Although this is a long way from the full solution, and it entails some components we should be concerned about, this is a step in the right direction.


Virgin Atlantic to use waste gas to fuel its planes

by Ami Cholia

By 2014 Virgin Atlantic aims to fly its airplanes on a waste-gas based fuel, that will cut its carbon footprint by 50 percent compared to the current standard aviation fuel.

The fuel, that is made by fermenting and converting waste gases from industrial steel, aluminium and power plants, is created by LanzaTech and Swedish Biofuels. Gasses that would have normally been sent off into the atmosphere as CO2 are recycled here.

The program will pilot in New Zealand, and the first demo flight should be in use with the next year or so.

LanzaTech says that about 65 percent of the world’s steel mills could apply the process.

Virgin Atlantic has dabbled with biofuels in the past as well, and in 2008 the company flew one of its Boeing 747 jumbo jets from London to Amsterdam on a biofuel made of babassu oil and coconut oil.

With rising environment concerns, airlines across the board are also looking into using biofuels to further reduce emissions. Earlier this year, Lufthansa began using biofuels on regular commercial flights in a six-month trial run that it estimates will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1,500 tonnes. The fuel is a combination of regular fuel and with biofuel made by Neste Oil that comes from jatropha and camelina crops and animal fats.

Industry giants British Airways and Airbus also announced last year that air travel could be powered by algae by 2015, though algae-based gas is in the very early stages of production.

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  1. wearsoless says:

    Wow! I love this concept. Great commercial. The scuba shots got to me. Booked my trip to LaPaz….Long over due trip.

  2. tra daggioref says:

    Yes yes, as I said to please make music of ice at some point?? Fits global climate change. You can melt us all. hope

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  4. schartwick says:

    even if 99 percent of your wealth was in the hands of 4 people it matter. All that really matters is that the standard of life for the masses, which is much higher under capitalism than communism.

  5. heus elfielding says:


  6. Airlines cut small jets as fuel prices soar

    Airlines cut small jets as fuel prices soar
    AP – The little planes that connect America’s small cities to the rest of the world are slowly being phased out.

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  12. coll fallen says:

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  14. ashiger labsah says:

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  15. irmeltindo says:

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    How do you account for the rise in temps on the other planets?? I guess all the cars on Mars are causing this as well huh? the sun stupid! Typical brain dead liberals, unable to unplug from the group-think. LOL

  20. cho peller says:

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  21. DoD Buzz | DoD and Navy persist with biofuels, like it or not: Despite a recent wave of opposition, the Pentagon…

  22. British Airways aims to turn 0.5m tonnes of Londoner’s household rubbish into 0.05m tonnes of jet fuel a year –

  23. Anyone headed to the CNU from Miami on Wednesday care to help me lighten my carbon footprint (and yours) by sharing a ride?

  24. BP Buys Verenium’s Biofuel Business For $98 Million: As oil continues to spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP is lookin…

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  33. karahaygoo rebmanneha says:

    Photo: John-Morgan / cc If you´ve ever wondered what a continent would look like without vehicles burning fossil fuels, it may only be four more decades before you see it firsthand. The European Commission, an executive branch of the EU, put an ambitious proposal to eliminate gasoline and diesel fueled automobiles by the year 2050 in a bid to reduce traffic congestion and drastically reduce the continent’s carbon footprint. While the plan is not without its detractors, what may be more …Read the full story on TreeHugger

  34. maggioley meiskulina says:

    Cycle race supposedly to raise carbon footprint awareness. Unless people cycle from Delhi to G-NOIDA, that footprint’s going to be big.

  35. Global warming is a serious matter. Last year it was at least chilly during December. I got a sunburn. In December. Like what

  36. tagni cati says:

    BioNitrogen, which uses proprietary technology to build environmentally-friendly plants that biomass into urea has promoted its CFO Bryan Kornegay to president.

  37. Yeah, the eastern seaboard seems hard hit by global climate change–all the way from New England down to the south.

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