There’s a reason conservatives hate Elizabeth Warren, and it’s the the same one that drives them to hate academics and intellectuals: she deals in facts and she speaks the truth. This is inconvenient and annoying to the Disinformation Regressive Party.

In this video, among other things, Professor Warren says what we know to be true, and we are reminded that Occupy Wall Street is the movement for 99% of us.

38 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren Lays Out History”

  1. cakemplett says:

    Hotels have fewer workers to cut if economy, travel falter: Hotels cut staffing so deeply in 2009 that future s…

  2. you should know that Russia is the most transparent Dictatorship in modern times, Putin is DOING what hitler only wished he could do. You ARE a actual FASCIST!

  3. caldrett deanaga says:

    I’ve made Clara’s egg drop soup several times and it has always turned out delicious. Depression Era cooking was simple, economical and nutritious, and with the economy as bad as it looks like it’s going to stay for a long while, all those old recipes are new again…

  4. patta jupin says:

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  5. be worried with either candidate. Neither will really institute policy which will correct America. Obama has some expensive things he wants to get done, the money will have to come from either indirect/direct taxation and McCain has already made up his mind to continue and expand war inititiatives which free either. He makes the vetoing of earmarks sound like Americas only vice.

  6. keen pandal says:

    “We will be a chapter in the history books…a civil rights movement…But they still wont get it.” march on WF bank –

  7. Elizabeth Warren will be the next president in 2016…write that down everyone! She is the perfect candidate to follow Obama.

  8. Another old & bitter Fox News “Toadie” (laughs). Just makes you proud to call yourself a “Tea Bagger” . Saddest bunch of Americans that has ever existed.

  9. carp bette says:

    Niyazov, you are damn crazy. I mean come on wrong with January, February, etc? And gold teeth? Good for the LOL YOUR ICE PALACE WOULD BE MELTED BY NOW.
    Meanwhile in Zaire…
    Newsman: weather…

  10. shanden fujish says:

    The Pedophile babylonian Talmud Reading jew wich is about 90 precent of them are violating my civil rights in houston texas,Because they know i know about their propaganda of hiding their sick beliefs and their fake sense of democracy running the federal reserve like its their private piggy bank.sacrificeing children to weird gods in bohemian grove california. just google pedophile jews and the babylonian talmud see for your selves and they hate christians.from Giovanni orion Di Ofelia.

  11. tolizagh male says:

    $11 a ticket & $5 for a soda, during a recession. Cost covers a month of Netflix. And they wonder why theaters are tanking.

  12. tacherinds rooziancou says:

    I had a conversation with someone at work who claims our economy is the way it is because of unions…..dummy…She said that companies leave the US because other countries do it cheaper. I asked her if she advocates slave labor, communism,workers making 3.00 a week etc etc she had no comment to that.This country screws the vets every chance they get..heroe’s when they push their corporatist agenda after that they are just a liability.

  13. Have you ever heard of the term “corporatism?” What you do is develop high tax rates then give your corporate,…

  14. The current booming of retrospective movies such as Hugo, The and The Iron Lady reflects the recession in Europe and the US.

  15. vanegoody side says:

    Just saw a commercial for some depression medicine, all going well until they read out the side effects. Some were hair loss & Death.

  16. oham sundayal says:

    RT Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power ~ Mussolini

  17. bourko eschmiemik says:

    The Remarkable Life of Kitty McInerney: How a Poor Irish Immigrant Raised 17 Children in Great Depression New York –

  18. Mitt Romney won the Maryland Republican presidential primary broadly and deeply, besting chief rival Rick Santorum among conservatives as well as moderates and emerging as the runaway favorite of those who care most about beating President Barack Obama and fixing the economy. The trend was similar but less convincing in Wisconsin, Tuesday’s other big contest, where Romney faced a strong challenge for the votes of the young, those with lower incomes and evangelicals.

  19. mott quaidnichm says:

    history is going to show this is one of the most corrupt eras in US history. Corporatism ruled. We may not regain middle class

  20. rolin mutarrier says:

    Republicans have rejected what would come to be known as Keynesian economics since FDR created huge public works programs employing millions to drag us out of the Great Depression.

  21. newevre valikes says:

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  22. gotte phaner says:

    Watch a Q & A with the CEO of and our Digital Editor, from The Economist conference on the Ideas Economy

  23. I miss the old fashion recession, the that only lasted a year with the PM spotting green shoots of recovery months before anyone else.

  24. Unlike Elizabeth Warren, we come from Indian stock. The skin is hard to kill. Eh, I’ll know in 3 days. 😉

  25. nyu nerancreau says:

    OMG! I LUV HER ! She is Hero 2! PRAY SHE WINS!Hope Gop cant buy it away from Can we talk how great Elizabeth Warren is?

  26. apranna telly says:

    The Libor scandal is more than just the latest financial deception to come to light. It exposes a fraud that runs…

  27. Corporatism: political & economic system in which planning & policy are controlled by large groups such as labor unions & central government

  28. For the past month, a group of 29 illustrators have been collaborating with the organizers of Occupy Wall Street to create a deck of educational playing cards. The cards in 52 Shades of Greed illustrate banking practices that lead to the financial collapse, and catalogue the decision makers that were most responsible (via 52 Shades of Greed: an… –

  29. johnk quiti says:

    Depression as a fashion is the worst thing I know. How can such people deal with themselves? “Making fun” of such heavy thoughts…?

  30. There are so many ppl on food stamps because of the near depression we are going through thanks to GOP trickle down and … –

  31. odaleh schwerson says:

    To those pushing for the return of Thaksin – he is using populism to hide corporatism. Don’t claim it is about democracy, equality or other.

  32. Repubs tried Civil Rights Acts in 1957 and 1960 and pushed the ’64 Bill signed. How’d that work out?

  33. Occupy Wall Street Activists Buy-Up Debt to Abolish It: Strike Debt, a movement formed by a coalition of Occupy … –

  34. Shared the page “Tolerance, Big Government, Civil | ExcitingAds !” This analyzes the current situation in United States, regarding tolerance and civil and the effects of money, politics, lobbies, media and corporatism, on it. Exposes the intolerably bad effects of two dictatorship on our political system. Points… –

  35. Much has happened in the last 4 years since the recession, but im incredibly thankful for where i am now, with my friends and my job

  36. aenichenri bock says:

    Personally, if I’d been Sen. Elizabeth Warren, I would have stayed silent until AIG really did file suit, “Please proceed …

  37. US Gov, Foreign Troops & Local Police Prepare For Marital Law in 2013: Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism January … –

  38. dbetto vial says:

    Looking for a free small puppy or young dog to love on and help me with my depression. I have depression because of life issues and for the fact I miss my last dog really bad because my daughter and I were homeless at that time but now I have my own […]

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