More and more people join the ranks of the discontent.

The plutarchs have almost completely taken over the economies and governments of the major countries of the world, and we are experiencing the social and economic consequences of this takeover.

Fortunately, a number of movements and resources have arisen to combat this aristocratic oppression. Here are a few:

41 Responses to “Fight Back: Where To Turn”

  1. dreson sche says:

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  2. feld mclaine says:

    This fascinating documentary brings together material shot by Swedish documentarists and TV journalists dealing with the African American civil rights movement from the time of Luther King’s death to the fall of Nixon, accompanied by recently recorded voiceover commentaries. Among the latter are that remarkable survivor Angela Davis, the film-maker Melvin Van Peebles, Kathleen Cleaver (onetime wife of Eldridge Cleaver, author of Soul on Ice) and Harry Belafonte. Most younger viewers will require more context for both of the film than Olsson provides.
    DocumentaryWorld cinemaRace issues
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  3. The Constitution explicitly state that the military is allowed to have bases, tanks, rifles, doctors, etc etc. The lack of explicit authorization in the Constitution does not mean something is not allowed.

    Not arguing for or against the wars we have right now, just saying the argument is obtuse.

  4. vtarrisker says:

    Things like the economic crisis in Europe and here makes me want to stocking up on canned goods and weapons.

  5. autherson bler says:

    While depending on for much honest news imho, this guy is a jackass! Please, get somebody (jobless teen maybe) to assist him with sensible questions and less repetition.

  6. men supporing says:

    What if the whole recession can be traced back to Ferris Bueller skipping the day that Ben Stein explained economics to everyone?

  7. peake laver says:

    Michael Moore is not credible. The problems we are having with, say, college inflation, is the fact the federal government has made it easy for anyone to get a college loan. That has led to a rise in demand to go to college, and with a rise in demand comes a rise in price. idea that this can all be fixed through is completely off; just shifting the cost to someone else, not lowering it. The federal government has grown too powerful, and must be shrank.

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  9. Morning Russia. Still dark. Sign up in Starbucks, telling people of their civil rights during a protest. ‘Santa is coming to town’ playing.

  10. It is not true that equality is a law of nature. Nature has no equality. Its soverign law is subordination and dependence.


  12. The force comes in at number 82 in Stonewalls Workplace Equality Index, which showcases Britain’s top 100 employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff.

  13. Business As Usual at the FDA:
    ‘This story in the Wall Street Journal barely made a splash last week Pa…

  14. helpadingoatemybaby on On this Luther King Day, let us not forget that Ron Paul openly expressed that if he had been a Representative at the time, he would have voted against The Civil Rights Act of 1964. –

  15. kabougoyom fiali says:

    Feminst need to stop causing prblems! Who cares how you guys go to the bathroom! loll its so stupid, i am a girl and i dont really care what you do! it doesnt matter! I think i am on the guys side for this one!

  16. dis beggerardt says:

    I appreciate the imagination & enthusiasm, but the best solution for our economic crisis is not ‘build spaceships & populate new planets’.

  17. Thank you to the Washington State House–a civil, respectful debate on marriage equality. And a 55-43 vote! Next stop, my desk!

  18. “civil disobedience regarding spectrum laws imposed by nation-states and supranational entities solves that problem, and is of the road to multiple internets.

  19. Civil disobedience will begin in and go on throughout the whole day as a protest & a way of boycotting elections. –

  20. kaerthomar oji says:

    we love Mars commitment to tell it like it is and bring awareness to issues that cannot be ignored. And we love their amazing music!!!

  21. nivinchutt says:

    LOL If anyone can make it to an Occupy Wall Street protest – please disrupt their human microphone by yelling OBAMA SUCKS! –

  22. mishernski says:

    Why China Will Have an Economic Crisis: The view in most of the world is that China is indestructible. Shrugging…

  23. izer erkes says:

    2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: (boringinfidel, Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus.) :o)

  24. Precise – John Payton, top civil rights lawyer, dies at 65: NEW YORK (AP) — Civil rights lawyer John …

  25. spoesser park says:

    “This isn’t necessarily very surprising, depending on the document. The Nazi platform had several points of commonality with common democratic ideology. On the other hand, there are several very points of division, like the focus on diversity, acceptance of immigrants. It’s meaningless to share some beliefs with some people, and this is a good example of that. It’s actually an example of the ad hominem argument to say ‘well, the nazis believed this, so therefore it’s wrong.’ The problem is that the commonalities between the nazi and the republican seems to be things like the corporatism and hostility towards immigrants.”

  26. teina caresco says:

    Civil rights leaders condemn Sharpton’s call for escalated civil disobedience:
    The Rev. Al Sharpton said his … –

  27. ruki quaal says:

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  28. Are you SERIOUSLY suggesting the Labour in power didn’t cowtow to corporatism? At least the tories play lip-service to SMEs

  29. govinck zarageruec says:

    I agree we don’t like corporatism, but you have to understand its roots, and it’s tied to the central banking & mercantilism

  30. heflik kemplesson says:

    Frontline’s “Money, Power, and Wall Street”, a documentary on the financial crisis in America going on right now on PBA 30 Atlanta.

  31. 1964 Civil Rights Act was also a move by a President likely made for “political gain” and we’re pretty happy with the results. –

  32. vera oddie says:

    Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones | “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

  33. jofurria says:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – When Joe Burklund of Des Moines, Iowa, lost his job at the depths of recession in 2009 after 30 years in the and marketing industry, he never imagined another career. He was almost 60 and optimistic he would land another job in his field, where he was earning $65,000 a year. After collecting unemployment checks for a year, Burklund took a job at grocery chain Trader Joe’s. As he watched his retirement savings bleed almost dry, he realized his situation would not turn around anytime soon. …

  34. hilias oslayo says:

    Pimpin civil rights leaders & images 4 materialistic gain & influence. Throwing bottles in the club causing harm 2 innocent folks. Idiotic!!

  35. sac aquivy says:

    I am not breaking the law tho’ in an emergency like this I would civil disobedience! However I am powerless.

  36. The stock market is like a game of pretend, let’s pretend that Wall Street is saving the economy when it is robbing humanity.

  37. *Hugs tight* That’s not true and you know it. Finding a job takes time, our economy is still recovering from the mess it was in.

  38. Banking community shld be forced to hold a conference about how they will help fight the recession – with same press coverage as confs

  39. ant byrushroft says:

    Mexico’s New Leader Tries to Change Dynamic: The weak economy was a big reason why voters in July ousted Mr. Cal…

  40. Birmingham – Our client is now looking for an experienced and methodical sales professional to join their offices based in the West Midlands. One of the few companies that have continued to grow during the recession is expanding their sales team to ensure the steady influx of new business continues. Working within a highly structured and established, three tiered sales team, you will be responsible for new bus

  41. toole lowsky says:


    Washington lawyer returns Eagle Scout badge in protest
    Statesman Journal
    SEATTLE — A Seattle lawyer is turning in his Eagle Scout badge in protest of the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gays. Joseph Shaeffer is a civil rights and employment attorney with the firm McDonald, Hoague and Bayless. He says he was a scout in …
    US: Seattle lawyer returns Eagle Scout badge in protest against scouts gay
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