People on the right (particularly commentators at Fox and their allies) frequently attack Jon Stewart. I, of course, like him a lot. Here’s a link to his excellent interview with a well-known financial commentator that he’s been lambasting lately, as well as the comment I submitted to the “Huffington Post” about this story. Enjoy!


My comment at HuffPo:

“Like many people, I have been a fan of Jon Stewart‘s for years. However, I’ve never considered him a serious news investigator before now. How sad is it that the profit motive of corporate news has so overshadowed its ethical obligation to report factual content (regardless of editorial perspective) that a comedian does a far better job of serious news than ostensibly serious news programs do? With few exceptions (like Rachel Maddow), network and cable news is often banal at best (see nearly any local news network) and criminally dishonest at worst (as exemplified by Fox “News”). After this piece, I’d like to hear again from one of the voices on the right about how Jon Stewart is stupid, uninformed, irrelevant, and a tool of the Anti-Christ. I say kudos, Mr. Stewart, and thanks for your excellent work.”

Here’s the link to the HuffPo story on this:

Jim Cramer On “Daily Show”: Jon Stewart Hits Hard (VIDEO)

27 Responses to “Cramer on Stewart’s Show”

  1. kant witwooling says:

    The sad fact is… politicians generally get into office for there own self interest.. just like actors and talk show host. The bigger the lie, the more we love em…

  2. all corporate media lies!….the health care bill will add massive to the deficit,they have been caught fuding the numbers….FOX,MSNBC,CNN,ABC,MSNBC are all paret of the corporate propaganda system/…..the left vs right paradigm….that keeps everyone who watches it ignorant as the day is long

  3. I have not moved out of the comedy box to the news box-the news box is moving toward me. Jon Great

  4. qualander says:

    And it seems to be working too… “anti-Semite” is their ace in the hole because of the Holocaust…

    Anyone who dares say anything is labeled a NAZI apologist and monster.

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  6. ufaltasant kwicke says:

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  7. pummurayes says:

    I hope it get better too quickly. We need to change our economic system to prevent this from happening again. If everything turns around forget this and go back to the way it was before.

  8. workoff de crieder says:

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  11. No, none of the things you mentioned tell me that something is wrong… because none of the things you mentioned is true. By the way, not “force flags”, the correct term for the Alex Jones infowars cultist is “false flag”. so dumb you even parrot correctly, and you call OTHER people sheep?

  12. olodarisaw says:

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  13. aquack dewanasin says:

    My mom is the best commentator. This lady doing this Donna Summer tribute and my mom is singing the right rhythm & pitch. Aw.

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  18. wiecaichin den says:

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  21. skold mel says:

    What Rachel is too kind to add is that Romney can make the choice to not bother being factual, because the Be …

  22. Jim Cramer charitable trust is one cant refi a house. hmm And Obama who thinks he is robinhood. Ben Bernake is saving him.

  23. Jim Cramer nails it.

    Basically in the end, trading the fiscal cliff was pointless.

    The S&P ended up the year huge, and if you tried to in and out on every headline, you were almost a loser in the game.

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  27. “It’s also possible that Glenn Beck is just a parasite going wherever he thinks he can make a quick buck.”

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