This interview was conducted, but not aired, by Fox “News”.

The man being interviewed speaks lucidly, clearly, and accurately.

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  1. fers allo says:

    “Do you think that when the movement becomes powerful they will represent the guy making $533000 as well as the guy making $0?  How about the $250k and the $5k?  All the way to the median income of $30k, but– surprise– that $30k guy most definitely does not want anything to do with an open border policy and guaranteed living wage and abolition of the death penalty.  […] They exist in a quantum superposition of multiple eigenstates, but the moment they make an official demand the whole thing will collapse into a single state and everyone will hate it.”

  2. We have a hell of a lot more than $140K and never sat on it. We are expanding and hiring. we hire unbathed illiterates so the protesters will have to look elsewhere. And no, a S-Crop is but one of many ways to form a corporation.

  3. gamegamegamegamegamegame
    BLACK WALL STREET NIGAS! this thing is taking over all of games videos so copy and paste

  4. Try some of my recipes from my new cookbook {New Latin Classics} Fox News Latino shares a few of them!

  5. Let’s oust these Zionist Jew Bankers from our country!! No more fiat money! No more wars for Israel! No more treating our people like garbage because of these greedy parasites!

  6. This is pretty darn cool, I’m hoping to head down there with my guitar and blast out a couple of protest songs…

  7. vetz hungarce says:

    exactly. this conflict is bound to spread. although pff by the end of 2010 we may need service by requirement and field up to a half a million mobilized troops more likely, also the need for far more for suppression afterwords Polizia. If you underestimated statement of this war/occupation being able to last 300 years then reconsider. I find it to be perhaps one of the only genius things he said. If I could speak with him in person I am sure he is full of genius…somewhat wicked thoughts

  8. gutterster lam says:

    This is Not Samuel Adam’s Tea This is more than just the freedom to assemble or of speech. All people are blemished but not all are greedy. The MOB however is insatiable. The only 1% that exist in this country are those who have fought and bled for this nation to debate. Remember those who have died and provide for their loved ones left behind. I challenge you all Remember November nothing matter except your vote.

  9. fill therle says:

    Ron Paul is not invisible . His are legion . They are rabid .They are dedicated. They are fiercely loyal and protective . Reminder : Register REPUB, Many closed primary states will not allow a DEM to vote Ron Paul in the critical primary ! Dont get cheated out of your vote -vote Ron Paul as a REPUB .You can change back to a dem later after he wins , if you wish .

    Take back our country !

  10. oveldristi yaga says:

    They’d love some attention. That’s it so far.. Jog my memory, please. What is Occupy Wall Street movement hoping to

  11. Brothers and sisters-the time of austerity is upon us. Get used to living in the streets. Get used to having nothing-no education-no jobs-no heath care-no social security-no retirement-no home-no future. When the banks and republicans take everything that’s exactly what you’ll have-nothing!

  12. subrenstro wiebst says:

    This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of YES! Magazine

  13. …I believe she does have her own channel. o.o Smosh linked her channel in one of their if I recall correctly.

  14. Nigerians took their cue from the Arab spring and Occupy Wall Street, establishing Occupy Nigeria in protest against the gas price jump.

  15. chauvaidwo says:

    EU Banks: Give Us Leeway on Assets – Wall Street Journal: EU Banks: Give Us Leeway on AssetsWall Street JournalL…

  16. kau bassaarsit says:

    As a historian, I’m taught to consider both sides of an debate, so I watch FOX News, but is NOT in touch with reality!

  17. When I first seeing her on TV, I was impressed with Rachel Maddow but then she turned into typical MSNBC Democrat. She was a Johnny One Note about gay, gay, gay. All in all, she got boring. This was a nice, informative segment.

  18. ted stinola says:

    To the occupiers all over the world, I say

    “Violence solve everything, but it sure does get your point across”

  19. schweedey czellbache says:

    As is usual in India, they could name a street after Rahul Dravid. But then, the Americans have already done it. Wall Street

  20. haiko mire says:

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  21. FBI lost a officer, on live Tv, Boys and Girls Club news company, play policy, too men from washington state, lewis, Fire Fox

  22. clouinah azulair says:

    Occupy transit chain-gang caught on video – New York Post: Cops released surveillance videos of Occupy Wall Street members ch…

  23. In case you missed it, Wall Street banks are still “To Big To Fail.” This means taxpayers foot the bill. (We need to break up the banks.)

