Once again, the GOP appears to be playing mendacious political games with the evident objective of exercising or regaining power, instead of trying to serve the needs of the US Citizenry. We’ve heard an endless stream of arguments and diatribes from Republicans in recent weeks about the so-called Democratic “spending spree” and “earmarks” or “pork.” Yet, here in the current funding effort, Republicans have inserted a large percentage of the earmarks in this bill, most of which “were requested by or supported by President Bush.” Go figure. It’s tiresome being downwind of all this GOP dissembling … but thank you, Keith, for showing this for what it is.


Have Your Pork and Scorn It, Too

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  1. To the 2 people who dislike this video so far… WAKE UP! The time to be truly free from the old thought process that keeps you a prisoner to the system, is NOW!

  2. simi ottka says:

    BREAKING: I’m not watching the GOP debate, but I am pouring lemon juice in my eye for a similar sensation.

  3. woodwigles weighasser says:

    Kos is wrong- government is always the enemy. The federal government is run by multinational corporations and will always serve their interests at the expense of ours

  4. Romney: Hosts a breakfast fundraiser with members of Congress in Washington, DC. Perry: 9:30 AM Hosts a fundraiser at the Tradewinds Island in St. Pete Beach, Fla. 10:30 am ET Visits a “GOP Victory Center” at Fairfax County GOP HQ in Fairfax, VA Cain: 8:00 pm ET Addresses the Republican Women of Nueces County […]

  5. I wish they could just vote Bachman off the island. She makes non stop empty promises that there is no way that she could follow through on, she offers no solutions – but she has a plan!, and her voice is like prune juice – it goes right through you. At least Romney does a good job of playing the Dark Vader that you love to hate. Of course the only one that we would want running the country is Ron Paul but everyone thinks that he doesn’t have a chance, so he doesn’t.

  6. Taxpayer funded that big a deal because it cost as much as a war or farm subsidies? Weak argument to a fiscal conservative.

  7. Those military members who want to come home should just stop fighting, sit down and refuse to serve. I wonder what would happen if thousands of them did it at the same time.

  8. Tony would win the 2012 GOP primary. He’s an animal!! One of the most amazing racing performances I have ever seen; still 80 to go

  9. clitsunech dankrisill says:

    I’d like a lot of earmarks to live one, but cutting earmarks to Israel wouldn’t bother me. We’re propping up a terror state which wealthy US citizens use to store their laundry. Let Israel try to defend itsself without 1/4 of the US foreign aide going to fund its military repression of Palestine.

  10. I like everything you said except…about savings. It should come first as…pay yourself first and aim for 10% savings. Video was very well done and easy to understand.

  11. He better choose Kucinich has his vice president. I will explode into jizz if that happens. Peace and freedom would prevail with those 2 men of truth.

  12. salleiner says:

    Not necessarily a racist statement: Are they dangerous b/c Black/Latino or are they dangerous b/c they were raised in the inner city?

  13. How can you be agains a contract of monogamy fot homosexuals. conservatives, think about it, how can you be against homosexuality and against monogamy at the same time? if you view homosexuality as wrong, then you must conclude that a contract of mariage is at least an improvement because it is basically a proclamation which promotes monogamy.

  14. mar murasadley says:

    that’s disgusting. eating pork is disgusting. …why do you people eat pork? you think it tastes nice? You think people tastes nice? that’s disgusting.

  15. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Gov. Rick Perry have failed to qualify for Virginia’s March 6 Republican primary.

    read more

  16. Basically, Iowa is saying their top choices are: Earmark Obsessed Senator, Obama Lite & Insane Deaf Old Guy. Well done, Iowa. Well done.

  17. sala syvesa says:

    um, i think you need to do your research. half of those things you put in your description were proven wrong. and a lot of them global warming, polar bears) are things come right out and said

  18. lrcrum nah says:

    Sing it with me:
    Nah nah nah nah
    Hey hey hey
    Good bye!!!
    So long GOP.. You’re making my job easier and reelecting President Obama.

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  20. miyoak sausser says:

    I’m a Republican again. I have the codewords “decisive, bold” down Decisive bold affairs! Decisive bold lies! Decisive bold irrelevance!

