In this group of videos, George Carlin talks about a variety of things in the vein of politics, Republicans, religion, and philosophy. It’s brilliant.

It’s worth remembering when, for example, Carlin points out all the criminal scandals that went on under the Reagan Admininstration (and he doesn’t even explicitly mention the well-known Iran-Contra affair), that Reagan is the idol of today’s Republican Party. They want to put his face on Mount Rushmore, for Pete’s sake!

And, if anything, the modern incarnation of the Republican Party is even more hypocritical, criminal, elitist, heartless, and corrupt than it was in Reagan’s day.

How did the party of Abraham Lincoln come to this? Greed, fear, lust for power, and narcisism.

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  1. fred phiccaily says:

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  3. JFK did not have to endure a resurgent evangelical movement in the 70s that only recently has lost steam, but still has a lot of clout.

  4. If churches want to play the game of politics, let them pay admission like everyone else. ~George Carlin –

  5. kelbachner says:

    as much i hate do disagree with Mr. Carlin, most golfers don’t WALK to the ball. They have someone to drive them to it

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  7. Katy Perry’s parents are evangelical Christians according to Now I understand the whole “I kissed a girl” thing, it was rebellion!

  8. I actually had to go look at the ingredients for lactose intolerant milk. real milk, with an enzyme added that breaks down lactose into glucose.

  9. laviderham says:

    Actually can. excluding a lot here but we have an income of about 10 trillion dollars. I believe the amount of money that we spend is about 4 trillion dollars. All we have to do is raise taxes to 40% and have enough for all these programs. Any higher would be money left over to reduce the deficit. Our income has increased so much that we even need to go back to Clinton tax rates. The average tax rate right now is 35%. Paying 5% is better than cutting spending.

  10. klos leistaches says:

    These questions are quite stupid because they say “Do you think a…. MAY HAVE….” of course possible that an intelligent conscious being has created the universe (you rule it out, because we know), so the answer would be “yes” for atheists and theists alike. However if you remove the “may have” it is a entirely different question. Do I think a God or some of conscious being has created the universe? No. Do I think possible? Yes (even if it is highly unlikely)

  11. katha javale says:

    I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don’t have as many people who believe it. ~George Carlin –

  12. bitter cont says:

    people need to fear death less

    “you are not going to know when you are going to die. You are not going to know when its going to happen, so there is nothing to fear”


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  14. wilduarnow says:

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  15. Pat />owns a diamond mine
    refuses responsibility for his own actions and words
    blames gays and atheists for hitler
    blames muslims for the recession.

    guess what, Bill Gates has given billions of dollars to charity, he is a good man and Pat calls him “evil” because he is an atheist/agnostic.

    Warren Buffet has pledged 99% of all his money to charity when he dies, he is an atheist/agnostic.

    you dont need to be religious to be good, and being religious is all Pat can claim to be,.

  16. measlanata ray says:

    the only way to fight is to bomb places that they have large amounts of corprate people meeting…we must kill not talk!!!!!

  17. jui elstodow says:

    Sorry, Father, your beard didn’t win the evangelical vote. Wolf cleaned up there I like my beard and I’m on cable

  18. juvell sassonaga says:

    All the allegations against the MeK have been disproved. They never killed Americans, or took them hostage at that. won legal battles around all these allegations. Why are some people so stupid to first believe the first things they hear, and second turn around and promote it?

  19. ansalstrom mackel says:

    He designed an outrageously-priced jobs bill GUARANTEED to be REJECTED by Congress, after BANKRUPTING America to the point we pay for it.
    Then he blames Congress for the Economy he destroyed, right on schedule!
    Jeez! What a con />The White Horse is bucking him off.

  20. grandreyne de cecchel says:

    Congressman Allen West was on Fox News Tuesday, discussing the markets and the stock market’s recent upswing. The Nasdaq index closed above 3,000 that day…

  21. schweltemi buktard says:

    I’m always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize I’m listening to it. ~George Carlin –

  22. Ever wonder about those people who spend $2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward. ~George Carlin

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  24. No on why the Romney grandpa left the USA, so he could have sex with five wives: Oh my.. the Evangelical heads are Exploding.

  25. The President alone can’t “fix the country”. He has to deal with a Republican Congress. Why they not screaming at their representatives?

  26. slavenawin beitz says:

    “It’s just a comedian’s act, it’s not real life. Anyway I think I should be allowed to use the n-word because of what George Carlin said-“

  27. wille tery says:

    President Barack Obama’s campaign is using a new television ad to combat what it says are false charges from Republican Mitt Romney on welfare.

  28. dubourseli pisen says:

    chicofaraby on Funny isn’t it, that the only thing stopping Gary Johnson from winning is the belief that he can’t win? That if all the people who are afraid to “waste” their vote on him would simply step up, the guy and vote for him, he’d be in. –

  29. Do u think that ur votes have made any difference? it’s the illusion of choice! RIP George Carlin! –

  30. musicians are only workers who will put in a full shift for pay & then go somewhere else & continue to work for free.” George Carlin

  31. “Consider how stupid the average person is, then realise that half of them are stupider than that.” — George Carlin.

  32. College is what changed me too. I was Evangelical. But it took me awhile to become an atheist. Agnostic for a bit. It is freeing!

  33. beson golda says:

    Good news came from China to compensate the “fiscal cliff” panic as the automatic spending cuts and tax increases will take action as soon as tomorrow, and no deal has been done yet. Harry Reid stated that “Democrats are not in position to make counteroffer to latest republican proposal and

  34. Rob Parker called RGIII a “cornball brotha” because he’s Republican and dates a white woman. I’m not even black and I think that’s offensive

  35. 40% of those who voted for Romney were white evangelical Christians & another 35 percent were either white mainline protestants or Catholics –

  36. luk laustet says:

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  37. like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It’s so f*ckin’ ~ …

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