The Occupy Wall Street movement is, thankfully, spreading across the country. If you are interested in how you can participate locally, here is a list you will find useful.

Occupy Wall Street: List of over 200 US solidarity events and Facebook pages

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Below the fold, you will find a comprehensive list of links to locations in the United States with Occupy Wall Street solidarity events and / or Facebook pages.

Please, find one near you and sign up. Many of these events have already begun. Others are in the planning stage. In the unlikely even that there is no event near you, please start one.

If you know of a solidarity event, Facebook page or website that is not listed, please either post a link to it in the comments or send the link an email to Use the subject line “new event.”

This list will be regularly updated, and eventually expand to include lists of events in other countries. It is meant to supplement the Occupy Together website, which at times has struggled to handle its unexpected traffic load.

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41 Responses to “Guide To Occupy Wall Street Nationwide Events”

  1. roskogleyb stand says:

    BofA says it’s now rethinking its $5/month debit fee. In other news, the media says Occupy Wall Street lacks a coherent message.

  2. Public Outrage Prompts Banks to Blink on Debit Card Fees November 1st, 2011 haha. Via: Daily Ticker: As one Occupy Wall Street protester so eloquently wrote on a sign recently: “I bailed out the banks and all I got was a $5 debit card fee.” Well, thanks to protests of millions of other Americans, […]

  3. Occupy Wall Street protesters in several US cities faced mounting pressure from police to abandon their encampments, as the tide appeared to be turning against the movement.

  4. mcrespikez mogyor says:

    Jenna Freedman’s been helping catalog stuff over there, I can ask her. There’s also an archiving but I don’t know what their scope is (i.e., whether a digitized copy will exist at some point)

  5. vacio rill says:

    Well firstly you don’t really need much of a plan to replace the federal reserve. All you need to do is either nationalize the Federal Reserve and put it under the control of the treasury. Or you can abolish the federal reserve and go back to having congress dictate all money for the country is made. I don’t agree with the guy in this video about going back to a gold standard because the rich will own everything still. Fiat money system but with NO interest. We owe it to ourselves

  6. umauppo modle says:

    look at all the people doing nothing but taking pictures and videos. shows that the protesters only care about the safety and security of themselves only

  7. eistiggoth says:

    Fed Up?:

    Check out my book if you get a chance and are fed up with Congress & Wall Street. All royaltie…

  8. Before you hippies put me on blast let me say this…they should have busted out the pepper spray. I am all about protest, but when the police tell you that your protest is finished, sitting down on the ground is obstructing them. So of course they are going to forcefully remove you. I hope they think it was it.

  9. Problem with America right now we are a war machine.54% of our industry is Milatary based,Gov’t employs 23% and the rest are by both industries directly or indirectly.Now they want the rest of the unemployed to come and join the civil security force,or worse implament a draft..If you hate war,greed and corruption as much as me I suggest talking your babies to South America.

  10. leecht lianavoski says:

    Maybe their intentions of this protest were good. But the way they are executing the protest is complealty wrong. I live in a iowa city. The park that i love and that i used to take my morning runs, take the kids i babysit, and study at was now cluttered with loud people. It was more of a campsite and homeless shelter then anything. They even had a free soup line available for the protesters. They are already taking our tax money and my beloved park. What more do they want from the government..

  11. hen paune says:

    more risky? talking about 3.5 basis points on a 2 year treasury note that yields about 1% currently. a 0.035% difference. You really think something to worry about? You need a lesson in perspective.

  12. huter tani says:

    Is civil disobedience the solution ? We succeeded in 1919, & Gandhi in India.But that was all against a foreign occupational power.

  13. ling yuvoisions says:

    Taxing corporations to the edge of bankruptcy when almost already there help anything. Eventually they will find a more tax friendly climate like another state or even country to themselves. Where I live in Wisconsin is the ultimate example of this. Keep on raising taxes year after year to collect from an ever shrinking pot because you keep on raising taxes. This is what the tax and spend democrats want to do for you.

