Global climate change is no laughing matter. In fact, it’s a tragedy, and one that is compounded by the relatively effective misinformation campaign waged by shills of the energy industry.

The facts Stephen Colbert cites here are, ironically, accurate. This is an instance when satire speaks the truth well.

And here is where Stephen interviews Radiohead on the subject.

56 Responses to “Colbert on Global Climate Change”

  1. Pilot whale dies on Duxbury Beach – A pilot whale has died on a Duxbury beach. A spokesman for t…

  2. No, from a highlight clip posted on youtube. I remember which one, but one of the clips posted before this one (of course).
    I think to see the post game show you just have to go on their website to see the entire show streamed. even have to pay (or maybe you have to become a member on there, but no money involved).

  3. “You may be at two percent — we’re gonna get you up to whole milk,” Stephen on being asked to be the running mate of John Huntsman.

  4. bokastie uay says:

    Climatologists are computer modelers who use carbon tax promoting fraudulent data to get the results that their carbon tax promoters want

  5. Based on everything we know about climate science, the basic game plan is that if we want to limit global warming below 2 degrees Celsius (or 35.6 Fahrenheit and avoid the most dangerous and unpredictable impacts), we’ll need to prevent the amount of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere from rising above 450 per million. Currently, we’re at about 392 per million. So we’ve got some wiggle room, right? Actually, no, according to the International Energy Agency’s new 2011 World Energy Outlook The key issue here is something known as “infrastructure lock-in.” The coal plants that countries like China and India are constructing right now are going to last another 50 years, at least. The energy-inefficient buildings we’re erecting will stay up for some time. Every gas-guzzling SUV that gets built will likely get sold and then driven for at least a decade. Which is just a way of saying there’s a lag built into our energy infrastructure. It’s not easy to turn off the carbon…

  6. depillschu says:

    Just saw Stephen in an early commercial, am convinced that the internet is the secret to for us all. We will never die.

  7. taykayando verjes says:

    If it for the recent news releases in the last week or two regarding neutrinos you even be spouting your nonsense. Go pick up a science book for pities sake, ass monkey. You want me to dump science on you ? I gladly will. Press it.

  8. kuedicarba cup says:

    whn u dismiss global warming bcz its cold today..i wana smack ur face with a pamphlet that explains how global warming works

  9. mcdavill dende says:

    Two below zero at the homestead here on the divide this morning. Does this mean that global warming is over??

  10. roncique sillah says:

    and the sad reality is that the next congress will not want these passed so if you want any chance of these passing then you need to get them passed this fiscal year..that is my point..did you know this president had done more legislation than Clinton in his total 8 years and more than bush did in his 8 years..he passed 422 bills thru the house and 32 passed senate.. all because (R) filib uster and refusal to work with him..if he wanted anything to get done he had to get 3 (R) votes

  11. kner grosebergm says:

    Astronauts have appeared on TV with Ed Sullivan, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Johnny Carson, Oprah, Craig Ferguson, Jon & Stephen

  12. ball knie says:

    Stephen is so funny. I look at him and I laughing. The may be the best show on television.

  13. – a one sided view? Are you a moron? These speakers are the ones doing the research. This panel exists to inform people of the FACT that is global climate change. “One sided view” implies there is another side to the argument.. If this side is full of people who know what they are talking about, what does the other side contain?

  14. and independence is getting closer. A poll on facebook for scots has 8045 people voting for independence and 7605 voting against with just 826 undecided and 1414 for yes but only devolution max.

  15. i think would be surprised to know that “global warming” is a theory similar to “the atom”, “the cell”, “the germ” & “evolution”

  16. hoek berg says:

    Jon Stephen Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers are going to be so upset if Trump doesn’t moderate this debate & I feel for them.

  17. UN climate meet clears landmark deal to combat global warming: After days of emotional debate that saw India and… –

  18. schard willo says:

    this is why i hate this topic. f******! you really have to ambush interview kids to ask their opinions – not allowed in the KBP Code..tsk. tsk. tsk

  19. weipesnipe carron says:

    I hope for Syria, people of N Korea, global warming, bradley manning, all trans people suffering, animal suffering, kids suffering and me. –

  20. Told my son his generation needs to fix the global climate change problem because my generation has balls’d it up. Didn’t seem bothered!

  21. weichinstr says:

    Climate change may have  negative impact on our ability to grow food, but it will more likely encourage new innovations in food production.

  22. dwd yamarkitto says:

    Yes, I can oovoo on my phone andd its not global warming tha’s causing the no snow its the “global climate change”;I have I Bio test tmrw :O

  23. grotuccint says:

    Considering the condition of the economy worldwide, it’s not surprising that people everywhere are complaining about the high cost of gasoline. Outside of that, everyone is also upset about global warming’s negative environmental effects. In general, what individuals want is a car that burns less gasoline and therefore helps to fight global warming. No related posts.

  24. Underwater river of mud and sand tells tale of climate change and ocean gateways, new oil and gas exploration possibilities –

  25. Okay mahn….will try anew…
    My points here are:
    1: Materials scientists who try to model much simpler phenomena are skeptical of climatologists genius for modeling a construct (average weather in an arbitrary region over and arbitrary interval of time).
    2. Few sources weigh out the detriments vs. the benies of warming vs. whatevah.
    3. Convection moves more heat in the atmospere than radiation by a factor of at least 100 to 1.
    You bro in law….Way

  26. net peakonnig says:

    LOL… all of that existed for your entire time. You be reminded of a time that you have never been around.

