It’s an old tactic of conservatives to make it difficult for minorities, young people, the elderly, and the poor to vote. Why? Because these groups don’t tend to vote in favor of the aristocratic interests that conservatives support.

Conservatives have been crying about alleged voter fraud for years, though the only instances of significant voter fraud (and they are few) have been perpetrated on behalf of Republicans. To wit, the 2000 Presidential election in which George Bush lost the popular election, but was granted the Presidency by judicial fiat.

In the 2010 midterms, Republicans gained control of perhaps 26 state legislatures and governorships, and since then these states have been busy implementing extremist, ideological conservative social policies, such as laws that make it harder for disenfranchised people to vote — all while proclaiming themselves to be supporters of liberty and democracy. Typical doublethink.

Now Democrats are finally starting to fight back.

Democrats Launch Campaign To Counter Alleged GOP Voter Suppression

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats alarmed by reports that new voter laws could bar some five million people from the polls are launching an ambitious online effort aimed at countering what they call Republican voter suppression.

According to a study published Monday by the Brennan Center for Justice, a string of laws passed in 13 states — and proposed in 21 more — could disproportionately suppress turnout of younger voters, minorities and lower-income voters. Those groups tend to pull the lever for Democrats.

The Brennan Center estimates that the new laws could affect some 171 electoral votes, including those of five swing states.

All but two of the new laws were signed by Republican governors and generated by Republican legislatures, prompting the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to cry foul — and start an effort set to launch Thursday aimed at preserving ballot access for voters who would normally be eligible to vote.

“In states across the country, Republicans have launched a deceitful, coordinated attack on voting rights and Democrats are committed to stopping them in their tracks,” said Matt Canter, spokesman for the DSCC. The laws include provisions requiring photo identification and proof of citizenship, as well as restrictions on registration drives and reduced early voting.

Republicans have long complained about fraud in voter registration drives, infamously singling out the now-defunct ACORN, which had been extremely effective in signing people up for balloting. Many claims of fraud have turned out to be exaggerated, but nevertheless have sparked the slew of laws coming into effect for the next election.

The DSCC push will be in two parts, with an ad campaign and a website designed for people to report problems voting.

The campaign, dubbed the “2012 Election Protection Project,” will feature online advertisements on Twitter, Facebook, Google and mobile devices. There will also be petitions and email outreach aimed at raising awareness about new restrictions and combating them.

The website will be named the “Election Protection Project Action Center,” and the DSCC expects it to serve both as an information hub on potential voter suppression and a conduit to help voters register online.

“Voting rights for millions of law-abiding Americans are at stake,” Canter argued. “We need to mobilize people now or else they will be denied the right to vote next November.”

Also at stake could be crucial edges for Democratic-leaning states like Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin.

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  1. I remember when Lady gaga was gonna kiss britney at the vma 2011.
    It is so played out though

  2. We need 2 combat voter suppression-movement needs 2 help voters 2 get IDs & then Occupy the Vote needs 2 mobilize the vote 2012

  3. noble kalwan says:

    “On December 14, 1957, after winning the Nobel Prize for literature, Camus challenged attending a lecture at the University of Uppsala in Sweden to create dangerously. Even though Camus never defined what he meant by his charge, throughout history, involved in movements of protest, resistance, and liberation have answered Camus’ call. Quite often, the consequences were costly, resulting in imprisonment, censorship, and death. This examines the question of what it means to create dangerously by using Camus’ challenge to as a point. The study then turns its attention to two Augusto Boal and Ngugi wa Thiong’o, who were detained, and imprisoned because they boldly defied the dominant power structure. Lastly, the research focuses on a group of front-line the Mississippi Caravan of Music, involved in the contemporary struggle for civil rights in the United States. The individual and the group represented in the are from different of the globe and were involved in acts of rebellion, resistance, revolt, or revolution at varying points in history. a form of narrative inquiry, is the research method employed in the The qualitative approach pioneered by Harvard scholar Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot “combines systematic, empirical description with aesthetic expression, blending and science, humanistic sensibilities and scientific rigor” (Lawrence-Lightfoot & Davis, 1997, p. 3). The extrapolates concepts from the traditional literature and expands the boundaries to make room for a more integrated understanding of social change, and transformational leadership from the bottom up. and groups who create dangerously is an area often overlooked in the field.”

  4. Do you live in Afghanistan? I don’t live there. I live in America within a modern western society. KS, you are irrational, illogical, immature, and boring.

