In this interview, Bill Clinton talks about President Obama, the economic crisis, and what he thinks we citizens need to do in addition to being “active, informed voter[s]”. Clinton gets attacked a lot by the Right, which is telling since he’s clearly quite centrist. Moreover, by any measure of prosperity, times were very good under Mr. Clinton’s administration. And despite repudiation by the self-proclaimed character police, the work Mr. Clinton does now through the Clinton Global Initiative is much more important and more indicative of his character than the fact that he got a blowjob in the Oval Office and lied about it when he got caught. Granted, he should not have done that, but really, how important is it? Regardless, I find reassurance in Mr. Clinton’s optimism and belief that President Obama is off to a good start in his response to the economic crisis. If the proof is in the pudding, Bill Clinton is a much better source for opinions on this than the neocon naysayers are.



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  1. paibovicto says:

    Old enough not to be reading comic books and viewing the matrix trilogy as if it was a documentary.

  2. jumi dome says:

    Obama speaks about ‘man who stirred our conscience’ at dedication of Luther King Jr. memorialVIDEO: A Visit to Motel Where King Was Assassinated OPINION: When Obama Met King in Oval Office

  3. Best thing Max ever said… ” Americans fall over themselves to buy a Grupon for 50% off sushi and a nail job, but don’t want a group discount on medical”

  4. dino gavis says:

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  5. Secretary Clinton thank you for setting an example. Of all the things you have accomplished, please count this as one of the best.

  6. currimsail says:

    We need to give President Obama a Democratic super majority – then he can get more done! Vote out the

  7. A Simple Explanation Of How Inequality Has Made The Great Recession So Much Worse:
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  8. If Warren Buffet believes his taxes are too low, he can pay what he thinks is more fair. He doesn’t. Actions speak louder than words. WHat is so hard to understand? We have more government spending than total income earned. That is a government problem….not a tax problem, but either way Warren avoids all of the taxes he can. That is all you need to know.

  9. eis sylke says:

    Doesn’t the CEA, by definition, expect us as attendees to feel good about the economy’s prospects? Sharp is already showing 8K!

  10. pryoko henn says:

    there is so much nostalgia in this song, every time i listen to it i miss all my old friends and the old life i used to live……if i could only go back

  11. I would like to see a man riding on a bear going full speed and the bear jumps off the cliff to get to the other side in slowmo

  12. Someone needs to realize how serious depression and self harm is. It’s a sickness. Im glad some voices are finally heard and the msg is out.

  13. ell ready says:

    Mom, you know that the government should spend when the economy is in recession. I am in recession right now. -____- Spend for me. >:)

  14. benhilli diller says:

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  15. stan tarberger says:

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  16. hoppa ledge says:

    i emailed dad this thing i found on tumblr describing what it’s like when you’re in a depression spiral and i think thats what prompted

  17. cre fern says:

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  20. carimsbach says:

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  21. jugspace says:

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  22. salmine del says:

    He likes eating, Demi Lovato, giraffes, playing guitar, football, color blue, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Buble and if you know

  23. Economic recovery is weakest since World War II – The recession that ended three years ago this summer has been foll…

  24. taffey sain says:

    8.18.98 Clinton is the first pres to defend himself to a grand jury. Watch the Lewinsky scandal hit the White House: –

  25. Clinton hates Obama. He’s just going through the motions because the Dem base will reject Hillary in 20 …

  26. A Galt developer says his decision to build the first home in the small town in three years is an expression of faith that the lean years of the housing crisis are finally over and that the struggling city’s are also turning around. Mike Guttridge prepares to water down a lot in his family’s development in Galt where he’s planning to build the first new house in the southern Sacramento County city since 2009. Guttridge says he sees evidence of a recovery from the recession that decimated the housing market in the city and region. Jayden Reich, 9, and her mother, Jodie Reich, of Galt check out older model homes built by Mike Guttridge in his Creekside development. Guttridge’s new houses in the development will be smaller. Juana Lopez, left and Jasmin Dominguez, both of Stockton, shop in the Galt Market on Wednesday. The venue, a mix of flea market items and produce stalls, is one of the biggest sources of revenue for the small Sacramento County town since redevelopment funding…

  27. bourcharfi aferfieser says:

    RT Many broke across the country today, some say worse than the recession but I respect his decision

    Minute silence …

  28. Me: What’s up depression! Little early this month isn’t it? Depression: Im actually thinking about moving in! Me: umm. …

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  30. cudevoell mohackey says:

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  32. segue delmuto says:

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  33. fey monti says:

    Bush placed the keystone and Obama built the walls.
    Obama said he’d cease construction while going all in and pushing up the deadline.

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