Bob Cesca writes lucidly about the GOP filibuster that cost Americans millions of jobs, tax breaks, and more — all so they can stick it in and break it off in President Obama.

The American Jobs Act is not perfect, of course, but it would provide immediate benefit to the economy, as Bob elucidates below. But the Republicans’ calculus is that keeping the economy in the tank serves their political needs.

Senate Republicans Successfully Filibuster American Jobs

by Bob Cesca

When I heard President Obama announce The American Jobs Act, I mistakenly thought the Republicans wouldn’t dare vote against “American jobs.”

For the first time, the Democrats had come up with a title for a bill that borrowed the successful Republican tactic of naming legislation in a way that makes it politically impossible to vote against. You probably remember some of the good ones. The Republicans aggressively triple-dog-dared members of Congress to vote against the U.S.A. PATRIOT Act. After all, who would be idiotic enough to go on record as having voted against the “USA” and “patriotism”, especially when it’s shouted in all-caps during the aftermath of 9/11?

Only one senator, Russ Feingold, voted against it. One.

The Bush years also gave us Orwellian titles like the “death tax”, the Healthy Forests Initiative and Clear Skies Act. Incidentally, the Clear Skies Act was a cap-and-trade program that was fully supported by the Republicans and the Bush White House. Weird how that works.

Pollster and Fox News Channel contributor Frank Luntz is often credited with popularizing the use of tricky opposite-day titles. In fact, he’s often credited with coining the pejorative misnomer “Democrat Party” in lieu of the correct “Democratic Party” title in order to emphasize the “rat” syllable and to strip the party of its association with democratic politics. (It’s also worth noting that Luntz urged Republicans to use the less dire term “climate change” instead of “global warming.” Today, I often hear even far-left liberals mistakenly using this Luntz euphemism. It’s just that successful.)

But there it was. The American Jobs Act.

The Republicans didn’t just vote against “American jobs,” they literally filibustered them. While the GOP presidential candidates debated their plans to further screw the American economy Tuesday night, every single Republican senator approved the filibuster and overwhelmingly blocked The American Jobs Act from even coming to a vote on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

No, there isn’t a 9/11 disaster to provide an awful, acrid wind in the sails of this particular bill. But there are a variety of other factors that should have at least stirred a sense of humanity and patriotism within the congressional Republican caucus.

Unemployment is stuck at 9.1 percent. Corporations are sitting on $2 trillion in cash, in fact, the largest pile of liquid assets since 1959, and they aren’t spending that money on anything, much less new jobs since they’ve convinced their existing employees to do twice the work for lower pay and dwindling benefits. Simultaneously, corporate profits are at an all-time high, corporate taxes are at an all-time low and middle class wages have been stagnant for decades. The political discourse is aired on cable as though it was a football game, while real Americans lose their homes and corporate criminals sashay between the rain drops unpunished — many of them failing up to better gigs.

Meanwhile, the president, who’s only been in office for less than three years, is being blamed for all of it, while the 30 year dominance of trickle-down small-government Reaganomics is receiving another boost of adrenaline from the austerity movement. How well is austerity doing, by the way? In England, where austerity rules the day, unemployment reached its highest level in 17 years this week. Despite its obvious failure elsewhere, the Republicans — especially the ones running for president — want to slash everything in sight despite a supermajority of public support for raising taxes on the super rich. Even a majority of Republican voters support a tax increase on the wealthy. And when they’re not deliberately sabotaging the economy by opposing anything that might fuel the economic recovery, they’re focusing on jobs — and by “focusing on jobs” I mean “de-funding Planned Parenthood” and “legislating James O’Keefe prank videos.”

Lumped all together, it’s no wonder why the Occupy Wall Street movement is gaining so much momentum. The Republicans are inadvertently feeding it every day.

What would the American Jobs Act have accomplished?

The bill would have reduced the deficit by $6 billion over ten years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The Republicans filibustered deficit reduction.

The bill would have created nearly two million new jobs. The Republicans filibustered the creation of two million new jobs.

The bill would have increased the gross domestic product (GDP) by two points. The Republicans filibustered increasing the GDP.

The bill would have cut taxes for 98 percent of businesses. The Republicans filibustered a tax cut for businesses.

The bill would have offered a tax credit for military veterans returning from war. The Republicans filibustered a tax credit for the troops.

