Since Rick Perry is in fact a living joke, this is especially funny:

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  1. dcdecoder:

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who only a few days ago was being pushed to run for president himself, will endorse Mitt Romney before tonight’s debate.

    The nod from the tough-talking Christie may help give Romney a boost among Tea types who have so far remained wary of the former Massachusetts governor.  And the timing – heading into tonight’s critical debate, as Rick Perry tries to fight his way back – gives even more weight to Romney’s frontrunner status.

    We expect Christie to skew the debate in Romney’s favor, but honestly, we’re more curious abut what Herman Cain’s gonna do tonight, because he’s suddenly way more high-profile than he was during the last debate.

    Also… check out our coverage of tonight’s debate, which we’re doing with our friends at DC Decoder!

  2. dol bracy says:

    Pleasantly surprised that the rest of the country seems to find Rick Perry as repellent as I do. There’s hope for us yet!

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  4. haroom her says:

    last reply: boniface VII died 985! Boniface VIII died 1303! Boniface IX born until 1350! clement V died in 1314! You should have stuck to Benedict XI! Who you gonna call? Guess you saw ghostbusters too! LMAO! Ignorantly yours!

  5. krayneau fredforn says:

    GOP presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry holds a town hall-style meeting on the economy and education in Des Moines, Iowa. Perry’s flat tax plan: The rich make out

  6. bachner karashiguc says:

    Buckley, If Not God, Returns to Yale: What the late, great controversialist would have said to Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and today’s conservative talking heads. –

  7. hoferkerry bus says:

    Only Ron Paul is the real deal, why are you not promoting Ron Paul, Dem& Rep. are the same, they all work for the bankers.

  8. mica wyller says:

    I loved the republican debate on foreign policy..rick perry had this look on his face when everybody else was talking “what the hell are these people talking about”

  9. semandaroc dekihismit says:

    My attention isn’t on attacking Ron Paul. Ron Paul is irrelevant, Sean. You and I already talked about my focus yesterday. These conversations are merely a distraction for me. And…as for of philosophy ~ that is *pure* Randian pseudophilosophy. I would caution you strongly to use probably the heaviest critical thinking you’ve ever used, lest you get fully sucked into objectivism. It is a mind number, Sean. No, I’m not “lecturing” you when I say to dig deeper. I’m *telling* you that you’re ignoring the flip side of individualism. Nothing more. And…I will gladly provide the texts I’ve read, but you’re going to have to give me a day or so because I’m preparing for company right now, and am getting ready to leave the house in about an hour for xmas preparations – it won’t be a complete list, though, which would take me a few days to put together.

  10. prottley ger says:

    Kind of on the fence with either Rick Perry or Ron Paul. . .And there is that possibility of Donald Trump

  11. schepa reuvette says:

    Elenin is here dude!!! right in my pantie!!!! she should keep her glasses on and come check it out!!!

  12. arce beguilarne says:

    Despite Rick Perry’s blustering about “creating jobs”, the Governor’s office sure did little to protect the livelihood of the town of Dublin –

  13. Can anybody come up with ANY chain of events that results in Rick Perry getting the GOP nomination? Here’s mine:…

  14. freu ketchmiche says:

    Only a brain dead idiot would vote for Rick Perry, another Texas Tea Bagger Governor, following in the footsteps of GWB, yet another brain dead idiot Texas Governor that shares the same idiotic views as the Tea Baggers.

  15. duplan vanethler says:

    endorsement now include: Sarah Palin, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Rick Perry, Chuck Norris, Col Oliver and Herman Cain etc –

  16. takiehling fuger says:

    If Pats score again, CBS may cut away to a Rick Perry speech to try and keep audience interest. –

  17. wilhagwend durandero says:

    I agree with you on the scene, but I dont think that the point of sending mouth out was to negotiate, more likely to attempt to break their spirits and see them suffer pre-battle by making them believe that Frodo was dead. But it was a shame that we never got to see such an awesome character design in the finished film.





  19. shahboud bner says:

    Take a look at what’s about to happen at Texas A&M. 1000’s are about to be laid off & it was Rick Perry’s decision.

  20. In Texas, Rick Perry just got rid of state funds for any health center affiliated with anyone who offers Dumbass

  21. is the best man left on the battlefield who is able to outwit, outplay and outlast Obama and his campaign machine. -Rick Perry

  22. People underestimate how this moment in history is. We have the to drop the mistakes of our past and carve a new future without the unfair and unjust monetary debt machine occupying all our lives. To live our lives with freedom and independence, to learn the true value of drop the occupation of wealth and learn to explore our own humanity. The end of war, the end of corruption, equality for all If you vote ron paul and we win, the rest will follow by example !!!!!

  23. Were Rick Perry’s Gay Jokes Funny? | TM Daily Post: But the speech also included as many gay jokes as an Andrew …

  24. glazuk let says:

    I was gonna pull the Rick Perry/GWB and rock the coat, button up jeans and boots. But savin for another week…

  25. duchelmang alehanh says:

    Rick Perry reflects the character of his great state: strong, tenacious, big Good job, Governor. You are a true American patriot.

  26. rog kiuchapela says:

    “A Very Merry Perry Christmas” starring Tyler Perry, Katy Perry, Matthew Perry, and Rick Perry. Soundtrack by The Band Perry. –

  27. lignoldrea says:

    “As long as it’s not me, I’ll be cool.” -Texas Gov. Rick Perry when asked who he thought Mitt Romney would choose as his running mate. –

  28. @rovibe71 Attacking Rick Perry for the tenth amendment
    As well as not being well versed in how the second amendment works

  29. Do you have any idea how stressful it is for me to take Mitt Romney to task everyday when I look like his child from an …

  30. morainello schanitir says:

    I don’t want a president who was once losing to Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bac …

  31. yo, Rick Perry, why be such a haters bro…
    just lean back and close your eyes, and blame it on the feds…

  32. Climate Progress
    “Today, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) came up with an innovative solution – prayer,” as ThinkProgress in this repost. NOW, THEREFORE, I, RICK PERRY, Governor of Texas, under the authority vested in me by the Constitution and Statutes of …
    Gov. Perry Issues Proclamation for Days of Prayer for Rain in Texas – Tennessee Guerilla WomenTexas governer proclaims three days of “Prayer for Rain” – Boing BoingTEXAS: Gov. Rick Perry Prays For Rain – Joe. My. God.See all 28 blogs.

  33. Texans should NOT pay for any of this campaign. If he wants to once again make a fool of himself and by…

  34. Just published a new blog on a topic of near and dear to my Rick Perry’s complete and utter incompetence

  35. 3-4 years ago first heard Rick Perry texas secede from USA Thought he was tough BUT debates came OOPS Not2brigh … –

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