  21. newbignong says:

    I asked where Congress got the right to earmark and libtards told me I Sec 9. LOL it’s a list of prohibitions 🙂

  22. esserry schauffer says:

    I am OCCUPY AMERICA TEA I was at some of the earliest tea events just like I was at occupy wall st the first week. its just the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) using paper to inlist the peoples governments and corporations into global demonic servitude. kill the fed/restore Glass-Steagal and the coordinated assault on this country will be slowed dramatically. CLOSE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, OCCUPY AMERICA!

  23. Michigan folks,
    If you want to Ron Paul at the November 9 Oakland University Presidential debate, order your tickets within the next couple of days. They are taking names and it will be first come first serve. The number is 517.487.5413. pack that place with Paul the GOP has only had a few requests since still early, so take advantage, also spread the word.

  24. Yeah I love how like trying to find out what this means” but when the man with the boy tried to answer all she did was cut him off and try to tell him wrong because it jive with the CNN liberal loon network.

  25. corvatsuki says:

    Network of related videos by ktrainyo: I am interested in creating an app/site that uses a tag to earmark a video …

  26. I think the gop strategy is not 2 act like there defensive. Thats a lot of acting. Oh yeah. This economy is so bad bla bla bla. Its bad bla

  27. neau dia says:

    By ANDREW DeMILLO 2010-08-29T20:05:09Z
    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Ignoring Republican complaints about wasteful federal spending, Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln is reminding voters – in dollars – of what’s she’s done for Arkansas during nearly 16 years in Washington….

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  29. camey hangresson says:

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  30. mata rushepp says:

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  31. kozdynie dzulka says:


    Pawn stars shine in new ‘national Ha’aretz
    Israel Chess Union chairman Aviv Bushinsky called on the government yesterday to declare chess a national and earmark the required resources for it. …
    and more »

  32. jonchapiat says:

    Gary Rothfeld MD Iowa nuns to tour states protesting GOP positions – Atlanta Journal Constitution: KCRGIowa nuns to tour… Baltimore MD –

  33. senatus: McConnell, previewing likely argument against earmark moratorium, said he’s sure Pres would “love to have a blank check.” –

  34. shi drova says:

    yes, saw some abt the increased budget & plans but no specifics abt what to do exactly. We have concerns, ex. w/ their>

  35. Foxnews dish205 8:00pm is not a fair program. I smell like Republican channel. especially O’reilly. This guy is a jerk if he keep discrimi

  36. moschem monsterro says:

    did you see Paul Ryan liken the poor performance of the replacement NFL refs with his views to replace Pres …

  37. “It’s not about the sizzle. It’s about the substance. We’ve had enough sizzle.” ~ Ron Breitbach of Dubuque, Iowa Mitt Romney –

  38. ridicul0us budget came from the ” Bill Clinton School of Economics” , whereby a reasonable budget is “doubled”, and then by spending only 80% of the inflated budget, ( which is actually 60% above the budget) , you can then leave office and claim that you left your successor with a “budget surplus” !!! Fuzzy math strikes again !]]>

  39. GOP Pulls Back on Criticism of Susan Rice – Wall Street Journal: ABC NewsGOP Pulls Back on Criticism of Susan Ri…

  40. RT The ONLY way to DEFEAT LIBERALS is to STOP VOTING for RINOS, so stop holding your nose & voting for a FAKE Republican!!

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  42. juneidt sterliro says:

    Ohio Republican John Boehner has won enough votes to be re-elected as the Speaker of the House in the 113th Congress.

  43. garin carrie says:

    All the big Democrats were on board with Iraq and Afghanistan Wars; Obama escalated the Afghanistan War; Obama destroyed Libya’s infrastructure to turn Africa into the new “terrorist safe haven” so that the war on terror can continue. Sean, thats not Republican looniness. I blame Clinton for Iraq. He had 8 years to end those sanctions and stop bombing.

  44. Immigration is not a budget that needs to be balanced anymore than trade is a budget that needs to be balanced. It balances itself.

  45. mire eisbarger says:

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  47. Obama will always put off golf and all vacation days to deal with Republican blockage…no one likes to be constipated.

  48. monterahnk says:

    I was upset when they didn’t pass the AMENDED bill before the last Congress expired, delaying non-pork relief to NJ folk

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