  27. Algae: Natures Smallest Gift
    Algae Are The Most Living Things On Yet Few People Know Much About These Fascinating Organisms. They Also Have The Potential To Help Solve The Twin Crises Of Global Warming And Shrinking Petroleum Supplies.

  28. camplunda lard says:

    Global Climate Change: The Science, Economics, and Politics (New Horizons in Environmental Economics) 8211 James M… domain marked as block

  29. lain frand says:

    but might have things on it that could had stopped our problems here and we could still find stuff on other planets that could be super assume so okej mars might not have what we are looking for but ther in other planets out there

  30. tibahotrid rey says:

    Let’s not forget the true meaning of today, and thank St. Paddy for the great Irish Men in our TV: Stephen Conan, and Joel McHale

  31. nice fler says:

    Proof Of Global Warming Girls T Exclusively from, these new tees feature hard core sayings that say it all. From Lick Here For Full View to Skanky white trailer trash. How about a t that says Dip me in Chocolate and throw me to the lesbians Our sleeve Proof Of Global Warming t are made from a 100% fully machine washable preshrunk cotton for a cool and fit every time.

  32. foucaultscat: As Ice Cap Melts, Militaries Vie for Arctic Edge While the corporate media continues to keep alive a false narrative that the world’s scientists are still divided over global climate change – new show the military has moved beyond that debate. The Associated Press today that “to the world’s military leaders, the… –

  33. booseleon jini says:

    The GOP’s trying to blame Obama on SS scandal? I guess the great Stephen is right – the president is in charge of protecting the SS

  34. a self-described “huge fan” of stephen just answered a question on so i feel really confident in what he is saying yeah

  35. Daily Market Wrap: May 1, 2012 – The markets added to their gains with the Dow closing at a four…

  36. gai obeateok says:

    Global climate change will effect agro based economies more severely.Are we ready to face this change?Lets save food basket of mankind.

  37. juille cuccorns says:

    The Nothing is a metaphor for global climate change. Or something. I don’t know, lot of cold medicine in my system.

  38. Arab Spring, global warming, economy, lack of oil/water & all the other craziness going on… the end of the world might really be soon yo.

  39. I of definitely have a crush based entirely on appearances on young, bearded stephen now lets figure out the 4th dimension.

  40. mcner suaringeri says:

    check with he thinks that global climate change is a left wing made up fallacy. March had 15000+ record high temps

  41. roszuschei says:

    The House of Representatives’ Science and Technology Committee is hosting a hearing on climate science today. In fact, it’s just about right now. This hearing has been convened by Democrats and is generally being looked at as a preemptive strike against Republican-led climate hearings next year. There will be a lot of scientists giving testimony—and (unsurprisingly, if you know the science) most of them will be talking about the widely accepted data showing that global climate change is happening—but there will also be several skeptical witnesses. The first is Judy Curry—a scientist who isn’t skeptical about climate change, itself, but does have some legit critiques on specific claims made about what impacts climate change will cause. The other two are scientists I’m less familiar with—Richard Lindzen and Patrick Michaels. From quick research, neither denies climate change is happening, they just think the impacts will be so minor as to not really matter much. If…

  42. koteri duffey says:

    Loony Left: Miliband lectures on the morality of lecturing on morality Suddenly the of Rome and the collective fiction of anthropogenic global warming seem… –

  43. “Twenty-two astronauts were born in Ohio. What is it about your state that makes people want to flee the Stephen

  44. they misnamed at first I think global climate change is better because the climate is definitely changing in a lot of places

  45. dycklebaue says:

    Even the right accepts global warming now, but what is the US doing about it? The profits of a few wealthy thugs are more im …

  46. 2% is enough for Fox News to trumpet the fact that “a majority of Canadians do not believe in global climate change science”

  47. salamer mis says:

    Everyone freaks out about global warming and then we get the wettest summer in over 100 years. WATCH OUT GUYS WE MIGHT BU …

  48. churr mccray says:

    hahaha wuddaya know in in my global climate change class right now. This class makes me feel like our death is imminent

  49. Another debate and another complete refusal to discuss Global Climate Change. Amnesia is not going to change the facts nor lessen dangers

  50. Valero to Sell Oil Refineries could it make economical sense to close? Got to love the global climate change lie!

  51. baerayleaz says:

    It’s supposed to snow in ny a hurricane last week now its a snowing.. and ppl still question global climate change

  52. If people got 10% as concerned about Global Climate Change as they did some chemical laden junk food like Hostess Twinkies .. oh. Never mind

  53. vallellaye bigen says:

    Stephen would make an amazing senator because I’m pretty sure he has the one ring to rule them all. …

  54. coldreweld roge says:

    Stephen touts sister’s campaign; offered some advice to Republicans who might end up in a debate with his sister. ”This is how I used to win a lot of arguments with her when I was a kid,” he said. “Right after she makes a good point, repeat it back to her in a dumb voice.” –

  55. “Up here you gotta layer in the extra vowels to keep the consonants warm.” Stephen on Canads’s spelling of words like “Colour”

  56. halehrmala kafka says:

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