Here’s what Dick Cheney, the former Minister of Torture, Captain of the Death Squad, co-Ignorer of Security Briefings, and co-Suspender of the Constitution has to say about President Obama, national security, the economy, Spongerush Fatpants, and protecting his lawbreaking friends.

Cheney says Obama endangers U.S.

Cheney: We left Scooter ‘hanging in the wind’

Cheney: Obama Has Raised The Risk Of Attack On America

Cheney On Limbaugh: “I Love Him” (VIDEO)

Cheney: Obama’s Changes to Anti-Terrorism Policy Will Raise the Risk of Attack

Cheney Shrugs At Economic Crisis: Don’t Blame Us (VIDEO)

Not only did Dick Cheney fail to recognize the Constitutionally appropriate restraints on the Executive Branch during the Bush Misadministration, and not only did he grasp power for himself and his office that is unprecedented in history, but now, figuratively moments after the Bush Misadministration left their steaming pile of crises and broken-ness for the rest of the country to deal with, Cheney holds forth on what we should and shouldn’t be doing. The Grand Inquisitor’s criticisms carry about as much weight as Nixon’s would have had he attacked Ford’s ethics. One thing you have to give Cheney credit for: temerity.


March 16, 2009 — Addendum

Here’s an article from today’s news that further corroborates how full of shit Cheney is, as well as further implicates the Bush Misadministration in war crimes:

Red Cross Described ‘Torture’ at CIA Jails

40 Responses to “Grand Inquisitor Cheney Speaks”

  1. teatlowe attema says:

    The on FIRE! Hot! Did you see the way he had to raise the podium and mic like a foot?

  2. Please Americans,

    Vote for Ron Paul, he is our last hope to stop this criminal and corrupt system!!

    Greets from Germany

  3. they stole power through violence, murder, intimidation backed up by the power to print money out of thin air.(look up wall street’s private army)They feed on the suffering and tears of the masses.They seek nothing less than total military global domination and slavery!

  4. Lots of people have kept they’re brains intact (we call ourselves the Canadian Conservative except we actually work, and don’t have time to attend hate rallies for someone who we were told hate by our teachers, and geo-liberal youtube channels. I just see a bunch of trust fund babies with nothing better to do.

  5. Steve Cheney / TechCrunch:
    How to Make Your Go Viral The Pinterest Way  —  On Thanksgiving, Pinterest’s co-founder Ben Silbermann sent an email to his entire user base saying thanks.  It was fitting, as Pinterest was born two years ago on Thanksgiving day 2009.  Ben had been working on a website with a few friends …

  6. engelahari says:

    “>Once Cheney_Healthcare, when he informed that a detractor was female, responded with “Well, that explains why you’re not able to be rational”. Sounds like a pretty common Paultard response. Ever wonder why there are so few females at Paul’s rallies?”

  7. “Figuring out the reddit animal is going to take more study. I’ve been at it for 4 or more years ain’t got it right yet….”

  8. there has to be a code of conduct for the media while the matters of National security and interest . more an authority should be there to supervise whether the code of conduct is followed or not and in case of violation of the same strict and effective action should be taken. Media can not be allowed to exercise its freedom of at the cost of national security.]]>

  9. President Obama has crafted a well thought out recalibration of America’s national security strategy, designed to meet the threats of the 21st century within today’s fiscal realities.

  10. TODAY at 4PM on NEWS 3 my chat continues with Lloyd Siegel (Vice President, News NBC News) Topic: Change at NBC News.

  11. sui bilopowick says:

    it took the bush administration and Dick Cheney, past CEO of to make it legal to use this process! –

  12. yeahh idk what that was about. Too much going on in one night. Joey’s boy got into a fight when they left I heard?! SMH

  13. Bush is no longer President. When a new President takes office they are in charge of the Executive Branch and it is their responsibility to either retain or replace their employees. Under Constitutional law, the President is both the Human Resources Director and policy maker for the Executive Branch. At what point do you think Obama becomes responsible for his own administration?]]>

  14. konneum eschulak says:

    why wont they fight there the strongest armed force in the world .and they wont take on as abunch of chikcensssssss

  15. GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA—The first high-value detainee at Guantanamo Bay to strike a plea bargain with the U.S. government will serve no more than 19 years in exchange for his full cooperation, including providing testimony at the military commission trials of other detainees.
    Read full >>

  16. People if you like our goverment then change it. Revolt. IF youre not willing to die for change or true freedom then dont expect it. Me personally I dont plan on dying yet and I admit it at least. But the point is thats what itll likely take as many years before us and the many revolutions before us. I wouldnt be suprised if I were pulled out my house and put in a “Freak accident” because I commented about revolution. I guess I dont fully beleive itll happen sinc I said it but there ya go.

  17. Former US VP, Dick Cheney, cancelled his visit to Canada due to security concerns over protests and fear of being arrested for war crimes.

