In these videos, Bill Maher discusses with Rachel Maddow his view on Occupy Wall Street.

One point he makes, echoing Elizabeth Warren, is that rich people do not get that way purely on their own steam. Anyone who attains wealth in the US does so in part due to the benefits of public resources. This is a fact conservatives seem unwilling to acknowledge.

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  1. My first video from Occupy Los Angeles with Bill Maher from HBO’s ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ who talks one on one… –

  2. how’s this for a 99%: Warren Buffet has pledged to give away 99% of his wealth over the course of his life

  3. Take Back the Commons – D17 | Occupy Wall Street Video: December 17, 2011: Occupy Wall Street teams up with

  4. im really getting tired of having to click on this dopey video to respond to you. but listen, youre proving my last point. Dems are so negative and unsure of their own policy that they have to rely on besmirching the other side, the character assassination will continue but i think americans are tired of this politically correct nonsense that the Dems are pushing and they want some leadership back in the white house.

  5. Dear sir, large of the old testament were not written by the people whose names are the titles of book, IE, Samuel 2, Esther etc. This does not detract from the whole notion of God, rather it just means we humans screwed it up again. Why are you asking me if Jesus has to be born from a virgin womb. Why dont you ask God when you pray next. Though I think Jesus was born from a virgin womb to indicate he was born from a place of purity.

  6. What is your point? Try and tell me the Tea would be able to answer in an fashion. Just look at the GOP candidates. Ask Perry, Cain or Gingrich those questions and they wouldn’t have a clue.

  7. lol I dont live in america and am not american therefore I dont even watch or can watch MSNBC. I have seen video clips of MSNBC on youtube though and FOX News clips. I prefer MSNBC

  8. truddis mato says:

    If you only watched the Rachel show, you’d come to the conclusion that the 2012 election will be about ‘the gay.’ Seriously.

  9. less stenheim says:

    someone needs to tell Bill Maher(?) that the original Occupoos didn’t go home like he said on his show, they’re going to be at CPAC, lol

  10. sausser dean says:

    People head to federal building!! These are the real Criminals!! Yes!! the federal reserve shall not be overlooked, however they will dispatch a goon squad and that is where things could go terrible wrong. Stand down federal reserve you are on the list. Your money will do you no good if there is no one on the planet left to reign power over and to steal from. Give me or give me Death

    Obama do the right thing and just GTFO!!

  11. dodson anger says:

    Ben & Jerry’s announce new ice cream: – Rancid Sludge with Unknown Bodily Fluids. All proceeds go to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

  12. milla guib says:

    Bill Maher on Newt Gingrich: “If this guy was any slimier you could kill him with a box of salt.” only on

  13. Occupy Wall Street Protesters See Tweets Used … – Common Dreams: When Jeff Rae was arrested last October with …

  14. I just heard on the radio the tea is not playing with a full deck.
    so occupy wall street is? crazy! –

  15. purchelsom says:

    Daily Kos: Bill O’Reilly Calls Occupy Wall Street “Terrorists” BUT He Says A Lot Of Disgusting Things Bill has nothing

  16. laborzakia says:

    Be sure to check out our new photos on Facebook from our Stand Up Speak Out event and A Conversation with Rachel Maddow event.

  17. Then again, I like Rachel Maddow, Chris Hardball, Keith Olbermann. All of them take the GOP BIGOTS 2 TASK! GREAT JOURNALISTS! –

  18. alcao velnar says:

    Rachel Maddow is an extremely intelligent woman, often over my head until I think about it. And as a hetero male, I think she is gorgeous.

  19. paire hum says:

    Police commish sez city not defending Tony Bologna will have “chilling effect” on if u agree they could use it!

  20. smyklandal says:

    Bill Maher “Somehow Ryan is the guy in the and Palin is the stupidest woman on but they agree on everything”

  21. baltig pbel says:

    I don’t let bill maher and CNN form my views politically…Obama and the democratic limitless pocket senate are killing us

  22. Legal pressure and the threat of fines forces Twitter to hand over messages sent by an Occupy Wall Street protester.

  23. by Dahlia Lithwick, The Nation, USA – With the doctrinal reification of “corporate personhood”—seemingly placing it above human personhood—the established a political metaphor that would keep on giving to progressives throughout the Occupy Wall Street the Wisconsin recall election and on into the presidential race.

  24. I would fist-fight Bill Maher on Pay Per View and you wouldn’t even have to pay me. Wait no: Me vs. ALL THE NEW ATHEISTS – PPV

  25. Colin Powell decided not to talk about foreign policy. Says to watch Rachel Maddow. He’s going to talk about youth …

  26. ruvillar den says:

    Rachel Maddow Beating Sean Hannity: Are People Finally Catching On To How FOX News Has Been Playing Them For Fools? htt … –

  27. I get a kick out of watching sitting in for Rachel he looks so unsettled wearing a tie. Chin up, Chris, SAT is coming. –

  28. Slavery abolition in the 1800s was like Occupy Wall Street in 2012. Slavery was the NATIONAL economic engine and feder … –

  29. Our first “This week’s funny as hell!” for 2013…Alright, for those of you who don’t know, Bill Maher and Donald… –

  30. velaribade says:

    We watch the video. What do we get in the panel commentary? Very little of substance. The once self-described Bill Maher would do well to invite more onto his show. Break the bubble a little. Here’s what he might have gotten out of a decent panelist: • First, the panel — in typical fashion — n …
    Kimberly Ricord liked Bill Maher and Poor Mississippi Rednecks – Ideas Matter on 15 June 2012 (7 months ago).

  31. brothmarme cullarrisc says:

    Rachel : queen of the exposition. I <bow> to your ability to research, set up and deliver a pay off for every story. –

  32. diff kriese says:

    Human Events

    Bauer: Cop killers and the left
    Human Events
    Then there’s Occupy Wall Street. The media strained to the Tea movement as inherently violent, a claim that proved demonstrably false. They should have been paying attention to OWS instead. There were numerous incidents of violence at OWS …
    and more »

  33. hadarim olarmo says:

    My Nigga If I was to have anyone be the narrator to the story of my life it would be Bill Maher

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