  24. gha puan says:

    World Poker Tour on FSN: Venice Grand Prix Season X — II: The World Poker Tour Season X continued on Fox Sp…

  25. aik godina says:

    Wall Street today finishes lower after a rating agencies forcast of trouble for U.S. banks,if Europe does not handle its debt crisis soon.

  26. Tamara Holder has taken over 1st place edging out Bob Beckel as the most obnoxious panelist on Fox News! Is she Joy Behar’s evil twin?

  27. laff bye says:

    The Fox News Pundit Julian Assange’s Mom Fears Most Lots of things keep Julian Assange’s mom up at night, but an increasingly nagging thorn in her side is Fox… –

  28. There have been at least 7,387 documented arrests in 117 US cities in occupy wall street protests as of 08/09/12

  29. dema haggs says:

    James Holmes, Batman Mass Murderer, Occupy Wall Street Activist (anti-white). Worked in a Jewish Summer camp for deprived Jewish kids. –

  30. hirschowal gamel says:

    Click here to view this media Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney insists that he didn’t shut down his tax shelters in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Switzerland because it would “avoid the truth” and he wasn’t going to “manipulate my life” just to become president. Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Romney in an interview that aired on Sunday why he didn’t close the Swiss bank accounts and get out of the investments in the Cayman Islands before he spent the last eight years running for president. “First of all, there was no reduction — not one dollar reduction — in taxes by of having an account in Switzerland or a Cayman Islands investment,” Romney explained. “The dollars of taxes remained exactly the same. There was no tax savings at all. And the conduct of the trustee and making investments was entirely consistent with U.S. law and all the taxes paid were those legally owed and there was no tax saving by of those entities.” “But why not just go…

  31. Occupy Wall Street One Year Later – Want to get caught up on the movement? Take a look of this video,… … –

  32. Occupy Wall Street – Rise like Lions – YouTube: “Scott Noble’s film Rise Like Lions takes the people, actions, a…

  33. laursuckow sol says:

    News update Fox sets viewership record with 3rd debate – While it set a viewership record for Fox News Channel, Mond…

  34. pforoskaas chullata says:

    I knitted like, 15 scarves, a few hats and a bunch of ski bands for the Occupy Wall Street peeps, 30+ things, less than a month.

  35. Oooooo, nearly 60k followers ** WOW!!!! Welcome to all my new ones **and thanks to Fox News for helping xoxo

  36. Occupy Wall street against the Federal Reserve is another thing they fear. They don’t want you to know you are enslaved with bogus money.

  37. There’s an incredible tidbit about Tim Armstrong hidden in a Wall Street Journal about how AOL just ways with Jolie Hunt, its major AOL marketing exec this year — allegedly right before the company unveils a $10 million campaign. The WSJ AOL hired McCann Worldgroup to handle the campaign, according to people familiar with the matter. The campaign includes television commercials that Mr. Armstrong wanted to end with dancers dancing around an AOL logo – a move that not everyone involved in the campaign’s creative process agreed with, according to people familiar with the matter. But Mr. Armstrong was committed enough to the idea that he personally attended auditions for the dancers in New York, according to people familiar with the situation. (Emphasis is ours.) That’s a visual. This is AOL’s first big branding campaign since Armstrong took over as CEO, so he must be feeling extra pressure to really razzle dazzle us. Please follow on Twitter…

  38. suragerrai says:

    If I were pres I would have cut off aid and stopped all travel to Mexico until they released our Marine. God bless Fox …

  39. Marco Rubio has turned into a goof ball like Paul Rand. Perhaps Fox News is having some openings in a couple of years.

  40. dusbacares imotti says:

    A gruesome find on a cleveland street corner that could upset animal lovers. details tonight on fox 8 news at 10

  41. inger patte says:

    The WSJ in 2008 that Fox News randomly called 400 Columbia “classmates” and never found one who ever met Ob …

  42. Obama allows the Wall Street fraud to continue. Why do you think he does not care. Obama is working for those criminals –

  43. A has been long sought after by left wing labor leaders and the masses of Occupy Wall Street for a while …

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