What so many on the right clearly do not understand is that the opposition is not to business, not to corporations, and not to the free market.

The objection is to corporatism, meaning to a sort of aristocratic feudalism in which corporations and their heads enjoy special privileges conveyed solely due to their wealth and buy the legislative and judicial framework that suits them. Corporatism is a type of fascism, and that’s what people like me oppose.

Here is Chris Hedges saying it like it is. Again.

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  1. pardellanc says:

    that there are any good people left on the Therefore they secure their surroundings and believe the statements of their secretaries, maids and other employees who may or may not be telling them an accurate accounting of the outside world. Media only reinforces their worst fears. So, on that note….Is the President a prisoner of the White House or is he a brainwashed, manipulated victim. These people may not have known that they were so hated until recently or why.

  2. leihelder says:

    Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn is sounding off about “Occupy Wall Street.” During a recent corporate conference call, Wynn referenced the ongoing movement saying Americans are finally waking up to the specter of long-term debt hanging over the collective head of the country. “What you do have on Wall Street is a […]
    Steve Wynn Rants on Occupy Wall Street Movement is a post from: The Inquisitr

  3. naphan nurdeshorb says:

    So far all I see is another form of oppression trying to force itself on a people that don’t want it.

  4. bakkara bio says:

    OWS should know this isn’t a win. You should always be willing to listen to and discuss things with the so called enemy. This is just ridiculous!

  5. we are all ready in great depression and have not more space to fail. once dollar collapse the America economy will hit rock bottom and a real recovery.

  6. Wall Street Live Streamers have their STREAM SHUT DOWN and oh yeah, were arrested too! What a Story. –

  7. can talk all he wants about “free markets.” But his RECORD is LOUD and CLEAR. His is based on top-down

  8. New York Magazine

    The End of Wall Street As They Knew It
    New York Magazine
    Over the past several weeks, I have had wide-ranging conversations with more than two dozen senior Wall Street executives, traders, bankers, hedge-fund managers, and private-equity investors. And what emerged is a picture of an industry afflicted by a …
    and more »

  9. what do you want, an armed rebellion? It happen that way here in the USA.

    we have to them in their psychological warfare. Right now, we are winning.

    THe media or the corporatist have clue what to do

  10. abkircell sale says:

    Just saw lindt chocolate is sponsoring a London fashion week event . Its kinda like hsbc sponsoring an occupy wall street march –

  11. maddivadag torizzi says:

    It is a masochistic pleasure to listen to weekly defense of corporatism in the name of “internet rights and freedoms”.

  12. wall street awakened many, but doesn’t go far enough; i suggest a STOP PAYING THEM TO IGNORE & REPRESS YOU.

  13. so i’m still of figuring out where I stand politically. I accept many criticisms of capitalism (esp. globalism + corporatism) –

  14. ayton sick says:

    “They are unanimous in their hate for me and I welcome their hatred” – FDR to GOP & Wall Street in 1936.

  15. casano huyffelian says:

    I wonder how many wall street traders would know “there” from “their” anyway… Might as well add “they’re” while I am at it.

  16. The US government spend billions of dollars annually funding Activists worldwide, could this have been the reason Occupy Wall Street failed?

  17. they have to refuel, eat, and many of them have families, they have names and last names. they would end up tearing into the society as a whole and might as well buy themselves a house in china because they wont be able to live here any longer. the lower echelon comanders know this and will not mantain it for long once they feeling personal pain. as for the foriegn soldiers, they have home towns and countries, they will spark a blood fued between 300 million people and

  18. Just like occupy wall street, it only trends if it’s something new. Even as it was still going on, it became old news.

  19. Occupy Wall Street protesters have staged a rally in front of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to decry economic inequality in the United States.

  20. kitamaker lylenda says:

    Really, it could be argued that indie just means someone for whom it’s not business as usual. Which is good resistance against corporatism.

  21. Examiner.com

    Activists to Occupy toxic strip mine after groundbreaking health Examiner.com
    next week · Human Rights · Mountaintop removal · Environment · health rights · Fascism/Corporatism Watch. New strip mind survey finds potentially groundbreaking health consequences. Rights defenders have announced that they will …
    and more »

  22. jaroliasil says:

    a man held a sign saying this in occupy wall street and was charged for bank robbery and terroristic threats.

  23. This vibrant, glamorous bench is combines style and function, with an easily … … Michael Douglas himself to rail against it. “In the movie …

  24. barth abenico says:

    xian on Joe Scarborough: “Mitt Romney is likely to lose — and should, given that he’s neither a true conservative nor a courageous moderate. He’s just an ambitious man.” –

  25. teckaypoup riban says:

    The NWO isn’t a conspiracy of the Illuminati, it’s now the BANKS- Have we been bamboozled? All European banks have Merged~ No2

  26. “The woman, her name was Edith Childs, she became a celebrity. She was written up in the Wall Street Journal.”

  27. The 1984 ad was initially proposed to be used as a print ad in the Wall Street Journal to the Apple II. –

  28. deight trazakaepp says:

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  29. fistin cess says:

    well I often do it so 😉 in going to the Wall Street 🙂 I can’t believe that today is Friday it’s so sad :/

  30. fling well says:

    New York Post Helps NYPD Slander Occupy Wall Street (Again)–The walkback the next day:”But the police said they did not believe that Mr….

  31. meier fraison says:

    Hey dummy, I just happened to see your old tweet to me, you really were wrong about occupy wall street, lol. What a dope you are. –

  32. Since when is Elizabeth Warren’s Occupy Wall Street a title for a cable talk show? isn’t a job. Oh, makes sense.

  33. rey parmster says:

    a goin in depth with a law make towards the goals they have.. Talking with occupy Wall Street reps or energy scientist.

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  35. This brief and well written ode to peaceful protest in America helps us remember what Occupy Wall Street was… –

  36. I’m so glad I saw this. “Yeah, they workin’ on Wall Street — but in their mouth is where all the balls meet.”

  37. dollanniza says:

    dying laughing at Wall Street and the GOPers who wanted to block from the CFPB. now she’s in the Senate and kicking ass

  38. deevills says:

    “To me, ‘Taxing the rich’ is addressing the symptom, not the cause. I believe that the cause is that, in our country, money translates too easily into political power via campaign finance donations and lobbying. This is why no Wall Street execs were prosecuted for their fraudulent actions that led to the crisis (which, I know, was also due to overly loose monetary policy and the GSEs and asymmetrical information in CDOs — but there was also well-documented fraud). Indeed, that they knew they wouldn’t be prosecuted was one of the reasons their firms took on too much leverage. Public campaign financing would go a long way towards addressing this, and putting a stop to the redistribution that is already occurring.”

  39. hel katell says:

    Kanye West took a break from throwing microphones, ranting about corporatism and teasing new music over in Europe to call into Hot 97 for a quick chat with DJ Enuff on The Angie Show Tuesday (March 5). The impetus for this rare interview? Probably to talk about impending fatherhood, or maybe his next album, or … More »

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