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I oppose corporatism, not corporations per se. By this I mean that I oppose the practice in which the wealthy exert influence by purchasing legislation (or its removal or blockage) and judicial decisions that favor their interests at the expense of everyone else. This is an age-old struggle.

Here in the United States we theoretically have a political system that protects average citizens from the abuses of power which have been so common throughout history and which so readily occur at any time, in any place. In reality, we have a corporate oligarchy — and, in fact, our oligarchy has spread beyond our own national borders to the rest of the world. Here at home, the permanent and constantly-escalating arming of the US, engendered by Harry Truman and his ilk’s never ending fear-mongering about national security, nurtures the Military Industrial Complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about. More recently, the Citizens United decision opened the already-gaping flood gates even wider to allow still more flagrant, rampant, and technically legal bribery, circumventing the so-called “free market” and democratic process that ostensibly form the foundation of our republic. Moreover, the Corporate Right owns perhaps 80% of the mainstream media and uses it to constantly inundate us with a brain-washing marketing campaign, turning many of us into unwitting shills for the cause of corporatism. Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News is the shining exemplar of this phenomenon, propagandizing 24/7 for our modern feudal lords, the corporate oligarchs.

Reason For Hope

However, at this moment, a possible reason for hope and encouragement is occurring. Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker has declared open war on public employees and their unions, a move that likely represents the first salvo in the current round of battles by the Republican Establishment against what’s left of the working people of the United States. What’s hopeful in this situation is that tens of thousands of Wisconsin’s citizenry have risen in protest, with the support of millions nation-wide. In addition, the Democratic minority in Wisconsin’s state legislature have engaged in a desperate act of bravery to resist Walker’s Blitzkrieg: they’ve left the state to deny Walker and his corporate sponsors the vote that would further disenfranchise the working people of Wisconsin. I believe the situation in Wisconsin indicates that more and more people have become aware of the takeover of our country by corporate barons and are finally willing to fight back. Doing so could be a Ragnarokian endeavor, but like the Vikings and their gods, we must fight even if it seems we may lose. I believe we can win. We must try.

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  1. Here’s your favorite conservative movie director from New Jersey, Mr. James O’Keefe, who put on his best investment banker costume and went down to Occupy Wall Street the other day to film some protesters saying dumb or weird things. Among the folks O’Keefe and his crew ran into: a generous cake-eater, a guy who revealed that the protesters are being bankrolled by secretive union overlords, and another guy who invited him to “make a lot of money” by investing in a very real thing called the Constitutional World Federation. The constitution guy in is fully representative of every Occupy Wall Street protester, so O’Keefe’s movie should be taken as an accurate depiction of the entire movement. More »

  2. Democrats and unions are hailing Tuesday’s vote to repeal an Ohio law curbing collective-bargaining protections as the sign of an invigorated movement that could boost Democrats next fall.

  3. azaraoka nooyersicc says:

    perfect 🙂 but how do u define human rights with this definition, what is allowed as a mistake and what not?


    Government, business and unions launch to help employers enhance …
    Many employees want greater access to flexible and high quality home-working and employers should do more to provide it. More flexible working patterns can also broaden access to a wider range of jobs for those unable to travel from home. …

  5. Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young Bullies Rice University Witness: ‘I Can Call You Anything I Want!’ ‘You Be Quiet!’ ‘Pontifigurds!’ –

  6. you pass the buck? I understand. Germans finance Lenin to take control of Russia, bu then you say because of involvement in war. I love your work, but it seems to me, that the Germans were responsible. For good or for bad. not in love with American policy, by no means. But it seemed to me, an unfair “passing of the buck”…

  7. Well if the constitution is not a moral document, then it needs to be scrapped and replaced with something that is a moral document or nothing at all. Because I can take your solution and apply it to the base law of any king or dictator and it could be equally valid.

  8. Facehammer on Human Rights Watch: “By signing this defense bill, Obama will go down in history as the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial in U.S. law. In the past, Obama has lauded being on the right side of history, but today he is definitely on the wrong side.” –

  9. stakada gum says:

    i’m german and i didn’t get that “invest” is not the same as “investigate” till the end of the video…. and wtf is “cock future”?

