Chris Hedges talks to an Occupy Wall Street protestor, expressing gratitude on behalf
his 3-year-old daughter to the protestors.

He’s right: this is our one chance to reclaim our lives.

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  2. Check this video out — Cornel West Chris Hedges at Goldman Sachs Mock Trial Occupy Wall St Nov … via –

  3. This is all out Corporate Communism that I have never EVER seen before in history. How can Ben Bernanke has the courage to put the burden of CDS that big banks hold on European credit on the American Tax payer. I really think the run-of-the-mill citizen will accept this. The gov may buy some tanks and guns, because there are going to be uprisings. This is the last sword stab and people will not accept this.

  4. gallinger sup says:

    A MILLION ANTS CAN EAT AN ELEPHANT. 99% and Occupy Wall Street. Never give up. Tide has turned. End of domination and dark institutions.

  5. boniume emba says:

    Rangel says they’re not anyone? I guess he doesn’t think several murders, dozens of rapes, countless assaults is “not anyone.”

  6. lackeshase says:

    DIVIDED-WE-FAIL-JUST WHAT The-System is Design 2-Do Through Greed, Corruption & Oppression. The-1% are UNITED in controlling YOUR MONEY One*Demand + My*1040 + Control the funding & YOU The*People Direct Development. My*1040 Tea Coffee Any the SAME issue, HOW YOUR MONEY IS SPENT The is N.O.W. Unite the C.H.A.O.S. Display your of Peaceful*Intent… Global Change, Recovery & Security will Rapidly Develop. United WE Succeed, Divided WE Fail… Your*Choice.

  7. mothelworm sui says:

    Chris Hedges throws down the gauntlet: that hold unused physical space have a moral imperative to turn them over to Occupy…

  8. sten kaspei says:

    America can thank the Wall Streeters, CEOs and the Corporations for this. Low wage labor countrys around the world now manufacture everything America buys. The Wall Streeters own the Government. the Investor Class against the Working Class.

  9. guneau tsuman says:

    CIA Involved In Occupy Wall Street Crackdown?: CIA operatives may have infiltrated OWS protests
    The Intel Hub
    De… –

  10. tsup bard says:

    I want to join in the protests. This IS where hope lies. Unless we do this, we, and the planet’s ecosystem, are finished.

  11. This Ron Paul rally is more like watching Occupy Wall Street gathering rather than a republican primary 2nd place speech lol.

  12. esfazardt izbergness says:

    WE ARE THE PEOPLE WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. The power of the is that they understand that political ~ Chris Hedges

  13. kay sehgarmsen says:

    Occupy Wall Street Journalist Tim Pool Hit By Masked Man Last Night – Village Voice (blog): Occupy … –

  14. grassanove says:

    Last December, before we left for New Orleans, Ellen and I took Bambu to an Occupy Wall Street demonstration at…

  15. bondall retsworten says:

    Chris Hedges is over-simplifying. I think he has a point about manarchism, but he’s not well-informed enough about the +

  16. He also received more contributions from institutions of higher learning than any other candidate. Obama did not promise immediate change and instant prosperity for everyone.

  17. loan: Cornel West Chris Hedges at Goldman Sachs Mock Trial Occupy Wall St Nov 3 2011 people’s hearing: Recorded … –

  18. Lets now here another side of the story and perhaps what truly caused this clearly provoked incident by the activists


    [ UC-Davis Occupy protester admits they provoked police in pepper-spray incident ]


    There just any way that these so-called students would have remained in one as they did in the video that pepper spray had been full-strength. The LEOs had to have watered it down prior to its use & knew it the full Monty

  19. dyllia houlski says:

    You can tell Chris Hedges that in person at the book drive Thurs March1 7PM at Word Up 4157 Broadway!

  20. eyrer venberench says:

    Dear Occupy Wall Street Loud Talking Bus Passenger: No one cares that Jesse Jackson’s people call you. Get a job. And take a shower.

  21. ranjangier says:

    The truth of America: Listen to 25% of the nation’s children who depend on food stamps to eat. Chris Hedges –

  22. The truth of America: Listen to 25% of the nation’s children who depend on food stamps to eat. Chris Hedges

  23. rawiltono ballig says:

    The menace to society known as Occupy Wall Street is up to its old tricks again. Serving free food in Union Sq.