The bill would have reduced unemployment by a full percentage point. The Republicans filibustered a reduction in unemployment.

The bill would have been paid for by a 5.6 percent surtax on millionaires — a surtax that, again, a majority of Republican voters support. The Republicans filibustered paying for the bill.

The ultimate irony here is that, despite it all, the Republicans have a solid chance of winning the White House next year. Obviously they’re counting on the collective attention deficit disorder of the American voter who will naturally forget about how the Senate Republicans filibustered the American Jobs Act on top of having presided over the destruction of the economy as well as a horrendous record on job creation during the Bush years when they controlled the Congress and the White House, and when they cut taxes to the lowest rates in American history. Still no jobs, and yet they believe that further tax cuts will somehow create more jobs even though the Bush tax cut succeeded in accomplishing nothing except to contribute to a doubling of the national debt while it turned a surplus into a record deficit. Yeah. Let’s have more of that.

If you’re angry about the gloomy status of the economy, bookmark this post and remind yourself occasionally which group of politicians filibustered an iron-clad solution for job creation and economic growth. And tell your friends about it, too, because even if you can’t participate in one of the Occupy Wall Street protests, you can help to spread the word about who supported American jobs and who tried to kill American jobs.

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  1. Over the last few days, President Obama traveled through small towns and communities on the American Jobs Act Bus Tour, talking with folks about how the American Jobs Act will fuel economic growth, get people back to work and put more money in the pockets of those who are working without adding to our deficit. By rebuilding America’s infrastructure, modernizing America’s schools, providing tax credit incentives for hiring veterans and more, the American Jobs Act will begin creating jobs right away, if Congress answers the President’s call to pass each piece of the bill. That is why we’re featuring numbers that highlight how sections of the bill will impact you. Today’s number is zero — the amount added to the deficit by the American Jobs Act, because it is paid for in full. As the President has said, we can invest in our long term prosperity without adding to the deficit: I laid out a plan to pay for the American Jobs Act, and then some — a plan that not only pays for the bill to…

  2. mathramana hrubera says:

    please vote 4 American Jobs Act; people r suffering and need help! It’s time to put the people over politics/defeating Obama

  3. This week, the President announced he’d keep his promise to bring our troops home from Iraq, honored the nation’s top scientists and inventors, embarked on a three day Western swing to urge Congress to pass the American Jobs Act, and announced major new executive actions that will help middle class families in this difficult economy.

  4. Emergency for the 99%” will hold a rally at 5:15 p.m. at City Hall tonight to bring attention to the American Jobs Act.

  5. Don’t increase our debt by another half trillion with this new bill- (IT WiLL COST US NOTHING??) C’MON- have we heard that story before? anyway Where is your (real) The nerve U have to present to America a (proven) FORGED and then put it on to sell at Democratic fundraisers- (very ballsy)- America needs HONESTY not FRAUD- This is just another scam to lay on America-

  6. meckleight says:

    The Occupy Wall Street movement, like the American people, isn’t anti-corporate, it’s anti-corporate crime. The real question is: why aren’t its critics like Herman Cain against corporate crime?

  7. cool maty says:

    correct, thats dad,one of the most decorated books on the Gettysburg campaign. You go from theres no way your published to “oo your dad helped you” think whatever you want.. the truth is my work is in a different field and is completed by myself. Im sorry you tried to pull out the “i have more credentials than you” maneuver and it blew up in your face. You COULD say congrats on military history but we agree to disagree on politics.. but I see yo wont do that so Ill be the bigger man

  8. bastoristo jables says:

    i have an ebaouinoamic vision—–sorry i am the dumbest person you have ever elected except maybe—“Guam tip over” which is on you tube—that senator voted for me if you really want to realize what kind of trouble the US is in with my dumbass as president

  9. kathier parradon says:

    Political Diversity in the Media, the Academia, and the Government Offices is a prerequisite for a free, diverse, balanced, and happy society to prosper.

    PD would disseminate multitudes of facts and opinions, unfiltered by political manipulation, and guarantying government’s stability by avoiding sudden collapses from defects.

