Here is an interesting Sunday talk show discussion about the Occupy Wall Street movement. It includes an interview with Jesse LaGreca, the man who was famously interviewed by Fox “News”, an interview not shown on their programming.

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Here’s another interview with Jesse:

42 Responses to “Christiane Amanpour and Occupy Wall Street”

  1. For anyone talking about how he is wearing his uniform, any military member knows that you are not truly in “in uniform” unless you are wearing it correctly. The reason that he wears the components of his uniform is to carry the respect that it brings. The reason that he does not wear the uniform “properly” is so that he is not officially considered “in uniform,” so that everyone knows that he does not represent the DoD in his current actions.

  2. iburner mujtabouse says:

    United States needs to break the covenant with Zionist Israel!! If US do not do this US will be at war with Iran. Iran is Israel’s problem not the US citizens problem. There I said it.

  3. norman tsatussir says:


  4. is too big to ignore. The American Middle Class is too to be allowed to fail. Economic inequality poisons the community well.

  5. The 1% Is Fighting Back:
    The 1% is feeling lonely.
    No matter what you think about Occupy Wall Street, their mes…

  6. kohn dugossiche says:

    sooooo what was the result of the occupy wall street movement. them niggaz still ain’t got no jobs. JjBIbN –

  7. sauvantie sidespittl says:

    Dude. Tell me your take on this comment, from one of my other subscribers. take any bait; just tell me any relevant facts you have. He said, “I am not a the Koch Bro. are The Koch Bros. are the enemy. Our government, at one time, protected the people from the likes of the Koch Bros.”

  8. sartinostl ant says:

    I came here for the same reason. It is amazing that she/he still posts on here. Hopefully it gets the help it needs.

  9. ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Creators Raise The Stakes, Gun For G8 And NATO: From the people who brought us Occupy Wall …

  10. namy bendy says:

    Red Tape – Cameras no longer welcome at Occupy Wall Street …: The face of Occupy Wall Street for many of those…

  11. siko razyzer says:

    I appreciate the sensible, thorough approach you float these issues with Fabian. Where can I find your facebook page? I would like to check out your updates on there. Great work my patriotic friend.

  12. harasetton dillancari says:

    Via: Jesse LaGreca
    If you know me by now, you know I care deeply about the issues. The reason you know me is…

  13. sto alfredeck says:

    Jesse LaGreca told FOX news exactly what was all about, and for the next 5-6 months, they kept asking, “What is it they want”?

  14. Occupy Wall Street Must Learn That We Are What We Buy: The core problem behind inequality is an economy driven b…

  15. reich balla says:

    Jesse LaGreca
    Mitt Romney got Mic Checked today and the Tea Nation founder said that the tea will… –

  16. I am so proud of you. I am 55 years old, and as much as I enjoy the technology that allows me to research information–I also enjoy just unplugging from it at times. Congratulations on learning an lesson so young in life, my friend. You are wise beyond your years>

  17. Media calls OWS unpatriotic: But Jesse LaGreca of OWS wears a Union Army hat and US Marines brandish the symbol of the Waffen SS. Ironic no? –

  18. signier lother says:

    Do you understand that your EQUITY was factored in long ago and that your just not aware that it exists ?? Easy to understand because it has been buried under layers of code and statute…Thank your fearless leaders, but do know that it does exist. Without it the economy we know exist.

  19. bulatz pallu says:

    i was honored to meet Jesse LaGreca in DC and i got to talk to him with a brother of mine he rocks –

  20. rookey baski says:

    Jesse LaGreca on “I’m a political creature and in my vision Occupy Wall Street should be about changing laws, whether it is bringing back Glass-Steagall, campaign finance reform or a sane tax rate on the top tax bracket” –

  21. sandy grove says:

    Wall Street protesters return to the streets of New York for a ‘spring training’ march in preparation for a …

  22. so jesse lagreca is saying bachmann referenced the president as a tar baby or something. anyone know what the hell he’s talking about

  23. babcock popalmarfa says:

    I want to go to to learn how to be a better activist. Vote for me and all your wildest dreams will come true

  24. win boya says:

    Jesse LaGreca, OWS activist, talking LIVE about US political changes, “we are slowly repealing the 20th century” women’s rights, etc.

