Given how Newt Gingrich has conducted himself with regard to marriage, it’s hard to believe that he feels justified speaking up about anyone else’s marriage. But he does.

He’s a pompous, disingenuous, power-grubbing ass, and he exemplifies exactly what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

Gingrich: Same-sex marriage is a ‘temporary aberration’

by Jason Clayworth

Fort Dodge, Ia. – Same-sex marriage is a temporary aberration that will dissipate, Newt Gingrich said here today.

“I believe that marriage is between a man and woman,” Gingrich said. “It has been for all of recorded history and I think this is a temporary aberration that will dissipate. I think that it is just fundamentally goes against everything we know.”

Gingrich, who has been married three times and has previously admitted to being a past adulterer, made the statement in response to a question from the audience during an event he held at a Best Western hotel conference room.

One Iowa, a civil rights group, said Gingrich’s statements are offense and disrespectful to thousands of gay and lesbian Iowans who are loved by families who belong to all political parties and play active and productive roles within the state’s communities.

“Mr. Gingrich’s comments are out-of-touch with Iowans and I don’t think that he is the right person to be lecturing Iowans, or anyone, about loving, committed marriages,” said Troy Price of One Iowa.

Original post on Des Moines Register

37 Responses to “Gingrich, the Great Marital Advisor, Speaks”

  1. Wahabis are known for biased, false teachings of Islam, namely the false claim that to be a good muslim you must want god’s laws practised on They do this with the intent of gaining political power which they will then use to spread Islam by force. Including introducing highers taxes for non muslims in the Islamic state once they take over with intent of indirectly forcing people to They treat people like second class citizens in their own countries.

  2. dundal gaud says:

    and who created you and that brain of yours :). of course I do there is god and no other but him. simply cuz I know you exist and many other creation thats how I know there is God :). the world with zero, without a zero 1 wouldnt come. so God is that zero who is not indeed of anything, we’re in need of him. we can never be self sufficient, we always relay on something, but to think about it deeply where it originally came from then u’ll know its from God.

  3. tarkelsoer kranskin says:

    hes not ‘my Assad’, I have no love for him, but don’t be decieved. Foreign powers are funding and supplying the armed militias inside Syria, to destroy the country, its on the hitlist. And Al Jazeera spread lots of lies about Libya like saying Gadaffi was bombing his people, completely untrue. We don’t want another NATO campaign to destroy Syria like Libya

  4. an apatheist, an atheist simply believe in god. Agnostics just say they believe nothing and know. I believe in god because no evidence, and there is evidence of evolution and the big bang, and I go with wherever the proof is.

  5. i mean i see why ppl are against homosexuality. you need sperm and egg to create people but damnn we not all perfect yo.

  6. The Guardian

    Spanish judge who took on Pinochet goes on trial
    The Guardian
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  7. wartlejo fogelle says:

    As opposed to “false” when not experienced. So a better argument would be: “since it is impossible to experience the lack of an afterlife, then the lack of an afterlife is The paradox is that if you fly under a flag of solid evidence, hypocritical to deny something exists without proof (though under that same flag, it would be even more so to claim something does exist without proof). a stalemate, not to mention not all atheists use that ideal as base.

  8. A World Made New: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A World Made New tells the dr… –

  9. asheweera says:

    my friends who has been to korea and stayed there for a while but then again who knows diff. location and what not.

  10. thats good thing bec they worship satan any one that kills there own family isnt worshiping the ture God thats for sure

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  12. 2007 Xi was in charge of preps of BJ Olympics, which were beset by human rights abuses…petitioners rounded up, detained in black jails…

  13. druin brichens says:

    In a 24 hour period, NJ Governor Chris Christie vetoed same sex marriage and flew the state flag at (cont)

  14. milip gibsey says:

    And there are so many other rumors of bombs, adultery and homosexuality amongst our leaders. But its a closed eye issue. Almost.

  15. />

    … and if u look at the so called “free” (also known as “corporate”) media, see that these trash r cheerleaders of the imperialistic wars and subversion of foreign governments by the USA.

    if anyone kills anyone, BAD.

    if the USA mass murders people and mass poisons people, just an accident, or collateral damage.

  16. taldwillag says:

    Law Council of Australia and other legal plus celebrants, to appear at Sydney hearing on same-sex marriage bills hearing tomorrow

  17. bona nani says:

    Homosexuality is neither conservative, nor Jewish. It is an abomination (read the book; it’s in there). The Lord does NOT change.

  18. kacs bitz says:

    EU criticized for silence on human rights in Colombia .
    Democratic Underground
    A network of European organizations have stepped up pressure on the European Union to condemn human rights crimes in Colombia. The International Office for Human Rights-Action on Colombia (OIDHACO) called for the European parliament to publicly …

  19. chrandrich says:

    Human rights framework for discussing tech access + use also provides a way to address bias, discrimination + hate online. Can’t w/ digdiv

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  21. paullieux hoop says:

    I love the new same-sex marriage icons on ! Not that we both wore dresses, but I love the whole idea of it!!!

  22. bellacsaka laes says:


    Local NYS Lawmakers Responds to Travel Expenses
    The legislative session ended June 21. Last year, the session finished a week late because of a debate about whether to legalize same-sex marriage. In 2010, $3.4 million was spent on travel and expenses because the session finished in August due to a …
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  23. “It’s not a matter of religion; it’s a matter of tolerance.” – Carlo Yu (on LGBT Rights and same-sex marriage)

  24. bill maher is the man. works for legalization of marijuana, same sex marriage, of Peta, criticizes religion and politics. –

  25. fayerushen says:

    You are born in sin. You are born with sinful desire. You don’t teach a child homosexuality. They are born in it. –

  26. oenickers ser says:

    KUALA LAMPUR:? A gay Malaysian pastor said Monday he had held a wedding banquet with his American despite earlier outrage by conservatives in the Muslim-majority country opposed to their union. Ngeo Boon Lin, who has authored a number of books on gay and other issues under the name Ouyang Wen Feng, said he held the private, traditional Chinese wedding celebration at a restaurant in the capital Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. “I wanted to inspire others to speak the truth and to stand up for our rights,” he told AFP. Ngeo married his African-American Broadway musical producer Phineas Newborn III, last year in New York, where they live. That came after same-sex marriages were legalised there. Homosexuality remains a largely taboo subject in Malaysia – sodomy is punishable by 20 years in prison – and Ngeo came under attack from Islamic and Christian figures alike when he first announced his wedding plans. Ngeo said it was for him to hold the banquet in…

  27. men n woman r nw exploring homosexuality well dat duznt help much. So where will build families 2 have heads 4?

  28. Perhaps hearing the word ‘gay’ offends Arabs? Or perhaps hearing it encourages homosexuality? Perhaps if we mute it it means it’s not real

  29. kheow bogdanton says:

    Hey ya I gone thru ur blog and I read the posts abt Blogging culture, Human Rights: Right For All etc

  30. Eastwood at the convention. He’s the mythic male hero to many GOPers, how’s he gonna explain he’s ok w/ same-sex marriage AND

  31. nooremness says:

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  32. ker boisen says:

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  33. tana hland says:

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  34. lujszapfer weizer says:

    and why do you call something so logical illogical? If same sex marriage had come first would you consider hetero illogical?

  35. rodforth krier says:

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  37. deli gujerton says:

    London based one man band Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is the western media source for all news credible if you ask me

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