If you had the choice between being slapped in the face and slowly boiled to death in cat urine, which would you pick? That’s how I chose the Democrats over the Republicans this election (respectively), despite the fact that I like neither. The Obama Admin’s flavor of corporate favoritism does taste bad, but it’s preferable to the heaping buckets of honey-dipper content that serves as the alternative. Still, overall, I like Barak:

“I’m always amused when I hear these, you know, criticisms of, ‘Oh, you know, Obama wants to grow government,'” Obama said, laughing “No! I would love a nice, lean portfolio to deal with, but that’s not the hand that’s been dealt us.”

At least two parties are necessary to maintain liberty and choice. Unfortunately, the reactionary, bigoted, hypocritical, hateful, dissembling, anti-people morph the Republicans/Conservatives have assumed just won’t do as an alternative to the Democrats. I’m glad to see the recent apparent rise of some reasonable and tolerant Republicans, like Meghan McCain, and I hope they abandon the Evangelical ninnies who have held all of our feet to the fire with their irrational superstition for so long. Most of all, though, I would love to have a sort of political Renaissance in the US engender a cultural and political Age of Reason. Probably not reasonable to expect that…

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  1. The Deadliest Place in the World for a Journalist : youtube . – Mini-documentary on the critical Honduran journalists that have watched 15 colleagues assassinated in 19 months under the Lobo regime, a government Barack Obama praises for its “strong commitment to democracy”

  2. lane rough says:

    So’s everyone who quotes Jesus. While I think Jesus is based on a real person, everything he said was written down twenty to years after he died. I couldn’t tell you the last thing my grandmother said to me and she died two years ago, much less my mother, years ago!

  3. darshougla says:

    “since Obama has come to power there has been a rise of militia and right wing groups” – yes, as you influence and encourage them with your right wing pot bashing, creating news to fill your 24 hour news stream. wankers

  4. marnsky ret says:

    Jesus simply means Zeus, because there was no “J” in old Latin Jesus, is just another way of saying Hail Zeus, or Hey Zeus, The real name was Immanuel,, it says so in Isaiah,, there is NO JESUS in the old testament or in any other text anywhere on the real name is Immanuel, and the Church hid Immanuel and placed ZEUS in his place and gave a pagan to the people to worship. “The Lord god will slay you Jesus the Myth, and call His Servant by a new name” It’s NOT Jesus.

  5. Asked who they blame for economic probs 36% say Wall Street bankers, 34% Bush, 21% Obama. But 3/4 say Obama has disappointed on economy

  6. To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness.

  7. I disagree. GOP don’t fall on love, they fall in line. If Mitt won and wasn’t a conservative, it will kill Repub.

  8. love the way this video makes it’s point and powns after about 30 secs, only to go on for another 5

  9. sirkov oling says:

    what is god sanctioned gang rape an allegory to?
    How can god tell you -quite literally- not to kill, then go and do it to millions of people?

  10. If you are looking for yet another reason to try Tweetbot, here it is! It’s $0.99 for a limited time. …

  11. durrandrei says:

    I am so glad I found this! I missed some school and had no idea how to do this math , and then I found this video! yay!

  12. Duality Good and Evil, right and wrong gets confused by people all the time. You and are no exception. The concept of right and wrong is a perspective in men not an instinct.

    So lets simplify it.

    Whats the opposite of destruction?
    Life or existence.

    So the question remains is life or destruction good or bad in the context of our whole universe.

    Is the universe existence positive or a negative is the lack of anything existing at all a positive or a negative?


  13. I know exactly what’s wrong with America. My “liberal” apathetic friends & fans? You are the problem. Stop being apologists for inaction.

  14. viz aleson says:

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  15. cons maiere says:

    basically he was going to die anyways, but before it happened his brain released a huge DMT trip or Near Death Experience/Life Flashed Before His Eyes of what could have been but either way he was doomed

  16. schlaborou says:

    It’s hard not to talk about Newt’s adultery. But what he said abt overruling judges, purging liberal govt workers, etc, is the real problem.

  17. calio pering says:

    Religion that God accepts as pure is this: 2 look after orphans & widows & keep oneself from being polluted by the world. -James 1:27

  18. I’d rather go out on a date with a Democrat than sit through Romney’s speech… but potentially meet his sons is forcing my attendance.

  19. palskar sallo says:

    New Funny Commercial for the Democratic Insta-LIB Funny Ad! Daily Vitamin for Liberals!

    Facebook Politics Mjl Are you having problems understanding President Obama? Can’t understand the things he talks about? Don’t comprehend the ideology being spewed by the liberal left? Having trouble grasping the socialist principles being espoused by Obama…

    From: PoliticsMJL

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  20. kyoji adle says:

    Notice that Adam never answered me. Does he or doesn ‘t he belive that Jews can be as evil as other humans. That’s a loaded question that someone would jump to answer as Yes or be revealed as bigot…unless they didn’t believe it and insist no one else believe it either.

