PBS rocks. Here’s their excellent look at the genesis and timeline of the so-called “economic meltdown.” I hope you find it as informative as I did.


43 Responses to “Frontline: History of the Meltdown”

  1. sorius told says:

    The electability of Ron Paul is directly reflecting the stupidy of the “follow the leader mentality” of alot of voters who actually go to the polls. Narrow minds produce what we have now, a majority of dopes running DC

  2. spoorniuk miraj says:

    So pundits say Occupy Wall Street lacks cohesion. The response from Zuccotti Park boils down to this: Compared to what?

  3. wiese poweinka says:

    Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) meltdown — Sensible woman owns him.. other people make like minded opinions and he says “QUITE FOR A MINUTE! OR I’LL ASK YOU TO LEAVE” –

  4. I like how Angry Archer never got an origin or a simple explanation of how he became a supervillain, I kinda like him. Nanosec, Slo-mo, Meltdown, Prometheus and Headmaster did have one. Professor Princess never got an origin, but I mind that. annoying.

  5. ger sabellihel says:

    Because god gave us free will.. that is what separated men from angels. we have free will to do what we want. it is up to us to make what we do in this life and god gave us this privilege. do not blame him for our mistakes

  6. The Market didn’t freeze on its own, it was frozen by men in suits, as it was men in suits gave subprime illegal and unbusinesslike loans to confiscate real estate and crush the housing market, as well as shipping maunfacturing jobs out of this country for the past 25yrs.. they have picked a fight, me thinks..

  7. TARP update. A leaked from TARP Special Inspector General Neil Barofsky shows the bailouts and backstop plans total $23.7T. Of the $700B slated for TARP, $441B has been distributed. Barofsky will present a on TARP to a congressional panel at 10:00 ET, and will criticize the Treasury for not being transparent enough about how spending taxpayer money. (Read (.doc))]]>

  8. Gary Johnson is the best presidential candidate for the american people. He has the most logical and ethical economic solutions for this nation as a whole. I ask that you at least research him, and if you do not, if I did know you, I’d have to ask, why are you voting when you do not have all the facts? Why vote only for your own sake instead of for the sake of our nation . Take some time and read, and see what else is out there? besides what the media tells you

  9. Dey case: Vora, gangster Paulson sent to jail: They have been arrested in connection with the murder of senior s…

  10. The economic meltdown has recent college grads choosing a new job… Yoga teacher. We’ll look at that career choice 5:51/7:51a on witf

  11. you hide lack of substance and rationality behind the esoteric catalog of bills which are just evidence of encroaching government.

  12. unbalanced budget or Ron Paul, economic meltdown or RP, uphold constitution or RP, NDAA or RP, unconstitutional wars or RP?


  14. tenbersen says:

    “”Everyone get ready to cry a big river for Wall Street fat cats, because their lives have just not been the same since mean old Barack Obama took office and regulating their playground.””

  15. reiki theab says:

    not as big a deal as i initially made out, its a tuuuuuuune 🙂 heard it on mistajam literally 5 minutes before i came here, check out my radio rip from that same show a few weeks back

  16. Big Greenwashing 101: (Or How Sierra Club Learned To Stop Worrying About The 99% And Love Wall Street)
    crosspost… http://t.co/eopNHwQK

  17. soud estefant says:

    The Political Economy of Human Rights Enforcement: Moral and Intellectual Leadership in the Context of Global Hegem.. Error: Sorry, the URL

  18. It was the Soviet Union that defeated the Nazis and Hitler. We in the US don’t like to give them that credit but thats where the fighting was. Stalin was as bad as Hitler. I saw this on a TV show: When Stalin died, they waited a long time to find out if he was really dead. They poked him with a long stick just in case he woke up.

  19. If you don’t have any proof for the charge, why not retract it? That is, if you want people to take you seriously as a political analyst. Perhaps you don’t care.

  20. topal peath says:

    I just left a comment in “Sun poll: Lib Dem big guns face boot as MPs in meltdown at election”

  21. azizara vorouix says:

    Y sigue lloviendo… Será cosa de acabar de “procesar” (añadir filtros chulos y reencuadrar :P) las fotos del Tarp Surfing de ayer

  22. bar chaugh says:

    Wall Street to extend rally on China’s surprise rate cut: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stocks were set open higher on Th…

  23. hant vallumber says:

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  24. faridi bjorgretto says:

    and you know I think Obama is no better in many ways. Geithner, Holder, so many status quo things AFTER he took office

  25. angow romanne says:

    Romney says mandate is not a tax. RNC chairman says he: 1. Agrees with Romney, 2. Mandate is a tax.

  26. edri cluskerfie says:

    Fed Weighs Cutting Interest on Banks’ Reserves After ECB Move: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke may be t… –

  27. masartaggi says:

    Apple Inc told jurors on Tuesday that Samsung’s internal documents show it made a decision to copy the iPhone because the South Korean company could not compete in the market on its own.

  28. hilderberg coru says:

    Following an exercise plan can ease depression in patients with failure, creating improvements in mood that are comparable to the effects seen…

  29. tippeld kamarkuse says:

    “If [jobs] don’t come back, then maybe we were just never meant to be together.” – Ben Bernanke, Fed chairman –

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  31. suriet nollio says:

    ISIS has been doing a stellar job in documenting, using satellite imagery, that Iran has been hiding suspected nuclear testing activity at Parchin. For example, here are images showing Iran’s destruction of some buildings in the complex last May: And then evidence that Iran was hiding the traces of those buildings: But the large building on the site remains – the building suspected of housing a high-explosive testing chamber. Apparently that building is too to demolish right now, but also too much activity is taking place there that Iran doesn’t want prying eyes to see. So they are literally covering the building area with lots of pink tarp: In an August 1, 2012 ISIS assessed that apparent cleanup activities at the Parchin site in Iran were complete because imagery showed what appeared to be the final result of considerable sanitization and displacement activity. A new GeoEye image dated August 15, 2012 shows that additional suspicious activity may be occurring…

  32. hardin lennickler says:

    Ben Bernanke’s Speech Is The Most Overhyped Event Of The Week: The most overhyped event of the week is Bernanke’…

  33. Being negative only causes depression. So hold your head up high, put a smile on your face & go live a positive life

  34. Note to BB: QEinfinity, we get it. Time to let mkt focus on things, such as Pelosi, Geithner now …

  35. Ohio Steel Towns Feeling Recession Fallout Waver on Obama: is so much harder now for so many people than i…

  36. even at ure worst case of depression,sadness there is a secret key 4 happiness ,INTERNAL PEACE but it’s method is different from 1 2 another

  37. hongs crothe says:

    Lately it seems that the entire world has become a complete basket case of economic data and market manipulation. On one hand, as we reminded yesterday, the disconnect between US economic fundamentals and the market has hit levels that imply the S&P is rich by 200 points. On the other, this morning the Chinese stock […]

  38. Fox Chairman Compares Angus T. Jones Meltdown To Nicki Minaj On ‘Idol’: Angus T. Jones’ very public “Two and a H…

  39. OECD slashes growth forecast to 1.4% (down from 2.2% in May) for 2013 & chief economist warns risk of possible serious global recession.

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  41. wynn valen says:

    The Government Lied When It Said It Only Bailed Out Healthy Banks … 12 of the 13 Big Banks Were Going Bust –

  42. christans says:

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