  5. Luther King, JR., Malcolm X, and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s: A Brief History with Documents $15.76 –

  6. cosguer azier says:

    Film time ! Made in Dagenham or London boulevard ?? Mmm a bit of Bob and Miranda me thinks !!

  7. buddy tanieu says:

    if OPRAH put up the resource$ to setup a website & 1-800 lines for SOLE task of buying photo for ANYONE needing them to vote, we’d beat the republicans at their own game!

  8. finest ever given to the world was thrown away because the passion for equality made vain the hope for Lord Acton

  9. May I remember the equality of all that lives. May we all wish 2 b of benefit 2 one another –

  10. knopourgie says:

    But he go into depth. And the Ukraine “revolution” was a product of lobbyist advisors–Rick Davis and Paul Those two guys are at the bottom of the deal brokering with Putin and his “oligarch” Deripasky for the mineral rights to Montenegro as well as the lobbying in Fannie and Freddie that kept them DEregulated and created the crisis in the GSEs. McCain advisor Phil Gramm created the rest of it through his addendum that smashed Glass-Steagall.

  11. Waving signs & complaining about voter suppression ain’t going to do anything the Left needs to be a bit more aggressive

  12. dedi splaton says:

    Now tell me my little friends. How is treating people equal a severe unrestrained force of authority? And how are individuals of Homo sapiens unequal?

  13. We do have unifying issues due to the Florida Legislatures who have:

    • Cut funding to public universities
    • Hiked tuition rates
    • Cut Bright Futures
    • Passed a Voter Suppression Law

    The protest was held on the day that the Central Florida Legislative Delegation met at the UCF Alumni Center. It consists of 33 State Legislators, including Senate President Mike Haridopolos and Speaker of the House Dean Cannon. These legislatures are the crux of anti-student policies.


  14. I read the in the UCF newspaper the following Monday and I saw that there was a vision for RISE UP UCF. I agree with your aims, and I understand why you were there that day 🙂 Thanks for making sure I was aware.

  15. dickarukar walder says:

    nickki haley should shown the door like Wisconsin voters did with walker. Native American or not; voter suppression – NEVER

  16. souse ford says:

    And sure the same exact women who fight for equality in protests are at the same time stealing their money in the divorce. Yes because not some women who are gold diggers, all women. And of course there is no need for feminism and rights because women are totally respected in society which is why you have the opinion on us that you just shared. Makes lots of sense.

  17. lol all this jhsit is stupid. law means absolutley nothing. The people are the many. The people are the military. The people are the police. Nobody that is in the world today could get away with it.
    It would be as stupid as Nuclear warfare. If it everyone dies. Haha So It means It wont happen.

  18. ajaffaker says:

    “Office of Civil Rights is run by a “” promos Close the US Dept of Edu! No matter the Pres,

  19. “> Are you literate? Literate enough to read the constant threads on the Daily Paul and r/ronpaul about how they are trying to secretly “win” caucuses. Hint for future lying: even non-cult members can go to Ron Paul sites.”

  20. Can we agree that any language which expresses strong anger and hostility towards Jews collectively is disturbing and unacceptable in reasonable discussions about Mideast politics? Two flagrant examples: Xymphora and

  21. In this case women and children first was taken to extreme lengths. The man (J. Bruce Ismay) who was the chairman and director of the company that ran the titanic was branded a coward simply for surviving (even though he and others testified that he helped all women and children around him first). The problem was was that orders were misinterpreted from women and children first to women and children only (which was why some were stopped from boarding) I think the exception was men with children.

  22. New laws of voter suppression has the numbers low for registered voters, a state PBO won n 08. We must find a way to get out the vote in FL!

  23. jonathan-cunningham: After a surge of voter interest and in 2008, a wave of anti-democratic voter suppression laws — designed to disenfranchise huge numbers of voters who are African-American, elderly, students or have disabilities — threatens to keep up to 5 million eligible voters from casting a ballot in 2012. The ACLU points out… –

  24. chain brandecour says:

    Babies are doing great. I sure hope you are right about the Right. I worry they are rigging the election w/ voter suppression

  25. u mentioned NeoLib ideol & social equality. Improving soc doesn’t necessarily lead to soc eq. V.versa is true aswell. Think ab it 🙂 –

  26. Cantor DON’T RESIGN these racist white politicians only want your head b/c you are against allowing voter suppression oh yea ur Black.

