Want a shorter commute? A new tool finds the perfect place to live

by Tyler Falk, a contributing editor for SmartPlanet Commuting is both a headache and poses risks to the environment. The combustion of fossil fuels is a major contributer to climate change. Would you like to cut your commute?

Walk Score is already a popular tool for exploring the walkability of your city. Now, their latest project will help you find the commutability of your workplace, and maybe even save you precious time on your daily commute.

The new Apartment Search tool helps you find apartments within a certain commute time. What makes this tool so dynamic is that you can search based on the commute length you want and also by the mode of transportation you want to take — you can choose from public transportation, car, bike, and walking. On top of all that you can get even more picky by selecting the walk score of the area you want to live in.

Check it out. Say you work at the White House (and your last name isn’t Obama). You’re looking to move closer to cut back on your hour-long commute. You want to walk to work and you want to be able to do it in about 30 minutes. Here’s where you should think about living:

The map also integrates apartment listing on Craigslist so you don’t have to go back and forth to see if the apartment is within your preference range. Of course, if you’re looking to buy a place you’re out of luck, but at least you’ll have an idea of where to look.

Would you use the tool next time you’re looking to move?

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42 Responses to “Cut Down Your Commute”

  1. salla holda says:

    Green Hosting 101: As you know, there are many issues evolving the topic of global warming nowadays. There is po…

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  3. This weeks debate on our FB Page: Is abandoning fossil fuel usage the only way to combat global climate change?

  4. The International Energy Agency warned Wednesday that the world faces serious dangers from global warming unless it radically alters its planned investments in new oil and coal facilities.

  5. Saying the warming is happening for ‘natural causes’ is like saying ‘god did it’. it doesnt explain anything. ok, so it’s natural, but WHAT, what is causing the warming, they must give a correlation of variable or group of variables that are causing the change in climate. besides, even antropogenic CO2 is a natural cause, everything within nature and that obeys natural laws of physics is a natural phenomenon and a natural cause.

  6. zah lesins says:

    i give up, we’re all gonna die of global warming, we better live life & do everything we can ASAP!

  7. solli wicki says:

    I dont believe in angels so im in the minority there…….i believe in global warming so i guess im in the minority again….

  8. hoslintens tsukawagi says:

    WMO: 2011 one of hottest years on record: Humans are to blame for global climate change, with 2011’s El Ni… JPost

  9. Warning! A lemming die off may be coming!

    There have always been mass die offs of various animals from time to time.

  10. wasylvini urquez says:

    @MelanieGLEEK global climate change is a serious issue.
    Haha! No! I want Santa to come! Bc I want one of the glee cast under my tree :p

  11. carson corman says:

    should i push the dislike button because i don’t want it to happen or should i push the like button because i like what it represents?? i am confused:)

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  13. I’ll be the first to tell you that global climate change is not good, but it sure felt nice to drive around with the sunroof open today.

  14. UCL News: Next ice age delayed by global warming: Without human carbon dioxide emissions the next ice age would …

  15. When Laura was in the White House, Bill CLinton bent her over a table and drilled her with his cigar up the Hershey Highway.

  16. snow in mallorca rome and all over s europe ,how long before the global warming idiots talking about the next iceage. computer models?

  17. Bill Maher is full of crap when he said he was banned from FOX News. I seen him on Bill 2 or 3 times!!!

  18. koegelsorn says:

    I had to give Zach Galifianakis a piece of my mind about me not being an in global climate change. Asshole.

  19. Todd, it’s an online business 10 years old almost, too small to be of interest to any big players but not failing. I am a customer of theirs. Due to other reasons they are planning to close and I am considering making an offer. Since I thought of doing something like this AND I have quite a lot of interest in food and wine and contacts from when I was in B2B publishing in the field for PR etc. AND I am an ecommerce – might be able do something fun with this! Have just had about 50+ ideas since this afternoon… Just have to hope they dont get some bigger fish come in and make an offer 🙂

  20. braisurum ser says:

    By my calculations 200,000 m3 of methane equates to ~10,000t of CO2 in Global Warming Potential (20 years). Per Day.

  21. carronzon says:

    Tell that to the people of the 5,000 year old Maldive Islands, now sinking due to Global Climate Change, and rising ocean levels!

  22. (PhysOrg.com) — Can light-colored rooftops and roads really curb carbon emissions and combat global climate change? The idea has been around for years, but now, a new study by researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that is the first to use a global model to study the question has found that implementing cool roofs and cool pavements in cities around the world can not only help cities stay cooler, they can also cool the world, with the potential of canceling the heating effect of up to two years of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions.

  23. sher lua says:

    We addressed the topic once in January, but this week’s Greenpeace on the carbon foorprint of cloud computing sparked even more discussion about how green cloud computing should be.

  24. It’s to know that when catastrophic global warming sets in we’ll be able to solve it by cutting taxes on the wealthy.