  25. ham veri says:

    Occupy Wall Street and your mind by reading a tale of greed and corporate excess that is Organic Nation. –

  26. crock sune says:

    i’ve yet to see a picture of an Occupy Wall Street protester that didn’t make me say, “hey, that’s the guy who delivers my pizza.”

  27. Here comes Daily Kos Radio After much planning, working and mulling, here comes Daily Kos Radio! Launching at Netroots Nation, Daily Kos Radio will be available online. Check here. Here’s our lineup:David Waldman, a/k/a KagroX, will host a two-hour show Monday to Friday, from 9 AM ET to 11 AM ET. David was the lead host of Daily Kos Radio on Sirius/XM last summer and will lead off the day with all the news that’s fit to talk about. Jesse LaGreca, a/k/a Ministry of Truth, will be hosting a one hour show daily from 11 AM to noon ET. Jesse, already a multimedia star, will be bringing the Occupy message to the Daily Kos airwaves. I also will be on air, from noon to 1 PM ET. Rebroadcasting and podcasts will be available from 1 pm ET on every day. We’ll have more news all this week on Daily Kos Radio, but here is the first big piece: Jesse LaGreca will be for Daily Kos Radio from the Wisconsin recall election next week. Now here’s the thing: For some of us, this is a…

  28. Thursday Morning Open Thread: I’ll be on Daily Kos Radio with Jesse LaGreca at 11 Eastern. Listen here. I’ll …

  29. New York City will not provide a defense attorney for Police Officer Anthony Bologna, who was caught on camera pepper-spraying Occupy Wall Street protesters and now faces a civil lawsuit.
    Read Full at

  30. ney midge says:

    Thursday Morning Open Thread: I’ll be on Daily Kos Radio this morning with Jesse LaGreca. You can listen here. …

  31. Mrrah! Stop listening to Daily Kos Radio! Don’t listen to this crazy old coot! Daily Kos Radio is on the air, Monday through Friday, now from 9 a.m. to noon, ET. We with two hours of the Kagro in the Morning show from 9-11, and then it’s The Ministry of Truth, with Armando Llorens, starring Jesse LaGreca from 11-12. And then it’s a contest to think of better names! Just click here or on the sometimes invisible Flash player below to listen in. And you can play program director by sending me a tweet during the show, letting me know what’s in the news or on your mind. Reach me at and try playing the, “I type it in here, and it comes out there” game! What’d you miss if you skipped Daily Kos Radio last week? Well, some of it was like this: And now, the serious news from Capitol Hill for the week. In the House It’s a Tuesday-Friday week for the House, so you won’t see ’em on your TV today. And they’ll be coming in late on Tuesday, voting on a small slate of suspension bills….

  32. Jesse LaGreca is a boss. We should all make sure to be this eloquent when speaking to the media. –

  33. swilczukim szila says:

    Daily Kos: Why The US Needs Occupy Wall Street! – Fraud AT NYSE: The corporate media has been asking lately if t…

  34. via Revolution- The Time Has Come.: via Revolution- The Time Has Come.Occupy Wall Street | NYC Protest for World… –

  35. kastipersw says:

    I am of this…. my “One Love” Marathon will be of this, I will be at Zucotti park / Occupy Wall Street…

  36. My mission hasn’t changed … to get the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters to change their signs to “We are the 98%”

  37. BigGovt : Occupy 2.0 : Destroy U.S. Economy with Lawlessness Where is the Occupy Wall Street movement headed? It&rsqu …

  38. All across the US, Americans are finding it more difficult to pay their debts, but members of the Occupy Wall Street movement have come up with a solution to absolve people of their credit woes. The new program called “Rolling … Continue reading →

  39. krayeen sampi says:

    Top Ten Ways Occupy Wall Street Is Like a Two Year Old Child: My wife Lauren and I have four kids living at home… …

  40. hobson har says:

    Gosling as a bond trader at Goldman Sachs who tries to win the love of an Occupy Wall Street organizer with tourretts (Halle Berry).

  41. kosani beldeoches says:

    Coffee bar vocabulary. Has anyone else been to some of these? I was at Joe in NYC when I was at Occupy Wall Street.

  42. i feel bad cuz my bestie is really into the occupy wall street & protesting thing but honestly i feel like it’s a waste of time!

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