The main reason I’m posting this video is because Eva makes some good points about Barak Obama and the extremists known as the “Tea Party”.

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  1. Oh, and the SS cap is not going to be raised anytime soon, because, and try to pay attention, SS (and medicare too for that matter) is designed to benefit the richest age demographic, the elderly, at the expense of those in far lower income brackets. That’s the most amusing thing about it: Simple minded liberals have actually been suckered into a program that takes money from the pockets of minimum wage earners and gives it to retired CEO’s. Now that’s funny.

  2. omonessa schislinde says:

    from 5/1/2011 Osama Bin Laden found dead with a fatal gunshot wound to the head and Toby boot in his ass..Keith left a note at the scene saying

    “Its the American Way”

  3. palapilkis mannah says:

    read this Tea and see who the real Newt is and who he will sell out to for the highest Dollar

  4. Main reason I think Mrvel ended up giving the apology is because their owned by Disney and the Captain America film comes out this summer. The House That MICKEY built hates boycotts

  5. Back from the SS National Review’s tour of the eastern Caribbean to find the WaPo’s Chris Cillizza making the same point I made on board ship to cruisers and fellow speakers alike: You may think Obama is eminently beatable, but unlike Mitt Romney, he has a solid base that is a lock to be there for him next year: 

    Everyone knows that President Obama has a problem with his political base heading into 2012. Except that he doesn’t.
    Keep reading this post . . .

  6. Mr. Obama should step aside to put pressure on Republicans to come to table to negotiate for the good of the nation

  7. corche nawatychri says:

    Dumb argument last night: I: you can’t complain about if you didn’t vote or campaign. He: I did campaign! I: For whom? He: Bush!

  8. sprzynslif says:

    Obama need a new defense besides bush got us in all these wars & screwed up, because I see Obama doing the exact same thing

  9. Witty little troll you have become Yes? Come to Uk and say that and I might pat you on the head,with a hammer.

  10. Kim Jung-un must be inspired by Obama, he’s now ‘the lighthouse of hope’. I wonder what the white house of hope thinks of that. –

  11. bence kaipah says:

    make a megalodon one. megalodon is a giant shark, and a tsunami, and peoples. please this is my dream please do it

  12. You know, I liked him for many years & voted for him twice, once over the Tea candidate. Fool me once…

  13. bedore devieres says:

    Tea Is Taking Back Seat In Primary: By JANET HOOK And NEIL KING JR., The Wall Street Journal The New Hamps…

  14. nor kosinhauer says:

    This guy is an idiot. Yeah right he knows exactly what the founder ment!!! Yes, this countryu belongs to the citizens and not Washington DC. We can only be pushed so far !

  15. All about the L-word: GOP rivals ask voters to follow the leader – and they don’t mean Obama WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican presidential contenders are making a pitch to voters that sounds a lot like a children’s game: Follow the leader. When Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich aren’t puffing up their …

  16. to coin a phrase,this real man,nigel farage,warms the cockles of my only our present and past politicians had the grit and the guts this man has,we would have our country back to its rightful owners ,come on my country men and women, get behind this man and the ukip to coin another phrase ,he and his ukip will save our bacon

  17. marel bellenez says:

    What do tou mean by “the hotdog resigned.” Like WHAT? Am……am I the only one listening to this? Like WTF are you talking about?!?

  18. I just think it’ll be too easy for the media to make Santorum look crazy while making Obama look like the “sane” alternative

  19. yeah that was painful watching him ruin it.

    some of us are actually intellectuals, and not just about dressing up and parading around.

  20. –HA HA HA HA!! Obama would destroy Newt! His baggage makes him an easy target for adds just like Mitt do to him! Get real!

  21. Obama is Muslim.x So what ?! +40% of the worlds population are Muslims. Being a Muslim isn’t a bad thing. if you agree.

  22. Ra Ver Net Nubty: Yuga peak spring of Cetus | Uranus in | #AOP Age of | Ida Laurie Ra Ver Net Nubty: Yuga peak spring of Cetus | Uranus in | #AOP Age of | – 2 hours ago from FriendFeed – 2012-2017 – Comment – Like

  23. The differences between the Tea and are like night and day. The Tea doesn’t make a habit of committing crimes! –

  24. The Supreme validation of President Obama’s landmark health law sets off a scramble across California to find enough primary care doctors and other professionals to serve an …

  25. farintin says:

    : Media immediately jumps on Tea meme, but to this day refuses to acknowledge Hood Shooting was committed by Muslim

  26. meislopack says:

    Ask yourself…would you rather your teenage daughter get left behind at a Tea or at Occupy Wall Street? That’s what I thought.

  27. kaway nolimon says:

    When will the Tea learn that less government control and steeper tax cuts will have a consequence in terms of entitlements?

  28. maldsonova clen says:

    The Leftists thought The Tea had gone away. That was dumb. We don’t cast our pearls before swine very often, but kick ass when needed.

  29. matunablom ting says:

    Barack Obama your the President!..But you are Attacking our Occupy/99% movement with Police and beating us…why us? but Not the TEA –

  30. filiou pelicker says:

    IOWA CITY, Iowa/NASHUA, New Hampshire (Reuters) – President Barack Obama charged back onto the campaign trail on Friday and faced a withering attack from Republican rival Mitt Romney over disappointing new U.S. jobs numbers as the candidates sought to emphasize their differences in states crucial to the battle for the White House.

  31. kling penfert says:

    FREE vintage china hire save £10 pp!Christmas Vintage Tea Menu Mention Twitter get 10% discount off our Xmas Tea Menu

  32. kojimaryan says:

    OBAMA has publicly stated that he follows the Islamic faith! He has bowed in obeisance to Islam leaders as no other U.S. …

  33. wortha ixandinsky says:

    Le pire a été évité de justesse, mais l’intransigence des parlementaires républicains, notamment ceux issus du Tea laisse augurer de nouvelles discussions houleuses tout au long de la prochaine session du Congrès.

  34. endrosetta says:

    dear people in whom i hate, you have been invited to join my tea (ps its bleach and i drew that stuff)

  35. not askin bout cory but did u invite the rock to more than just ur tea u get wut im putin do …

  36. went ballistic tonite & slammed RWNJs who keep likening Obama/Dems/Libs & everything they don’t like to an American Nazi Germany –

  37. paulton buehr says:

    Your View: Foreign countries get US energy money: What is happening to our tax money? Some $4 billion of Obama’s…

  38. clurkaneko ble says:

    Sir, i understand ur outrage about d issue but y to tag Obama ? Isn’t it our internal matter? correct me if I m wrong.

  39. mayetta oui says:

    Will Obama Let Iran World War III?: What choice has the US left one of its closest allies? Is a nation bor… …

  40. lazi adcoccafee says:

    Then tea members were shouting ‘you’re a nigger, go back to Kenya’ at Obama as he was leaving an elementary school.

  41. lighi clau says:

    is now having to address that the Swagger/Del Rio angle is bashing the Tea I CANNOT WAIT to write my wrestling book.

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