  21. Nick Clegg’s proposed amendments do not safeguard the NHS against privatisation The last time a proposition was put to the country with such a slippery argument, the Liberal Democrats made a defiant stand, and said “not in our name”. The health and social care bill is not the Iraq war, but the claimed rationale has changed almost as often. At first the big idea was “promoting competition”, which was soon softened into “real choice”, before giving way to some fuzzier notion of devolving power to professionals – who, by the way, mostly bitterly oppose the whole thing. The Lib Dems have undoubtedly extracted a few concessions on the detail during the bill’s turbulent voyage through parliament. But as the final crunch votes loom in the Lords, there is still utter confusion as to the central purpose. The Conservative health secretary, Andrew Lansley, continues to claim that his bill will enable competitive forces to reign as they do in “any other sector”, likening the future NHS…

  22. schneight says:

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  23. Sorry to be out of pocket, folks: I’m in Book-Writing Hell for next few weeks.

    Meanwhile, read John Yoo in the WSJ today — I’m with John, which is always a good place to be.

  24. harboisenj eppi says:

    turns wish lists into “model” bills that conservative state legislators then claim as their own & pass. PR changes nothing

  25. watzerb says:

    Republican and Democrat leaders met with President Obama at the White House to discuss the potential debt limit increase Democrats and Republicans are on another collision course over increasing US borrowing authority as President Barack Obama told Republicans on Wednesday that he does not want spending cuts to accompany such legislation. House of Representatives speaker John Boehner and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell met at the White House with Obama and Democratic congressional leaders. A Boehner aide said the Speaker – the top-elected Republican – asked Obama if he is proposing that Congress pass a debt limit increase without spending cuts. “The president said, ‘yes,'” the aide said. On Tuesday, Boehner took a hard stance when he warned that any debt limit increase, which likely will be needed at the end of the year, would have to come with spending cuts that would more than offset the higher borrowing authority. White House spokesman Jay Carney did not answer directly…

  26. “I have often thought that if a rational Fascist dictatorship were to exist, then it would choose the American system.” – Noam Chomsky –

  27. silvin fusse says:

    If a Democrat I hate Republican policies too. They are taking food off my table & taking free money out of my pocket.

  28. eden tambille says:

    25:65 [those who refused to worship God, yes Koran says God in this verse not Allah, for linguistics reason] And they shall say: O our Lord!

  29. I should become secret agent, with a license to kill of course, I would go for the conservative creationists and arrogant dumbasses first

  30. If Romney want to take right conservative positions OK but to get into bed with the far Right Evangelical Tea that is another

  31. Any advice for a undergrad student at a liberal college with little to no program, who dreams of being an animator?

  32. lovich per says:

    BBC – Andrew Marr’s History of the World 6of8 Revolution (2012) PDTV XviD AC3-MVGroup
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  33. “Actually, I was pointing out the ridiculous hyperbole of your statement above, I never said you were a moron. However, this is a common sticking point with you. I would say you feel rather insecure about your intelligence and/or education correct? It has been a frequent theme with you. So, let me be clearer. I am not judging you by your intelligence, I am judging you based on your overly aggressive, emotional responses to statements that go against your beliefs. Now, granted I was not polite last night fueled by Beer) and I apologize. However, this agressive reaction from you is not an isolated incident and I believe you should seek help or learn to deal with your anger in a rational way.”

  34. I looked and it was only 2007…my memory is baaaad. Yeah I heard the owner of UO is a conservative right?

  35. phaeunisic roseld says:

    I inherited her china, along with a bunch of other stuff, mostly because no one else wanted it. It’s weird to be eating off her china–I’m just using it as my regular dishes now because, really, why the hell not? We almost never actually used it at her house in my memory, because mostly it was too buried under 9000 other things, and the dining room table was covered with six inches of papers.

  36. cramilio bauger says:

    Jerrold Nadler a democrat from New York publicly stated Obama should EXPLOIT the DEATHS of 20 children to get gun con …

  37. mcfattkus paluzzi says:

    Demonizing? SH just sees an ideology to pick at. Was a difficult piece to read as a liberal minded person for sure.

  38. If you look back on the `60s and think there was more good than harm, you`re probably a Democrat. If you think there was more harm than good

  39. buet ebestevert says:

    Lawmakers are proposing to revamp state regulation of taxis and moving companies to potential lower costs for consumers. Reps. Tom Taylor, a Farmington Republican, and Carl Trujillo, a Santa Fe …

  40. they’ll always find another excuse for a new form of religion to “divide and conquer” but truth remains throughout end of time

  41. “I bet when you guys saw the title ‘Integration of rational functions by functions’ you all thought what the hell?!” Hahahh Oh Kenji

  42. their souls will be happier to protest as one who dies for religion is not considered dead, i hope im lucky as they are

  43. venkell says:

    U.S. President Barack Obama is reaching out to what he calls the “caucus of common sense” to stop the $85 billion in government spending cuts that took effect Saturday. Mr. Obama said in his weekly address that there are Republicans who want to end tax breaks for the rich and Democrats who want to reform big government programs like Social Security and Medicare. So, he says he will continue to reach out to both to find a compromise. In the Republican response, …

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