  10. Tomorrow is one more day till the re-election.They thought Wisconsin & Ohio would be silent,it was the cold of winter.They were WRONG! 2012!

  11. Audience stacked for Florida debate? Not so, says state GOP: He will pay 13.9% income tax in 2010-11, a smaller …

  12. reigekigeh bossela says:

    Live Oak among trailblazers amid medical pot rules: Patients can grow indoors so long as they do so in their mai…

  13. macaya frangele says:

    QA High Gas Prices Give G.O.P. Issue to Attack Obama – Speaker John A. Boehner told Republicans to embrace constitue…

  14. zeighs stavager says:

    They just enjoy stirring people up. GOP cannot run on actual issues, so every election cycle we get the same crap.

  15. fejana kopischmet says:

    As the West ratchets up sanctions against Iran, which have already the country’s economy, loyalists of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei win 75% of the seats in parliamentary elections, turning Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into a lame-duck president. With reformists sitting out, the results are unlikely to bring much of a change to Iran’s foreign policy. Post your comment!

  16. tansenafid says:

    A coalition of student groups and labor unions the demonstration, billed by some as an ‘occupy the Capitol’ action. The protest reflected discontent over steady hikes in college costs amid budget cuts.
    from Sacramento — Thousands of students and activists marched on the state Capitol on Monday to protest cuts in higher education, and authorities arrested 68 of them who refused to leave the building after it closed in the evening.

  17. On Monday, I spoke at a conference centered on the timely theme of “Delivering in a Delevering World.” “Delevering,” as it’s traditionally used, means decreasing a company or country’s leverage, usually by paying down existing debt. It is a term more likely to be heard at finance conferences than around dinner tables, but it’s an idea that gets to the of our current economic crisis. Because the ways we pay down our debts, in life and in business, have a real influence on our ability to arrive at positive outcomes. on both the political and economic level, we’re being told that delevering means that we must cut, cut, cut. But delevering isn’t just about cutting — and the relentless emphasis on cutting has obscured the more question of what is being cut. In far too many cases, our approach to delevering is keeping us from growing, and keeping us from tapping into all our resources.

  18. shahamm crot says:

    Mitt represents everything that is wrong w/ GOP & everything that has left us dying in a ditch. is a RINO.

  19. `Tis a common observation here that our cause is the cause of all mankind, and that we are fighting for their in defending our own.

  20. pranchabra nettonke says:

    Obama Brings Claims of GOP War on the Poor to Campus Campaign Swing; Senate Dems Play Dangerous Game on Immigration –

  21. unkel schwaimoth says:

    LATEST INFOTAINMENT 4 U :Francois Hollande’s honeymoon after his election as France’s first centre-left president in 17 years was cut on Monday by jittery financial markets eager for signals on his policies and how hard he will push back against German-led austerity. The socialist beat conservative Nicolas Sarkozy with 51.7 per cent of Sunday’s runoff vote after a bruising campaign dominated by the same anger over economic crisis that has felled 10 other European leaders since late 2009. After jubilant left-wingers in the streets into the early hours in Paris, financial markets stuttered as the victory of anti-austerity in Greece, more than Hollande’s election, fuelled fears about a new chapter in Europe’s crisis. Hollande, who delivered a victory speech in his rural base of Tulle in central France on Sunday before flying to Paris to address tens of thousands of in historic Bastille square, admitted the festivities would have to be “There…

  22. doereto mackstet says:

    The industrial team that aims to make an astronaut launcher by marrying of the shuttle and the Ariane rocket says it intends to fly crew from 2015.

  23. wai weg says:

    get some substance behind your protest, join the Ron Paul and get rid of corporatism now and restore this republic –

  24. mccorpah says:

    And no SSA as a Ponzi scheme was NOT. Conservative idea. Ron Paul made that claim 30 years ago. YAY –

  25. maciditt says:

    Columbus, Ohio to Janesville Wisconsin… 463 miles. Then back to Columbus, Ohio to Tennessee… 350 miles. Let’s do this. No sleep

  26. peereirago jagdinc says:

    We enable Israel 2 prevent human rights violations such as rockets fired from U do oppose firing rockets from Gaza don’t U?