  10. hoon scho says:

    november 9th is much more ominous to me. National FEMA drill, YU55 asteroid passing really close, Congress changes recess to that week, etc.

    watch where the elites go on the 8th. hopefully nowhere

  11. blason bai says:

    Kill SOPA, save America’s Internet and American jobs: ACT NOW, bill goes to the House TOMORROW – Boing Boing –

  12. tetsidione fala says:

    The loss of habeas corpus is as Biden would say “A Big F***ing deal.” // Read this please. via Bob Cesca

  13. aucois horrivot says:

    I just have to say thank you for responding with tact.. But all of this aside, Obama is still a liar..:)

  14. Wait wait lemmie get this straight. first the government takes our money through taxes. And now they wanna make us work for it again ? essentially the case when the government spends money on crappy jobs bills like this. All this bill does is create “temporary government employees”.

  15. edel giger says:

    I pray that I live to see the day that Bush and his advisors (the real evildoers) are held accountable for their actions. Peace to everyone.

  16. that speculation is very tricky, easier to bring troops home from iraq than it is afghanistan.

  17. mostolobu lydiah says:

    so pass the American jobs act.Private sector gained jobs, but the public sector lost jobs n has been losing them for months!!

  18. President Obama urges the Senate to pass the American Jobs Act when it comes up for a vote next week:

  19. Open for Questions: The American Jobs Act – Director of the Office of Public Engagement, Jon Carson and Brian Deese,…

  20. The American Jobs Act has been forgotten. Just imagine what unemployment might be down 2 if it would have passed. Infrastructure crumbling!

  21. U-all need to stop making useless comparisons & pass American Jobs Act & put people to work & bring in revenue.

  22. This week’s topics include contraception and Catholics; the new Obama-Muslim meme; the Republican war against women; feminism Twitter war; Roland suspended and Erickson still employed; homophobia; and more.

  23. cox shabule says:

    Only 2.6 % of blacks have over 110, the rest have 85 or lower, next to retardation, they can have a their photo placed on the EBT card.

  24. harburchel says:

    This week we discuss the Dow’s closing above 13,000; why the stock market is good for everyone; the Pennsylvania governor’s misogyny; the crazy new Arizona anti-choice law; free states and anti-woman states, and other topics.

  25. the pipeline won’t produce 4 us and not 4 yrs POTUS has been on top look at american jobs act maybe u should read it

  26. The press, government officials and BP pitchmen are insulting our intelligence by suggesting that the oil has vanished and there’s nothing to worry about. They can whistle away the crisis as much as they want, but we’d all do well to stay on top of this.

  27. The Daily Caller is an Embarrassment | Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! I stole Judge’s bike and I aint giving it back LOL

  28. If anyone needed more proof that Glenn Beck is a nasty hypocrite: How can that man lay claim to Christian values?

  29. hoewernar ianah says:

    I Love Lamp | Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go!: not just because I love job creators, it’s because I love job…

  30. chulli prardoncza says:

    It was a piece you wrote after both Ben Cohen & Bob Cesca. Yours was the series finale w/the knock-out punch. Remember it now?

  31. karrasi fugellesca says:

    Tracy Goswick proposed: American Jobs Act of 2011 – This is the Obama jobs bill as announced before a joint session of Congress on Septem…

  32. President Obama unveiled a $447-billion package of proposed tax cuts and infrastructure spending, the American Jobs Act, which he said would “provide a jolt to an economy that has stalled” and foster job creation. “You should pass it right away,” he told a joint session of Congress.

  33. Something else 4 U 2 read & as U seem 2 have a BIG Prob w/the truth! Good Catholics don’t LIE!

  34. lopecki mihristeck says:

    Cheney’s tactic will be useful to forcefully pick up those in the list of secession states and place them in encamp…

  35. Elizabeth Warren on GOP misuse of the filibuster: it has stopped the Act, killed American Jobs Act. It cost Mas …

  36. wolfetter bashiganin says:

    The approximately 45-day pattern of elevating a candidate, then watching as that candidate melts down has apparently lapped itself, since Newt Gingrich has already been elevated and subsequently disintegrated back in May and June.

  37. proposes super committee come up w/ more cuts to pay for American Jobs Act? They can’t agree on 1.5 trillion in cuts already

  38. magriedrak jon says:

    There’s a cold war of attrition being fought for the right to own the Internet, its content and its technology, and you’re losing. Read More… More on Republican

  39. The American Jobs Act: The President, wisely, opened his speech with an admonition to the media to focus less on…

  40. Hard for Bob Cesca to keep arguing his Bush vs. Obama position: Obama in the deploys drones . . . via

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