  25. As delegates from almost 200 countries gather to pick up the pieces from Copenhagen, millions of people are already feeling the effects of climate change Beating the rush for getting accreditation at the Cancún Messe convention centre, it felt strange that this shell of a warehouse would be bustling with people over the next few days waiting to access the nearby Moon Palace and be of the historic campaign to tackle global climate change. There’s an air of here, of controlled hope mixed with a hefty dose of pragmatism compared with the heady days before last year’s UN climate talks in Copenhagen, where a deadline to secure a fair, safe and legally binding climate deal came – and went. Over the next two weeks, delegates from 193 countries will be meeting at this year’s UN climate talks in Mexico – COP16. Following the disappointment of Copenhagen, they have a lot to prove and a huge responsibility in getting the world back on track in securing the fair and legally…

  26. balvard says:

    no, it’s summer time rn. but i don’t know why it’s cold instead of hot here in my city. weirrrrrd. global climate change i guess

  27. spiline schucheman says:

    Prez Obama should look at the drought caused by the democrats unwillingness too correct the RWGOP on Global climate change

  28. Top Secret Carbon Credit Brokering Program That Teaches Individuals How To Profit From The Carbon Credit And Global Warming Craze. Product Has Little Competition And Is In High Demand. Lots Of Satisfied Customers.

  29. In global climate change, we are all free riders – Iowa City Press Citizen: In global climate change, we are all…

  30. Nuclear energy can help abate global climate change – Quad City Times: Nuclear energy can help abate global clim… …

  31. mira paytockara says:

    Facebook’s data centers will increase their dependence on energy over the next year. But Greenpeace is still pleased with the company’s progress.

  32. “Global Warming“, al 7-lea album de studio a lui Pitbull apare pe 16 Noiembrie iar astazi ascultam si al 4-lea single oficial “Feel This Moment“. Piesa este in colaborare cu Christina Aguilera si a fost astepata de ceva vreme insa cred ca a si meritat. Puteti recunoaste un sample din hitul Norvegienilor de la A-Ha “Take on […]

  33. More than 300 groups, representing millions of people, sent a letter to President Barack Obama today urging him to pledge a veto of any legislation that would weaken the Clean Air Act, the nation’s most tool for fighting pollution and curbing global climate change. The letter was signed by faith, youth, civil rights, indigenous, health, environmental-justice and conservation groups around the country.

    read more

  34. By Daniel Cooney, CIFOR Forests Blog, 15 June 2011 | Virgilio Viana, one of Brazil’s leading movers and shakers on climate change and rainforests, said he is optimistic his country will agree this year on a national legal framework that could pave the way for significant funds to pour in from overseas to save the Amazon. The money would be linked to REDD+, a global climate change mechanism for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, as well as the conservation and sustainable management of forests (REDD+). “The biggest challenge we have at the moment is to have a legal framework. We don’t yet have a law at the federal level that deals with the concept of payment for environmental services and deals with carbon so that you can have contracts and programs developed under such a framework,” Viana said in an interview. “I am optimistic we will have a change within this year to have it passed in Congress.”

  35. chol pflett says:

    Global warming is a hoax made up by rich assholes to bleed more money out of us . Climate change happens all the time

  36. husalillin pan says:

    The budget negotiations have reached an impasse; Republicans are demanding huge budget cuts without any significant revenue increases, or they’ll refuse to raise the debt ceiling, with disastrous consequences: In a letter sent to every member of Congress, Geithner said the national debt stands at $13.95 trillion – $335 billion of the limit on borrowing that Congress set last year. Unless Congress acts to raise the limit, the letter says, the United States will default on its debt, an unprecedented event that could destroy “millions of American jobs,” cause interest rates to spike, damage the dollar, and halt payments to millions of Social Security recipients, veterans and active U.S. troops. Republicans are thinking that if that happens, they can just blame Obama and benefit from the economic collapse in the 2012 election. Or they’ve convinced themselves that the US defaulting won’t actually have bad consequences, just as they’ve convinced themselves that global climate change…

  37. michtenah krysiuda says:

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  38. The devastating destruction of conifer forests about 250 millions ago was caused by pathogenic tree-killing fungi, the growth of which was triggered by global climate change, says a new study by a University of California, Berkeley, published online on Aug. 5. The study, which will appear in the print edition of the journal “Geology” in Sept.

  39. yusnao zierbankra says:

    The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is encouraging the British public to celebrate the cultural and natural heritage of forests and woods, Jessica Allan highlights the of their campaign. In global climate change; trees act as carbon sinks, so their loss increases the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere.

  40. zaler got says:

    “It’s cold out, so much for global warming” is the new “If evolution is real, why aren’t monkeys turning into humans?”

  41. zaffano stan says:

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  42. When companies electric cars I wish they would say how much electricity is required to charge them and the Carbon foorprint –

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