  27. MRW, can’t find anything about that situation. Is that Morgenthaler or Morgenthau? “Bey” appears to be the name of some of governing unit. Jewish Library says that Jews have been prominent in Salonika since about 140 BC. That Jews were among those inciting or enacting the genocide of Armenians is not at all surprising. I suspect zionists had something to do with it as a way to punish Abdul Hamid for not acceding to Herzl’s decades-long attempt to get Palestine from Turks. btw, some original documents ordering the rounding up and disposal of Armenians are to be found in the Armenian museum at the Cathedral at Vank, in Isfehan. Armenians in Iran make sure their children know what was done to their forefathers.

  28. kujarwalsh says:

    A silent, yet obvious reason for our economic crisis is the pervasive philosophy of people expecting to be paid more for less work.

  29. TheAbominableDavid on Paul Ryan has said that Rage Against the Machine is one of his favorite bands. Apparently, the feeling is not mutual. –

  30. murresche says:


    Poll: Obama leads in Ohio, race tightens in Fla, Wis.
    By Catalina Camia, USA TODAY President Obama leads Mitt Romney in Ohio while the two candidates are neck-in-neck in Florida and Wisconsin, according to a new poll of the three swing states. The polling by Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News …
    Obama has slight lead over Romney in new nationwide poll Los Angeles Times
    Romney trying to return campaign focus to economy Businessweek
    Poll: Paul Ryan gives Mitt Romney ‘micro-bump’ in key battleground states Christian Science Monitor
    Fox News  – Bloomberg
    all 2,210 news articles »

  31. If Obamacare is so great, why does it exempt Obama, congress, senators, Muslims, unions, 825 democrat donors, and all of their families?

  32. stutlersol ten says:

    FORŢA POPULARĂ, noua alianţă formată în jurul PDL. Cu ce onorează masa MRU, Neamţu şi Papahagi – PDL se pregăteşte de lansarea, în jurul datei de 15 septembrie, a alianţei antiUSL, democrat-liberalii dorind ca noua structură din care vor face şi PNŢCD. Iniţiativa Civică a lui Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu, Noua Republică şi Fundaţia Creştin… –

  33. stephan kum says:

    Obama’s 08 Janesville speech where he promised to help “plants like this one stay open for another hundred years” h …

  34. immer bowski says:

    Latina Beware! The Democrat will do to you what they did to black Americans, take your self-respect and destroy yo …

  35. Speaker: “If Internet is available and access is denied, then that is a human rights issue.” Is access to th …

  36. Egypt’s National Salvation Front, a coalition of the country’s largest liberal-democratic and movements, has officially rejected talks proposed by President Mohamed Morsi, local media on Friday.

  37. The U.S. Senate’s passage of legislation to punish Russians who violate human rights is the first big test of the resolve of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama to improve relations since their election victories. Obama, who launched a “reset” in relations with Russia less than four years ago, is likely to sign the law even though Moscow sees it as “aggressively unfriendly.” Damage to U.S.-Russian relations is all but inevitable. …

  38. I feel like I should sue the producers of the movie “Liberal for using my life to make a film without my permission.

  39. the NRA and GOP need to organize mass demonstrations in the capital, put adds on television. Occupy Washington and statehouses, freedom –

  40. selambridg race says:

    In a free society, the role of gov is to protect the individuals right to life & … –

  41. faville bato says:

    Victor, I don’t buy one iota of the official version of 9/11! I could write on and on boringly about it but instead just pass along my own personally persuasive aspect that the official story is a lie: The Bukharis. Adnan and Ameer Bukhari. One had been dead a year when he was by CNN to be involved in the plot. The only possible explanation is that someone was collecting Muslim/Arab names. Wikipedia has a good summary.

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