  18. ann yoshefford says:

    Had a great time at the nursing home with my (PA) sisters 🙂 I’m glad To be the Vice president ! Love my girls

  19. gebreimerm gar says:

    all cool till they lock you up for national security. and there’s very little chocolate or icecream to be had then :/

  20. foothman says:

    I’ve changed & would vote 4 Trump to release Arsenio Dick Cheney voted against asking the SA govt to release Nelson Mandela

  21. kachavanon olmani says:

    So small, so insecure, that just about everything, like not mowing your lawn, or playing your stereo too loud, becomes a national security.

  22. tat hiteczornf says:

    I never saw Pastor Jones hang Bush or Cheney for sending us into an unjust war to their $$ gain. –

  23. marteau whitsu says:

    If Obama WH takes the national security leaks so seriously, how come it did not urge the NY Times not to publish them?

  24. schance says:

    It was Bush, Cheney, Powell, Condi, and the whole administration. Today, of course, it’s the GOP in the house. FUD.

  25. CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Mursi opened his first public address after his inauguration on Saturday with the words “God is greatest, above everyone” and pledged to keep the country on a democratic course after Hosni Mubarak’s fall. He spoke at Cairo University to ordinary people, politicians and generals. He told the latter they were now free to take their troops back to barracks to focus on national security. …

  26. couellet esarrieser says:

    Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to speak at the Disabled American Veterans National Convention on Aug. 4 in Vegas –

  27. You ever hear of The National Security Decision Making Game? Seems to have a lot of sessions at Gen Con.

  28. Vice President’s van (full of equipment) was stolen in Detroit … I don’t know if I should laugh or SMDH!

  29. I’m a huge fan of helping out people…. I was vice president in a group called warriors with a future we did a bunch…

  30. Business Development Consultant, Defence Our Clients defence and security business is expanding and this role will be critical to the success of their aggressive development plans. As indicated in the White Paper ‘National Security Through Technolog….

  31. zaral solo says:

    Bibi knows he has not a friend in the US executive branch anymore. He won’t wait for help from us. God save Israel.

  32. If you type “illuminati” backwards, followed by ‘.com’ in your address bar, you end up at the U.S. government’s national …

  33. University of Montana Vice President Bob Duringer dies Duringer had announced plans to retire at the end of this year.

  34. I warned you! Executive Orders are not LAW! Laws are passed through the Congress – not the executive branch and BHO’s commie minions… –

  35. Q2: ____ served as U.S. National Security during ‘Détente’, Vietnam War, India-Pak War, Yom Kippur War. a) Rostov b) Scowcraft c) Kissinger

  36. there are built in incentives for the executive branch to protect their interests in reality, and beyond a reasonable doubt.

  37. The military is investigating the incident. What should the military do in the to mitigate this problem? Is this a failure in the chain of command? Should someone be fired/ resign? Leave a response 8 Responses Expand all comments Collapse all comments March 19, 2012 6:48 PM [mbrenner] 6 agree Do you agree? Submit …
    Latrisha Blakley liked National Security Blog on 17 July 2012 (5 months ago).

  38. kares lelle says:

    sanda tomncester Govt cancels Rs 12K crore bond issue to contain fiscal deficit – Zee News – 25 minutes ago from aePiot – Comment – Like Zee NewsGovt cancels Rs 12K crore bond issue to contain fiscal deficitZee NewsNew Delhi: The government has cancelled Rs 12,000 crore bond auctions, lowering its market borrowing programme for the current financial year in its bid to contain the fiscal… Continue reading → Similar Notes: aePiot Notes – Govt ready to discuss VVIP chopper deal in Parliament: PM Manmohan Singh… Times of India Govt ready to discuss VVIP chopper deal in Parliament: PM Manmohan SinghTimes of IndiaNEW DELHI: With the opposition preparing to take up allegations … ——- aePiot Notes – Govt’s domestic borrowing threatens growth of private businesses… Govt’s domestic borrowing threatens growth of private businesses – Makhtar DiopMyjoyonline.comThe visiting World Bank Vice President, Makhtar Diop has cited the excessive domestic…

  39. RT Mr. Vice president can you get me a permit to carry a shotgun on the street?
    Do you think the only place we need pr …

  40. Newsweek

    Obama to try executive powers to aid economy
    Salt Lake Tribune
    Washington • With his jobs plan stymied in Congress by Republican opposition, President Barack Obama on Monday will begin a series of executive-branch actions to confront housing, education and other economic problems over the coming …
    Republicans in Congress are in a quandary on jobsLos Angeles Times
    Obama on Republicans and EconomyWCTV
    Words, Words, Words on Jobs and EconomyNational Journal
    Fairbanks Daily News-Miner -San Bernardino Sun
    all 41 news articles »

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