Here is an interesting discussion between a Goldman Sachs banker and journalist covering the Occupy Wallstreet movement. Imo, she cleans his clock:

34 Responses to “Goldman Sachs Banker Speaks”

  1. mino darner says:

    This video says everything about sorry world. A member of the public gets accosted for challenging Greenspan by police who are supposed serve them

  2. clotil taus says:

    99% mob vs. 1% elite 100% humanity – you do the math – how can you expect all people to come together when there’s always some idiot that makes us choose sides

  3. man tarner says:

    I was just looking over some super old TYT videos and Cenk said he was against Iraq from the and actually cites the decision to invade as the thing that made him leave the GOP

  4. Yes, the solid south of Democrats. Conservative Democrats. Not liberal democrats. The two switched to what we see them today around the 60s. I think you are a product of a faulty education system.

  5. warto rovinder says:

    Columbia University professor to teach class on Occupy Wall Street This is why people think all us academic r commies

  6. ullock kathotentl says:

    And just like that, it’s a matter of hours. Our goal: 125%. Can we do it? 99% The Occupy Wall Street Collab film:

  7. alvermann corphinore says:

    Occupy Wall Street Occupy Congress January, 17th, 2012 Have you had enough yet? I have ….. IT’S TIME TO GET MAD!!! For media inquiries:… –

  8. Come and hear our new song written for the Occupy Protesters, inspired by the 99% NYC Bat Signal- Do NOT be afraid! LOVE LOVE LOVE! “Beginning of the Beginning” Now available for listening on our youtube page click our link now to check it out!

  9. schet wadaron says:

    If you endeavor to understand it, the economy can be understood, and it should be responsibility to at least try and grasp the systems that govern them. I do agree with you that capitalism has been corrupted in the USA, replaced by crony capitalism and corporatism.

    This video however, a story created by Michael Moore, is phony. Companies are not profiting from peoples deaths, this is not possible. Open your eyes and see this is sensationalist fake news by abc.

  10. bonne dine says:

    Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Occupy Wall Street About As Good …: NEW YORK (AP) Occupy Wall Street in New …

  11. Fog City Journal

    Religious Leaders Show Faith in Occupy Movement
    Fog City Journal
    But in sanctuaries and on the streets, faith has both fueled a passionate commitment to the Occupy Wall Street movement and a passionate debate about its methods. The OWS movement, which protests social and economic inequity and predatory practices …

  12. On one side of Union Square, Occupy Wall Street. On the other, people lining up for the Hunger Games book signing.

  13. Glenn Beck – Extremely Dangerous People in Wall Street Movement – Glenn Beck on the Occupy Wall Street movement. –

  14. zain axe says:

    Occupy Wall Street is the same mentality as if I protested at a Casino that I lost money in. Take responsibility for your decisions. –

  15. kin spaughlert says:

    Occupy Wall Street Figured Out How to Have Sleepovers: By Joe Coscarelli Since being evicted from Zuccotti Park … –

  16. vase mehl says:

    VIDEO: David Icke talks with Luke Rudkowski at Occupy Wall Street: Can’t believe I haven’t seen this til now! <3 -

  17. gaga sch says:

    And then, Twitter explodes. I’m heading to go to jail for those abandoned by Occupy Wall Street. Have a good day.

  18. bladio mer says:

    Occupy Wall Street gets a boo from the crowd. “Class warfare” has been uttered three times in the last minute.

  19. What We Saw at Occupy Wall Street’s May Day Protest in NYC (feat. Rage Against The Machine’s Tom… –

  20. arrasen says:

    I AM THE 99% OWS Occupy Wall Street Protest Window or Bumper Sticker 25-PACK: This 25-Pack of 8.25 x 3.25 Bumper…

  21. bossleyvan says:

    Just got Todd Gitlin’s tribute to Occupy Wall Street in as a galley. Worst concept for a book since this one. –

  22. ellenbe strombs says:

    Just think, in another 7 months or so, we can all chip in to pay for the 1st baby conceived at Occupy Wall Street!

  23. Occupy Wall Street Is Planning A New Action On September 17, And Some …: Heads up, Wall Street. Protesters fro… –

  24. if they did they would know how to put up a tent and keep themselves clean outdoors when they occupy wall street. lol –

  25. Huffington: Issue 14: As the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street approaches, Issue 14 of Huffington explores what happened to …

  26. hiroulet yee says:

    Occupy Wall Street protest: I refuse to leave wall st tonite until I’m blacked out OR i meet a hott guy –

  27. you joke, but I know a guy who built a bike that, when pedaled, juiced a generator for Occupy Wall Street.

  28. chousera laureude says:

    “In Modern Times, the Elite managed to Distract the Populace with All Kinds of Popular Movements, like Occupy Wall Street”

  29. Occupy Wall Street Group At SUNY Oswego Was Not Monitored For FBI By … – Huffington Post: Occupy Wall Street G…

  30. nichann int says:

    RT Lucid, funny, and very true.

    If you think Occupy Wall Street was a response to capitalism, watch this. … –

  31. Wait what? Citi-Field, home of the METS is hosting lacrosse games? Isnt that like Goldman Sachs hosting a Occupy Wall Street luncheon?

  32. reau whitsuginn says:

    GOP being the of ” NO ” is not an insult- it means you said ” YES ” to overburdened tax payers over occupy Wall Street trash-

  33. Just thinking, not one mention of tea events on main stream news. Occupy Wall Street was covered daily. Why –

  34. The 2013 – Whiter than a snowball on a mountain of cocaine in the middle of an Occupy Wall Street march.

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