In this parody of a news story on natural gas fracking, we see what turns out to be a fair criticism of the energy industry’s misrepresentation of the issue.

What’s at stake? Breathable air and drinkable water.

38 Responses to “Fracking Is Bullshit”

  1. bonan landrin says:

    It’s not just poisoned water. It’s a disaster for the air as well, not to mention the destruction of roads by the continuous pounding of huge fleets of monster trucks. But the taxpayer gets the bill, the gas companies get the profits, and the people, well, they get the shaft as usual.

  2. carovenauk says:

    I love this! great voice work, very close to the other narrators of the guide.
    also credit to the original version. Pretty funny

  3. kett hara says:

    Animal Conservationist Jack Hanna hydraulic fracking, electric sulfuric felgercarb, and of course sinusoidal dynamic ram stuffing of starbucks [Interesting] –

  4. Frac was invented in 1949. The clean water act was put in place in 1974. Its been amended some 5 ish times since then and has never had regulatory power over frac yet when that happened while cheny is in office its a huge deal.

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  6. abraylmeie says:

    Oh my geesh, I left my winter coat…at a fracking THRIFT STORE! ARGGGH! I feel so stupid, hopefully they don’t put it up for sale.;_;

  7. Did you know they pump chemicals into the ground destroying well water for Fracking, yet are not required to disclose the chemical

  8. ger sarmings says:

    There will be no Ithaca Now tonight. Tune in next Sunday at 7:30 PM on where the focus will be in NY State.

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. I am currently preparing communication to my state representatives about my views on lifting the current ban on fracking in NYS and I am gathering various sources of reliable information to cite to them that my opposition to fracking the Marcellus Shale.

  10. robbischle markwang says:

    is a civil rights issue. We all have a right to a healthy environment and to clean water. And so do our children.

  11. Fair, BUT my point is- why aren’t we exploring other options that CAN’T contaminate, and doesn’t involve fossil fuels, fracking.

  12. mostoerass han says:

    Every time I see the word “fracking” and it’s not proceeded by “racking” and followed by “varmint”, it catches me off-guard.

  13. Attorney Tom West Talks Fracking Leases – As the debate over hydrofracking continues, a new concern has arisen over …

  14. “Here’s what I don’t get, though — We all know that local governments are all, to some extent, bribed by multinational corporations, or at the very least are in favor of them because of the economic factors. If some company fracking near a river and the groundwater is contaminated, what do you think the average citizen’s chance is of successfully sueing them is? The wealth and political influence of these companies is so numerically vast that it’s just incomprehensible to normal people. Metaphorically, it’s David vs. Goliath. This is exactly the time at which higher powers need to get involved, because the odds are inherently uneven if you try to take on a corporation legally. I often rail against the republicans on this very EPA thing. The difference is, they want to dissolve the EPA because they believe that armageddon is coming soon and therefore we shouldn’t worry about the environment. When one’s ideology leads one to oppose an organization whose sole purpose is to protect…”

  15. raat mondt says:

    With evidence mounting linking the U.S. energy industry’s use of the process of hydraulic fracturing also called fracking to the hundreds of small from Oklahoma to Ohio, how safe is fracking in Australia?.

  16. gevilliter mihris says:

    Probable Word of the Year 2011 – ‘Fracking’: The leading word in the Macquarie Dictionary’s Word of the Year 2…

  17. nengeanny says:

    I will admit I get a bit of whiplash when + his CHK pals switch from praising beard rock to defending fracking.

  18. sprittling has says:

    Federal rules for fracking on public lands, set to be released in a few weeks, may serve as a model for states to get companies to disclose the chemicals used in the drilling process, an Obama administration official said.

  19. kristarcia says:

    We know how the “drill baby drill” GOP parrots would create jobs: cleaning up oil spills and rebuilding fracking damage.

  20. framamutta kafka says:

    I live all fracking far. in the but im by a Casino & a Starbucks & a Sushi place 😀

  21. somarlyle says:

    aww Jacob’s mom asked me if i wanted anything at McDonalds and i’m not even with them. she’s so fracking sweet and adorable.

  22. lupides says:

    Sussex residents warning. Research gas fracking! You’re next! See results of US fracking watch “Gaslands” on YouTube. Were you informed?

  23. In the SM called cue 47 like 3 songs in. Lies. Maybe the 47th cue of that song.” Fracking love that show

  24. csr cogar says:

    HOUSTON May 16 (Reuters) – Two workers were in an explosion at a hydraulic fracturing tank site in south Texas early on Wednesday, a sheriff’s dispatcher said. U.S. workplace safety regulators cited the company that owns the site …
    Evan Olrich liked UPDATE 1-Two workers in Texas fracking tank site blast – Reuters on 17 May 2012 (3 days ago).

  25. kin ing says:

    Mit einer Technologie namens “Hydraulic Fracturing”, kurz Fracking, pressen Energiekonzerne Erdgas aus dem Untergrund. Dabei wird das Grundwasser mit einem Cocktail von Chemikalien verschmutzt, deren Zusammensetzung die Unternehmen nicht offen legen

  26. vand lavopo says:

    Arizona is in the Fracking 1950s again. Boy can you afford that car ? *breaks tail light* Let me see your papers…

  27. BBC News – Appeal granted over test gas drilling in Vale of Glamorgan Bad news for the people of Wales.

  28. elingillah slakey says:

    There are a number of political pressures leading some European countries to ban fracking for shale gas: France is one that has done so. However, the truth is that if other areas of the world go ahead then it won’t really be possible for Europe to not frack itself: we’d just not be able to afford not to.
    Illa Fantauzzi liked Why Europe Cannot Afford Not to Frack for Shale Gas on 13 April 2012 (3 months ago).

  29. beul kallo says:

    Henry hall front desk has a garbage bag full of popcorn donated from some company, and it’s so fracking good

  30. beza gipedraziz says:

    In order to get seats at the fracking hearing (hopefully we can take up all of them) you have to ge …

  31. nemanser oli says:

    Niedersachsens Jörg Bode nahm heute am Rande unserer Anti-Fracking-Aktion vor der Staatskanzlei in Hannover 13.656 Unterschriften entgegen und offen Kritik an der umstrittenen – betonte aber auch ihre Bedeutung. Am Freitag stimmt der Bundesrat über einen … Weiterlesen →


  33. shullemere says:

    stringerbell on Matt Damon on Fracking: “We’re at a point where politicians don’t really get any benefit from engaging with long-term issues.” –

  34. wolder quinter says:

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  36. my home community was riddled with rare cancers during the 80s, and they never figured out what caused it. fracking’s next on menu

  37. haroumatte hatmorrita says:

    Don’t believe this anti-fracking nonsense! We clear the well pads in the Marcellus Shale. Thriving economy. Happy landowners. US energy!

  38. hettiang morojollat says:

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