Subbing for Rachel Maddow, Ezra Klein talks about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Specifically, he points out that the “99%” don’t resent that there is a “1%”, but rather the fact that the “1%” enjoy a privileged set of rules that the rest of us don’t get to enjoy, and they are only ones benefitting from this country’s wealth.

Ezra also interviews Naomi Klein about this issue.

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  1. shugier dimanson says:

    i love this video cause its educating people on what happens in the the world today to people tht dont even know about this.great job 🙂

  2. eugelegge dar says:

    thats not the point of what the director and the writter were trying to make. They were trying to say that You kill an idea with bullets. In this movie “V isnt a man, or anything he represents an idea, which later gave rise to a movement.” Thats why at the end all the people were wearing V masks, V is anyone who believes in the idea, and joined the movement. This scene is just saying that they cant kill an idea, no matter how much guns they use against it

  3. In the latest installment of the DealBook’s animated series, a protester from Occupy Wall Street confronts Lloyd C. Blankfein, the chief of Goldman Sachs. This is dedicated to CK and THE MIDDLE. Read More »

  4. barth jaksha says:

    Marking the 92nd annual Veterans Day, US veterans join the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in New York to protest against corporatism, social injustice and unemployment, Press TV

  5. marizariam says:

    A Return To Bowles-Simpson?:
    Ezra Klein sees an opening: 

    [I]t would behoove Obama to press the reset button. …

  6. “The US national debt is the debt that the (capitalist) US ran up!”


    “Bussiness make gouvernemental debts”

    Again, you are dumber than and instantly lose all credibility. GOODBYE!!!!!

  7. How lame this rationale is! The simple truth is not a “contrariness”, voters were willing to give Obama a chance. Obama has failed to live up to his campaign platforms, program goals and programs have all failed. Enough is a enough and that ain’t contrariness, that is factual. Ezra baby, Keith simply need to suck it up, they got on the wrong team and the jobs are in limbo!

  8. skip to minute 10. She only from there. She is much better than the first 10 minutes. Dont let the first 10 minutes fool you.

  9. tert brewith says:

    Wow i was just wanting you to answer me, your attitude just shows me that you do not know what you are talking about, and that you gave a bad review to a book you did not read. Be proud, i gave you proof of how friedman helped out Pinchet, and crap and you chose to ignore and just chose to name call-debate fail. Sad.

  10. Charles Frith – Punk Planning: Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine & David Icke’s Problem Reaction Solution Are The Same Thing –

  11. Corporations employ people. Corporations make things. Corporations provide services, jobs and retirements. The problem is people. People always want something for nothing. These people would love it if all the corporations in the US had to give all their assets to the government. The government is there to insure the of the people, not be their mother.

  12. Last week, we asked an of economists, economic policymakers, and investors to name the most of the year. This week, we turned the question back on ourselves, and chose the 11 that do the best job of explaining the political and economic scene in 2011. Here they are:

  13. lora chertonger says:

    TO MSNBC-FUK YOU & Happy New Year. EZRA KLEIN-says “the Constitution has No Binding Power” The American people will BURN DOWN& Boycott anything,anyone Trying to destroy the Constitution. WHO the Hell is EZRA KLEIN-How do you have the power to trash the Constitution?We will work to TEAR DOWN the Evil Mouthpeice-MSNBC! MSNBC better FIRE ERZA KLEIN with Expedience-Americans should protect the Constitution like Muslims protect the koran, Swift down fall to all who oppose the Constitution!


    Five things you missed in Obama’s budget
    Washington Post (blog)
    The composition of US coins hasn’t changed since 1981, the Wall Street Journal notes, while major components like zinc have become more expensive. Industry lobbyists stalled the proposal when Obama brought it up in 2010, but it may have new appeal to …
    An agency-by-agency guide to Obama’s budgetThe Associated Press
    all 4,274 news articles »

  15. A recent survey shows that anti-war rallies and the growing anti-corporatism movement in the US indicate that the ongoing wave of awakening and democracy in Arab countries has reached American society.

  16. plymeretto says:

    Ezra Klein says it well. The first Friday of every month from now through Election Day is a critical day b/c of new job numbers.

  17. Have you been following Naomi Klein’s series on climate change serialized in the CCPA Monitor? “Capitalism v. The Climate”

  18. del prilhausti says:

    PLEASE let it be some nut job like Naomi Klein or Alan Grayson Now I’ve heard everything…Alec Baldwin has a stalker?

  19. haya rizaharti says:

    This basic notion of Enlightenment equality, that we may, at least, all look at one another, is no longer true. It points to…

  20. waldstor says:

    Democracy for NYC joins with four NYC Councilmembers and Occupy Wall Street in calling for ind. oversight of | –

  21. suzans shorti says:

    By Scottie Thomaston – Signorile on Dharun Ravi’s sentencing. – NAACP President Ben Jealous on the decision to marriage equality: “I’ve spoken to many clergy who feel differently, different sides, different theologies, different doctrines. All are very clear that if this is a difference, it is a difference, not a division. If this is […]

  22. sitner veile says:

    Go get em. and Occupy Wall Street Librarians to file federal lawsuit against Mayor Bloomberg, NYC and the NYPD –

  23. corporatism will never cease2oppress the people until the people take thier gov by force and force a change of system END THE FED kill banks

  24. WONKBLOG Ezra Klein One of the best things ever seen on cable news: episode of Up With Chris Hayes …

  25. fred nicollar says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Let’s occupy Wall Street & occupy colleges all over country in coming months. Get involved –

  26. Why Marketing Threatens the True Promise of Social Media Douglas Rushkoff is the author of Life Inc: How Corporatism Co..

  27. hayama roski says:

    As am I, which is why I favour free markets and less government. Corporatism is anti-capitalistic. It’s fascist in nature.

  28. perez read my last 2tweets hermano & know you will agree we love gaga & we want equality for gay rights

  29. The American people have been offered two lousy choices. One, which is corporatism, a fascist type of approach, or so …

  30. Great Q in an ad for mindful fin svcs firm in -How would Buddha Occupy Wall Street? Invest in a way that reduces suffering

  31. rajo sylvin says:

    tbh, I’m not sure mattered much who was “in charge”. None I think were ready for seductive & rapacious growth in

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