Over and over again, Chris Hedges has spoken the truth about what it will take to restore social and economic justice to the US and the rest of the world.

And now, at last, Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Together is happening. At last count, there were more than 1000 occupations happening all around the world.

History is instructive, which is one of the reasons those in power do their best to distort history (to make their fallacious and fascist message more palatable), and are now trying to deliver the knockout punch to public education.

Keep us ignorant, and we are easier to oppress and rip off.

But there are still genuinely erudite people in the world, and for the nonce, they are still allowed to express their knowledge. Chris Hedges is one of these, and here he speaks to Occupy Wall Street protesters.

We would be wise to listen.

24 Responses to “Chris Hedges Speaks To Occupy Wall Street”

  1. Just got email from Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. “We the goals of Occupy Wall Street… Oakland of the 99 % too.”

  2. That really sounds great, but truth is it is impossible. The resources are not unlimited. It is called “Survival of the fittest”

  3. abrington says:

    Final statement is what interests me the most: “This is war, a class war… How should we defend ourselves?” The class war point of view is considered obsolete by many today and yet has never been as valid since the neoliberalism strike… I really like that Jay keeps on defending that point of view.

  4. sold charrener says:

    ben yorum bile yapmıyorum. gerçekten kısır bir konu. bir şeye inanmadığını ifade etmek bile saygısızlık olarak adlandırılırken yorum yapmanın anlamı yok.

  5. tolishelso says:

    What a BUFFOON!

    He misrepresents progressive taxation; as he explains it, think that one would be poorer for having a higher gross income. If he realize that the “98%” was on income OVER a set amount, he should stop lecturing.

  6. my dad is 1 of those old black ppl that everything to a civil rights story..stop talkin 2 me about the plight of the Black QB

  7. He’s a pacifist and is asking for peaceful civil disobedience but if that hasn’t worked in the past why should that work now? If we are to the system because it cannot be fixed which is why its pointless to expect politicians and legislators to respond it cannot be done peacefully. I am not sure what it is he is expecting to happen by the disruption if it didn’t work in the past with the Wobblies. If anyone knows the answer to this please reply.

  8. galavasuga says:

    the people are fat because their food is posioned by MONSANTO so they eat without nutrician which causes obesity…which causes disease which feeds the PHARMA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, which helps feed the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX,

  9. menge jeuni says:

    indeed. This vid is as much as a political statement as the one where I make up a conspiracy theory that Dr Paul cooks meth

  10. 2/2: Chris Hedges: The assault on the institutions of the US working & middle classes has left them unable to defend themselves

  11. shimurpin says:

    that ended up with a third elevated to the middle class & things getting worse for other 2/3rds according to chris hedges

  12. burreta says:

    – all I wanted to say 2 u about ur take on and electoral politics, Chris Hedges said better 2day:

  13. in the mean time … we turn a blind eye… oh I forgot… its all about corporatism… babies kill based on gender… etc.. OI!

  14. magdale elle says:

    I’m so full. Just had a Spicy Chicken Sandwich and a basket of Selectively Interpreting the Bible to Deny Humans Civil Rights Strips.

  15. rosa heiderinos says:

    Congrats to Occupy Wall Street for your many victories in peaceful democratic primaries. Oh wait, I spelled Tea wrong. –

  16. kmetrick abebb says:

    If we really saw war, what war does to young minds and bodies, it would be impossible to embrace the myth of war. C …

  17. fjorndani benz says:

    Havent affected a single piece of legislation at any level Occupy Wall Street is having a 1 year anniversary –

  18. degama poultimmar says:

    Boy Whose Hot Dog Was Shut Down by the City of Holland Now Homeless Gr8 example of corporatism at work.

  19. obellielin astah says:

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is set to meet with members of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement during his current New York City visit for the UN General Assembly gathering.

  20. chrisi safia says:

    Chris Hedges: “Morsi and the Brotherhood have been exposed as the heirs of the old dictatorship in new garb” …

  21. While You Are Distracted Obama & the NDAA is Destroying the 2nd Amendment: Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism Dec … –

  22. The real crmnals are the corp. and bankers in WS
    FBI knew of plot to kill Occupy Wall Street activists, remained silent http://t.co/Uymtw34V

  23. Any story of war is a story of elites preying on the weak, the gullible, the marginal, the poor. – Chris Hedges

  24. sylviltrea mcvic says:

    VA Writes Letters to US Veterans: 2nd Amendment Rights Revoked Per 2013 NDAA: Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism… h … –

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