  14. and once again isreal is trying to drag our sorry ass into war with iran during get this the “political season”

  15. amaski mostie says:

    On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience – Henry David Thoreau: I accept the motto, “That government is best w… –

  16. stromaira nae says:

    survivor meets project runway meets apocalyptic 1% vs occupy wall street meets alice in wonderland meets on the hunger games

  17. veldo lamble says:

    Wall Street finit en baisse: Dow Jones -0,53%, Nasdaq -0,79%: La Bourse de New York a fini en baisse jeudi, les …

  18. raft beh says:

    Walden and Civil Disobedience, Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, & Twice Told Tale… –

  19. moghaug says:

    Personalized Rx for Children
    Wall Street Journal
    By RON WINSLOW Pfizer Inc.’s new drug Xalkori for adult lung cancer is showing striking promise against two rare childhood cancers, illustrating how personalized medicine is emerging as a weapon against pediatric malignancies.
    Pfizer drug effective in rare children’s cancersReuters
    Health: Experimental Drug Is Giving Hope & Saving The Lives Of Kids With Some …KYW Newsradio
    Pfizer, Glaxo, J&J Grab ASCO
    MarketWatch (press release) -FierceBiotech
    all 32 news articles »

  20. yoshelp seevolt says:

    Are own lawmakers are sending us up the river without a paddle! Open your eyes America!!! Lets storm the castle!!! Occupy Wall Street!! –

  21. Wall Street owns our gov’t and is a key reason for the economic downturn. So how is Obama going to fix things? h…

  22. masotammat pantis says:

    An Occupy Wall Street protester is arrested outside Zuccotti Park in New York City on Nov. 17, 2011 While… – –

  23. ramarlinge oam says:

    Why every child knows about her single act of civil disobedience but I had to learn about Malcolm X on my own in middle school baffles me. –

  24. plasabaylm gil says:


    HTC Offers Weak 3Q Outlook as Apple, Samsung Dominate Market
    Wall Street Journal
    (2498.TW) on Friday predicted a sharp decline in revenue and narrower profit margins for the third reflecting the tough conditions facing players trying to take on Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Samsung Electronics Co. (005930.SE) in a market …
    maker HTC’s 2Q profit falls 58 percent as competition heats upGreenfield Daily maker HTC’s 2Q profit falls 58 percent as Samsung, Apple …Newser
    all 158 news articles »

  25. Trends in the News: Tempered Criticism & The Elephant King. Tear gas, cure for civil disobedience and the freak safari.

  26. machi clemeula says:

    Making home made Sushi. Yeah. Like Sheen & Hanna in Wall Street. I need some 80s music playing in the background Stat!

  27. krug kikuyosh says:

    SoRaspy: Jay-Z Talks to Author Zadie Smith About Blue Ivy, Obama and Occupy Wall Street: Weeks away from the Bar… htt …

  28. Receive our daily news briefing or weekly bulletin
    Reach tens of thousands of people instantly by with Ekklesia. Find out more members of a faith-based organisation – including two high school students – are facing up to six months in prison in the US for their acts of nonviolent civil disobedience calling for closure of the US Army’s School of the Americas (SOA).

  29. TUC call for mass strikes & civil disobedience, how does that help the country its a quick way to make more of your members redundant.Stupid

  30. UC Davis recommends 49 changes to policies dealing with training for and response to civil disobedience. Has a year to enact them.

  31. mookleplet calle says:

    Vermin Supreme and Jimmy McMillan from the Rent Is Too Damn High at Occupy Wall Street S16 rally. … –

  32. tabillouil boux says:

    Some of Wall Street’s Largest Hedge Funds are Dead Wrong about these 2 Stocks: I’m a strong believer in followin…

  33. hollairian says:

    I saw all the greedy poor people buying lottery tickets instead of food for there kids, where is occupy Wall Street to combat that greed ?

  34. Nine months in prison or selling bongs and pipes, but if you sell financial scams like Wall Street you get nothing but a big bonus.

  35. dis woldena says:

    Hahaha! I like to think it upsets nobody as much as IDS! Should we laugh or cry that having a lie-in is now civil disobedience?

  36. GUN CONTROL? WHY? What do the Liberal’s have in mind, that need’s all the guns removed? Band’s of Occupy Wall Street Mobs roaming around?

  37. iuda orena says:

    I wanted to document that unrecognized yet omnipresent aspect of this political movement and hopefully spark some controversy among and opponents. Here is a statement to accompany the essay: – “The Occupy Wall Street movement will be the most documented public event in the history of mankind. It …
    Iraida Beandoin liked Reto Sterchi: Occupy Wall Street | 100Eyes Photo Magazine: Showcase for Contemporary Photography on 15 July 2012 (5 months ago).

  38. Are You Than a Wall Street What will home values look like a year from now? How will stocks do …

  39. Behind the Scenes of ’99 Percent: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film’: Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites, the … –

  40. nao tivealen says:

    Erik Huggers On Why Intel TV Makes Sense – Wall Street Journal (blog): Financial PostErik Huggers On Why Intel T…

  41. carojek says:

    Activist group CREDO says 25,000 people have signed a pledge to engage in civil disobedience if Obama signals intenti …

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