  24. macio kaus says:

    OWS News Update Friday, April 13, 2012, 7:28 am 4 new results for +occupy wallstreet   Occupy Wall Street Sidewal…

  25. dunstam gilloude says:

    * It’s not only the trees and flowers that are waking up in the American Spring …. so is the Occupation! * Photos © by Bud Korotzer * * * Old and young united… * * * * * * * * Even a new Dodger ‘Team’ * * * * * Upside down flag […]

  26. First They Come for the Muslims by Chris Hedges “What the government did to Mehanna, and what it has done to…

  27. Big victory in federal Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges convince judge to block new NDAA law (trying US citizens in military

  28. rouber dunnehaume says:

    I don’t understand the kony thing but I paid attention to occupy wall street and sopa so I think I can sit this one out –

  29. petreedeld culandra says:

    “The rush of battle is often a potent & lethal addiction , For war is a drug” – Chris Hedges

  30. cond silaghamsh says:

    #Occupy Funeral for A Friend ~ Elton John ~ Occupy Wall Street ~ Barack Obama:

    Funeral for A F… –

  31. ongshea ami says:

    Anis Shivani: Pessimism Porn: Chris Hedges’s New Book Is a …: Chris Hedges’s new book, The Death of the Libera…

  32. “It is no more morally justifiable to kill someone for profit than it is to kill that person for religious fanaticism.”

  33. If everyone brings just one extra person, you instantly double the size of your group. There’s power in numbers. • Do not engage with any OWS group or member who appears to be looking for a fight because that is exactly what they want you to do; it plays right into their plan to create chaos and/or riots. • Stay cool, …
    Shara Badagliacca liked Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Training: Their Target is the Tea on 6 June 2012 (3 months ago).

  34. downin miston says:

    Occupy Wall Street plans to answer Jay-Z’s questions about the movement at a teach-in during his Barclays Center show …

  35. Occupy Wall Street plans to surround NYSE to mark anniversary: 1 of 9. Occupy Wall Street protesters gather in W…

  36. Tim Pool interview on Occupy Wall Street movement – /Pool and the growth of real news by real peo …

  37. Chris Hedges: What Is Happening to Muslims Will Happen to the Rest of Us – Chris Hedges’ Columns – …

  38. dbach coon says:

    Don?t Just Occupy Wall Street ? Own It With These Top Investing Tips New content from Solomon! | Check o –

  39. phillareli dunson says:

    Any story of is a story of elites preying on the weak, the gullible, the marginal, the poor. – Chris Hedges ht …

  40. Bin Laden: He was Non-Operational – And the killing of bin Laden, who has absolutely no operational role in al-Qaida—that’s clear—he’s kind of a spiritual mentor, a kind of guide … he functions in many of the ways that Hitler functioned for the Nazi We were just talking with Warren about Kershaw’s great biography of Hitler, which I read a… –

  41. Definitely need to pull my head out of the sand and do more than read Chris Hedges: Stand Still for the Apocalypse

  42. tanger stoe says:

    be cool if you could land “chris hedges” on the podcast. dark figure, controversial. long time listener of the show. thx.

  43. Over the past year I and other plaintiffs including Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg have pressed a lawsuit in the federal to nullify Section 1021(b)(2) of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This egregious section, which permits the government to use the military to detain U.S. citizens, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military detention centers, could have been easily fixed by Congress.

  44. mundaltime hesnalin says:

    #Marines [003]
    by Chris Hedges
    23 Dec 2012
    “Over the past y…: [003] … #OccupyUSA

  45. rolo karaz says:

    “My name is Chris Hedges and I am conducting this interview with the not-so-subtle pretext of tokenizing you to serve my own thesis.”

  46. Crazy!! This girl I use to live& chill with hard at Occupy Wall Street is now a missing case on tv smh .. Stevie was my homie”

  47. charanatho chridion says:

    Occupy Wall Street was able to capture media attention at the end of 2011 and early 2012 as they camped o… … –

  48. “Either you join the revolt taking place on Wall Street … or you stand on the wrong side of history” Chris Hedges

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