She’s certainly not a centrist. What do you think?


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  1. What?? Did you hear the nonsense coming out of mouth? Mike supposed to do? Besides, he he had to live with this guy day in and day out. a wonder he kill him.

  2. Sir,my perspective, Newt needs to b ur VP. He is brilliant and experienced in the House. Newt helps you gain conservative votes.

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  4. Few things annoy me as much as the little Voicemail icon on my phone. Whose the asshole who called me and left a message instead of texting!

  5. correction Hamilton won out , he wanted a public army. and a central bank. that allowed us to win w.w. 2

  6. andercons sali says:

    I was there too and lucky we didnt see you. Why dont you be a good and post a picture of your face so we know who to look for next time? got something for your “pride”…..


  7. cm7323 & 7′ pelican, the referenced quote was originally made by Will Rogers. Many speakers and writers since have purloined it for their own purposes — using it as an invective against their adversaries — including Reagan. (Rogers did not use the word ‘liberal’ in his original.) He also said, “An ignorant person is someone who doesn’t know what you just found out”. 🙂

  8. If a white conservative band leader had done as to a black, liberal, female, cries of racism & sexism wld b deafening

  9. matton tore says:

    They the existence of research showing a conservative bias, then critiqued the methodology of studies to show a liberal bias. They never gave examples of the studies showing conservative bias or gave an example of this bias in action.

  10. streudore correll says:

    There were only 3 instances I ever cried over the Pokémon anime:
    1. This
    2. Latios dying in Heroes
    3. The Diamond and Pearl generation…

  11. allemer weth says:

    The easiest way to do this is to line them up like he did, but then detonate the rocket right in the middle. It is 99% easier that way. Thumbs up so people can see!

  12. rossairayb says:

    The year saw the loss of many legends, the irreplaceable celebrities. India mourned the loss of eminent personalities. As yet another year draws to a close; it is time to remember the magic once again of some of those who left us in 2011.

  13. berg pannart says:

    So many trolls! (♯`∧´) but anyway this was very interesting! (^∇^) I was learning about some of this in my world history class and really glad I looked into it more it was really nice to know more details

  14. baggs bluma says:

    from wikipedia: “In response to the following accusations of homophobia, Rose initially stated that he was “pro-heterosexual” and did not understand homosexuals, and spoke of negative experiences in his past, such as a seemingly friendly man who let him crash on his hotel room floor and then tried to rape him.”
    at that time, Axl was just a stupid guy, as the lyrics reflects. Remember he is a redneck, has a passion for guns, and hate everyone except himself

  15. teod lier says:

    Here’s an English translation of an interview in German with the Fjordman, the Norwegian blogger who was outed in the aftermath of the terror attacks in his home country. Fjordman on the Left but has turned sharply right. The interview is a must read and for those of you who don’t read German, it can be found here.Here are two key paragraphs:What shocked me the most, though, was not

  16. hi hun, I popped by earlier and you were out! I left my number if you wanted to chat x

  17. treechlof says:

    Kent Greenfield, “The Myth of Choice: Personal Responsibility in a World of Limits”
    Publisher: Yale University Press | ISBN: 0300169507 | 2011 | PDF | 256 pages | 3.7 MB

    Americans are fixated on the idea of choice. Our political theory is based on the consent of the governed. Our legal system is built upon the argument that people freely make choices and bear responsibility for them. And what slogan could better express the of our consumer culture than “Have it your way”?

  18. Liberal Catholics would be well advised to tell Obama that it’s their decision as to which precepts to violate and not his.

  19. If you’re a proponent of “free market” capitalism but complain about gasoline prices in the U.S., I can’t take anything you say seriously.

  20. Biden lauds Obama as man of ‘steel’ in campaign push. Joe obviously never read the comic books! | Conservative Byte

  21. zipurchmid banna says:

    The trans-Atlantic slave trade operated under “free market capitalism”. Slavery was a result of the drive of the profit motive.

  22. hawn eickson says:

    And yeup I just left paris on a solo adventure so if my future husband would like to find it that be awesome LMFAO

  23. lativen says:

    Right anyone know someone that does poster/flyer design? Preferably free and of really high quality but open to negotiation. –

  24. Seems so long ago you walked away,
    Left me alone.
    And I remember what you said to me,
    You were acting so strange.

