society with jobs, etc, and those in agreeance with the government will get care. You must have not seen the video where Obama suggested that a woman’s mother should “take a pill” when she was 99 instead of getting surgery, which kept her living until at least 105. What you don’t know can you. Maybe this is something to research for you.

  2. intz salyn says:

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  3. forskorado says:

    theres no sherman to wage war on innocent Confederate civilians theirs alot of different things id be a different war today

  4. oh jee we hebben allemaal naar michael moore zitten kijken lees ik!!!! hahahahaaha…wat n kutland zeg dat amerika…wat nou american dream?…het is meer n american nightmare….maarja ze zijn ook niet anders gewent daar…ze noemen het niks voor niks de u naait het steeds van amerika!!!!….USA THE UNITED STATES OF ASSHOLES!!!!!

  5. Banks already killed ross with officer down. I can only imagine what em will do. (if he has it in him anymore) but as you get older, you lose your balls so who knows

  6. I’m a democratic man, but Ron Paul MAKES SENSE. Please for the love of god america, let this be your man. if another republican comes out, then I will be voting for Obama again.


  8. charia perancy says:

    The American National Xmas tree lights were turned on by Obama and Kermit. We had The Saturdays. It’s like we’re not taking this seriously.

  9. Politics is the rule in DC but this is belligerence. has lost control of Tea and it’s strangling our economy – wapo.st/uXniJi

  10. Those who would give up essential to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither nor safety. Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

  11. Here’s another TPM on the horrifying newsletters. My comment was that I’d like to see the news people grill Obama just once about killing Awlaki’s 16 year old son with a drone bomb and that the newsletters never killed anyone.

  12. Gary_Burke on Obama on Republicans: “We’re going to cut taxes for the wealthiest among us, and roll back regulations on things like clean air and health care reform and Wall Street reform,’ and that somehow, automatically, that assures that everybody is able to succeed. I don’t believe that.” –

  13. casch dau says:

    Vote Bachmann or Santorum 2012. We need a strong military. If you want nuclear warheads headed our way or towards Israel….vote Ron Paul

  14. 3 years since Obama’s Inauguration and 1.7 mil fewer Americans are going to work. We need a Reagan conservative. –

  15. Libs, take the time. Watch “Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 – Key Points” on YouTube

  16. mores-crou maryngbern says:

    DALLAS (AP) — Years after Jacques Roy filing paperwork that would have made his practice the busiest Medicare provider in the U.S., authorities say they’ve found most of his work was a lie….

  17. I love how many of his opponents are calling for his assassination or kidnapping, but he responds calmly, with responses that are well thought out.

  18. mcner turrinks says:

    “> The pervasive feeling of entitlement, the “help me” attitude, and the reckless child done by complete idiots. I work to provide for my family, but my wife and I have to work harder, because we also have to provide for other peoples families. Actually you have it backwards — in Scandinavia, they work fewer hours, have more vacation time, maternity leave and so *because* they’re helping each other. You don’t seem to understand that *you’re* also the family that others work for — you’re also the recipient.”

  19. My roomie says ” girl no im a republican i vote for Obama!” 0_o wat chile Obama a Democrat!! Lmbo slowness at its best

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  22. cut sio says:

    So I’m being followed by a pro-Monarchy group. Hello?! I’m a republican guys you’re not gonna like what I’ve got to say!

  23. ledo pakisli says:

    Will a Republican save Obama’s War on Coal? – The only Senate Republican who has publicly sided with Obama in suppor…

  24. humbourns dis says:

    “At the risk of adding to the confusion and misunderstanding, by “liberalism” I am meaning the modern concept of social liberalism and economic reformist socialism and not the old liberal free-market of the 18th-19th centuries. Upon reviewing different political spectrum on the internet, it seems there is a pretty wide range of depictions of the semantics and relationships between concepts such as “liberalism” and “conservatism,” mostly with 2 dimensions but some with three. Obviously a one dimensional left / right scale is not sufficient, and two dimensions of economics and social issues is problematic. One thing I was trying to get across was that the polarization of the two main political along social and economic issues in recent history has changed the way economic issues play out in the political arena. For instance, the unions who were fighting against big business interests relied on a Democratic left-leaning economic population that was…”

  25. proupeed says:

    “>I feel that the military can create and multiplicatively create more jobs No. Those jobs do not pay for themselves. They are jobs that the government pays for. Internet for example, costs the government money, creates some jobs. Then the internet makes jobs by itself that pay for themselves, expanding the economy. The military creates jobs that the gov pays for. Which necessitate jobs that the government ALSO pays for. It does not expand the economy beyond the government. >couldn’t afford it, and are now being taxed if you don’t have it, well, that seems counter intuitive to me. The PPACA pays for it for you (or helps pay for it) if you can’t afford it. You only get charged if you can afford it and don’t get it. As an aside, you are being so darn polite I almost feel like I should agree with you on obligation.”

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  32. @cheekster82

    LOL! Not that?! Actually a conservative, all I want is small gov, low taxes, and stop wasting our money!!


  33. pollebaldw says:

    “@robdelaney: A piece on how you can help get mental health care to those in need, remarkable:
    Next on The View!

  34. alderks ichibury says:


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    That’s led to criticism from some human rights groups that say Obama’s visit is premature given that the country continues to hold political prisoners and has been unable to stem some ethnic violence. “This trip risks being an ill-timed presidential pat on the …
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  35. In state legislatures that are Republican dominated, draw media attention to their bills and stop the vote from happe …

  36. President Obama is hosting a Twitter town hall. Tweet using to ask him Q’s and tell him about happen …

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  41. schar addali says:

    Why don’t the media and Obama’s follower’s talk about Obama’s record? Why not his record gas prices? How about his debt? –

  42. I am 62 and was a republican all my life until it has become too embarrassing the last 6 years

  43. kahangengc says:

    Republican Wants First-Graders To Learn What? – so we can’t teach sex- ed but we can teach kids how to …

  44. I don’t agree with Jones on everything naturally. One thing I opposed he did was his defending the solider who deliberately (according to the evidence) killed a bunch of Iraqis. I though the guy deserved to tried in a military Jones didn’t. BUT the reason I continue to vote for him is because he is scrupulously “honest”…not a corrupt bone in his body …..and because he will admit and be public about when he makes a mistake in judgement and take the blame for it. That’s about as much as you can ask in a politician. He was the one who coined the stupid Freedom Fries thing….then later he came out and issued a public apology and said it was a ‘juvenile’ thing to say and wasn’t funny on second thought. LOL

  45. Kanye West: “Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” Ted Nugent: “Obama can suck on my machine gun.” Former OUTRAGE! Latte …

  46. cravan rij hinmail says:

    Hi Michael. Follow & DM me & I’ll give you some Twitter tips on acquiring a following. I’m also an independent conservative.

  47. curratname vuorridger says:

    Scarborough has been attacking right (u included) 4 a long time.He constantly calls himself a conservative but kisses BO ass.

  48. At least one federal agency believes it is capable of implementing the automatic spending reductions under sequestration without seriously affecting its employees. NASA administrator Charlie Bolden announced today that the agency does not expect to furlough any employees as a result of the sequester, which is scheduled (and likely) to take effect March 1:

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