  27. Rand Paul is Trending. Which Reminds Me That I’m Represented by a David Duke Funded, Anti-Civil Rights Bigot. Thanks Twitter. 🙁

  28. rahidelask galih says:

    An American icon and hero faces a nation and a world in transitionThe 34th President, 1953 1961By Tom WickerA bona fide American hero at the close of World War II, General Dwight Eisenhower rode an enormous wave of popularity into the Oval Office seven years later. Though we may view the Eisenhower years through a hazy lens of 1950s nostalgia, historians consider his presidency one of the least successful. At home there was civil rights unrest, and a deteriorating economy internationally, the Cold War was deepening. But despite his tendency toward brinksmanship, Ike would later be revered for keeping the peace. Still, his actions and policies at the onset of his career, covered by Tom Wicker, would haunt Americans of future generations.

  29. COME ON SUPER PACS AND VOTER SUPPRESSION! We need to get within 4 points to steal it from OBAMATRON! WE CAN DO IT!!! –

  30. Coulter is now trying to redefine civil rights. Sorry Ann. Civil Rights is the belief in “equal justice under the law. … –

  31. A story you may have missed:

    GOP Voter Suppression, Veterans Edition
    By Think Progress War Room
    Mitt Romney Attacks –

  32. Do u think Chavez tried voter suppression? How about Voter registration fraud? Wht about lying about policies they really back?

  33. Banning online access ‘unreasonable’
    A British has ruled that denying a sex offender access to the internet is an unreasonable intrusion into his civil rights.…

  34. leen quanguin says:

    “By Sunday afternoon, Elections Canada had received of the calls from 13 different ridings. Legal counsel Karen McNeil sent another email to Hamilton: “These calls are continuing and the frequency of calls seems to be increasing,” she wrote, providing a list of the originating phone numbers that some voters had recorded. Voters who called the numbers back heard only recorded messages identifying them as Conservative lines, she said. McNeil told Hamilton the poll-moving calls had been by voters in the ridings of Avalon (Newfoundland and Labrador); West Nova (Nova Scotia); Ajax-Pickering, Halton, Kingston and the Islands, Kitchener-Conestoga and Vaughan (Ontario); Kildonan-St. Paul, Saint Boniface and Winnipeg Centre (Manitoba); and Cardigan (Prince Edward Island). There were also later of poll-moving calls in two Quebec ridings: Outremont and Lac-Saint-Louis and Prince George-Peace River in British Columbia. Hamilton replied at 10:45 a.m. the following morning — election day — saying only that he would forward the same response he had sent Apostolakos. As Hamilton sent the email, hundreds of voters in Guelph were heading to vote at the Quebec Street Mall, victims of an as-yet-unsolved mystery call from “Pierre Poutine.” In spite of the two emails to Hamilton, the calls continued. Email traffic shows the officials were becoming increasingly suspicious about the nature of the calls. On Sunday afternoon, Elections Canada lawyer Michèle René de Cotret wrote to Jane Dunlop, manager of external relations, giving her a heads up on “some mischief done by representatives of the Conservative calling people to tell them that the location of their polling site has been moved.””

  35. UNDP – Herat – With the expansion of the GEP during the second phase into additional provinces, the four provinces where the Regional Coordinators will be based, would become the Regional Centers that would oversee and monitor the activities of the new provinces which will be working within theRegional Coordinator UNDP/gender Equality Project

  36. 1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus to a white man & is arrested, a milestone in the US civil rights movement.

  37. LOL Moochelle says voter suppression was in full force during Election 2012 Imagine if they would have lost. –

  38. What are the laws concerning voter suppression by police at polls?: Question by Joe: What are the laws concernin… –

  39. hoeslentom jenne says:

    “Islam and its idealism have taught us democracy. It has taught equality of men, justice and fairplay to everybody” Qaid …

  40. toollahult says:

    2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Barack Obama – The Story of Obama (Returns to Chicago to practice as a civil rights lawyer) (Football Cards) –

  41. lar bodway says:

    2012 G0P voter suppression was a test run. It held for G0P seats for the most it’s designed 4 Jeb Bush n 2016&stop Hiliary –

  42. I just by accident made the east coast hand gesture, but is it weird that I don’t root for either coast because I believe in equality?

  43. mcshanantn roxie says:

    yeah cause that whole voter suppression thing is over , the NAACP now has to hold down our rights on environment.

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