  25. fonderforo balim says:

    Flaw Liberals fail to see that free market capitalism is & has been the engine to American prosperity & world order!

  26. kebe stiff says:

    Because as we spend ourselves into oblivion and servitude, it’s to know that we failed when we betrayed capitalism. Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including rights, in which all is privately owned. Today Paul Ryan took a step in the right direction. The nineteenth century was the ultimate product and expression of the intellectual trend of the Renaissance and the Age of Reason, which means: of a predominantly Aristotelian philosophy. And, for the first time in history, it created a new economic system, the necessary corollary of political freedom, a system of free trade on a free market: capitalism. No, it was not a full, perfect, unregulated, totally laissez-faire capitalism—as it should have been. Various degrees of government interference and control still remained, even in America—and this is what led to the eventual destruction of capitalism. But the extent to which countries were free was the exact…

  27. Reviewing Badiou’s ‘The Communist Hypothesis’ – [ #badiou ] Reviewing Therborn’s ‘From Marxism to Post-Marxism?’ – [ ] Reviewing Assiter’s ‘Kierkegaard, Metaphysics and Political Theory’ – …

  28. Very much enjoying commentary on Onedrop right now. Brutal you didn’t make it in. Wish I’d’ve transferred my backing dollars.

  29. placks letta says:

    I propose a new annual Twitter award for the most trite and annoying conservative tweeter. Let’s call it the

  30. Bad habit I plan to break during week off: leaving one sheet left on t.p. roll to avoid getting new roll. Fools no one.

  31. He examines the application of this principle through his signature forensic–architectural investigation of sites of contemporary conflict: the relief centres set up by Médecins Sans Frontières during its intervention in Ethiopia in the 1980s; the legal debates around the building of the separation wall in Israel–Palestine; and developments in the application of international human rights law in Bosnia, Palestine and Iraq.

  32. mcraftzgen says:

    We pretend that it’s a question of free market capitalism versus government involvement in banking … but we’ve ALREADY got state-sponsored banks.

  33. The Last Squatters Leave Kunsthaus Tacheles, A Touristy Former Hub of the Berlin Scene Language English Email Print Save Tweet Pin It by Alexander Forbes, Germany Published: September 4, 2012 BERLIN — On Tuesday, the last of the Kunsthaus Tacheles’s inhabitants left the complex peacefully. Though previous attempts at eviction led to street-blocking protests and angry clashes with the police, it seems that even the most hardened of the former store’s squatters were through with the struggle. In its glory days, Tacheles was a beacon of Berlin bohemia. East German moved in after the fall of the Wall to save the building from demolition, and it became the most powerful emblem — especially to those outside Berlin — of those early stages in the city’s reunification. But just as local rights have moved from an anarchic free-for-all to a money-driven real estate system dominated by multi-nationals, so too has Tacheles transformed from something…

  34. – if caring for children, seniors means he’s a liberal – call him a liberal! He owns it- is lucky to have him in Congress!

  35. These are things to discuss, no doubt, but our concerns about the poor might be perceived more credibly when presented in a more sympathetic tone. Mr. Brooks said one thing that evening that I found striking: “Free market capitalism is a moral imperative.”   A corollary is that caring about the p …
    Darline Houf liked The Arkansas Project — Economic Freedom: A Moral Imperative For Arkansas on 15 August 2012 (3 weeks ago).

  36. nhuteurey vill says:

    the last time i learned Polsc was in the 12th class,What is Political theory tih ringawt poh a bei rei theih khawp mai 🙂

  37. kloft dennella says:

    So many threats to our great republic.. one clear and present danger… Socialism.. bring back free market capitalism t …

  38. Can’t miss on Cashin in at 11:30 this morning. Free market capitalism is the only thing that will s …

  39. castler daitel says:

    wow can’t wait to stay up all night writing this political theory essay..that I didn’t even until now

  40. NBC was told it couldn’t use gun magazine as a prop BEFORE David Gregory went on air, claim police –

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  42. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky are a study in contrasts when it comes to national…

  43. Bernanke on the hill today …probably leasing helicopters to drop more cash on the liberal sycophants… Printing Presses well oiled……

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