Republicans and other conservatives believe that it is not within government’s purvue to provide health care, or really any other kind of social services. That’s why despite the fact that the ACA lowers the deficit in the long run, makes coverage available to people who would otherwise not be able to get it, and boosts profits for insurance companies. In other words, Republican opposition to it is irrational and destructive.

The Bad Old Days

by Carolyn Maloney, U.S. Representative from New York

In the GOP presidential debate on Thursday night we heard a number of remarkable promises from the candidates on economic issues. One rosy-sounding promise on creating jobs came from a former governor whose state ranked 47th in the nation in job creation during his term in office.

Another optimistic promise about improving health insurance coverage came from a governor whose state has one of the highest percentages of residents without health insurance in the nation.

Most notably, all the GOP candidates have cheerily promised that one of their highest priorities if elected would be to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

But none of them offered insights into the real economic effects that such a repeal would have on people’s lives, especially on the lives of women and children. Not surprising really. The effects of going back to “the bad old days” before reform would be pretty awful in the current economic conditions, especially for women and children.

According to a report prepared by the Joint Economic Committee, prior to passage of the Affordable Care Act, an estimated 64 million women lacked adequate health insurance. Amongst low-income women, 39 percent lacked coverage.

None of the candidates pointed out to their audience in Florida that without the provisions of the Affordable Care act, women between the ages of 55 and 64 are particularly vulnerable to losing their health insurance benefits because of their husbands’ transition from employer- sponsored coverage to Medicare.

None of the candidates pointed that repeal would put an end to the assistance older women now receive in paying for prescription drugs not covered by Medicare Part D because of the donut hole.

None of the candidates explained why it would be a good thing if we went back to the “bad old days” when children couldn’t be covered under their parents’ policy up to age 26 as is now possible and when pre-existing conditions could result in a denial of insurance coverage. Such “conditions” could include pregnancy, having previously had a Caesarian section, or even being a victim of domestic violence.

None of the candidates explained why it would be a good idea if we went back to the bad old days when insurance companies could deny coverage to children because of pre-existing conditions.

And not one of the Republican candidates mentioned a study published in 2009, in the American Journal of Public Health, that found that there were approximately 44,789 deaths among Americans aged 18 to 64 years in 2005 associated with lack of health insurance. Going back to “the bad old days” prior to health care reform will clearly have a cost in lives.

In fact, the highly negative effects and economic impact that a repeal of health care reform would have on women and children simply was not mentioned at all and was not even considered. And that alone is a pretty striking reminder of how things really used to be, back in “the bad old days,” back in the days before the Affordable Care Act.

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47 Responses to “ACA Derangement Syndrome”

  1. HA! Via PPACA the industry stands to greatly benefit from increased cost socialization and forced customers via the mandate. It’s in line with the historical model of industrial regulation, whereby industry’s acquire legal control over their own regulations, and use that to monopolize consumers rather than protect them. You honestly don’t smell the rot of corruption in a bill which requires everyone to buy a heavily monopolized product, just cuz its sold as “progressive”? WOW.

  2. brooseaura says:

    It’s a business model in British Columbia that controls more than $10 billion in assets, employs 13,000 people and returns all profits to members. The model governs enterprises in banking, housing, retail and health care. Fully one-third of British Columbians are members in at least one of the 700 operations operating in this model: the co-operative.

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  3. zains prich says:

    First of all, what modern President other than re-elected? Bush, Sr? You said nothing that disproved my point. Nixon was already President and “war Presidents” almost always get reelected, which neither or Bush were when they were up. If had one with Iran, he probably would have been reelected. how dumb our country is. So if bombing was a big deal, you answered your own question. LBJ was probably more by the draft than the deaths.

  4. skrdle jav says:

    The standard Republican response to Kathleen Sebelius’ decision to suspend the CLASS program — the Affordable Care Act’s voluntary long-term care insurance plan — after failing to come up with a sustainable model is truly baffling. One can argue that HHS should have listened to the warnings of actuaries who argued that CLASS would never […]

  5. I say TOMATO you say TAMATO, but if they wanna say Obamacare or how about a Romneycare?: I’m a still saying NO to the underware!!!

  6. suzawate murakamp says:

    gave a thumbs up to Hollywood Hills’s comment: 9-9-9 REDUCES THE TAX BURDEN ON THE RICH… and puts it where it…

  7. Romney: Repealing health plan will save billions: The impact of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act would not be…

  8. volliciuol says:

    Read My Lips America: There is no question surrounding my identity, although I did cheat to get into the white house. I come from a rich family that has done alot of business with the Bin Laden family, thats why I arranged for them to be flown out of the US after Nine Eleven when the rest of US was grounded.Its all about money to me and my people…my name ladies and gentlemen…is George Bush. Thank you.

  9. albovey spins says:

    AP – A federal is refusing to block a congressional redistricting map it drew up for Texas after minority groups challenged the original Republican-backed plan.

  10. nao luvelman says:

    and do you know why computers are so cheap? look up 6 million dead in congo and find out. that is the free market. and that is not only slavery, but genocide. how do you know i own a computer?

  11. diness mahoudra says:

    The ONLY way to bring jobs back to America is to lower the minimum wage to $2/hr.
    This is the only way we can compete with China. Paul Ryan and my fellow republicans need to act on this now. Employers also should not have to carry the burdern of paying for health care either. Go get em Paul!

  12. marleechar poucheizma says:

    Urgh, Demcad a clown, you watched that interview and left with the impression trump did anything but look foolish.

    I love from 6:15 onwards. Proof if any was needed of a huge metal incapacity.

  13. Just because this Piers’ show doesn’t mean he can cut-off somebody. Gosh it’s so irritating to watch this interrupt when someone is talking.

  14. huwendrey habs says:

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  15. gohanosimo stocker says:

    If the world would have been able to vote, Ron Paul would easily become the president if not already be.

  16. “In 2008, all 77 of our counties lined up against Barack Obama. It’s time for us to line up for Mitt Romney.”~ The Oklahoman

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  18. Michelle Obama fought with top aides in the White House, new book says  : First lady Michelle Obama is a behind-…

  19. “An internal memorandum from the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) reveals that Justice Elena Kagan “substantially in a health care case in San Francisco in which the Justice argued over the effect of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This raises grave new doubts about the appropriateness of Kagan’s as a justice in the Obamacare lawsuit scheduled to be heard by the Supreme in March… By May 2010, emails show that Kagan was well aware of the possible conflict, writing that the OSG’s message to her involvement in the matter ‘needs to be coordinated.'”
    DID YOU READ THAT? Not only was Elena Kagan involved in defending Obamacare… she KNEW it was a conflict, and tried to cover it up!

  20. If u read nothing else about the health care debate, PLEASE read this blog from a Canadian doctor working in theUS:

  21. heh “When the Frieds, or Tribes (or Lessigs) of the world want to insist that “it’s not all just politics,” the cynics (including most forcefully, our students) will insist the facts just don’t the theory”

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  23. tim barrautani says:

    Health care insurance consumers and small businesses will get rebates approximately $1.3 billion dollars through their health plans beginning this summer. The provision for the rebates is of the Affordable Care Act in which health care law limits…

  24. something about over-the-top denunciations of the affordable care act from professors who get good health care from their job that really makes me want to vomit. easy for Prasch to dismiss any legislation that the perfect lefty dream; easy to hold out for perfection when not the one suffering for lack of medical care.The Affordable Care Act expands who can qualify for medicaid. literally millions of lower-income Americans who will be getting FREE care. And yes, not the best insurance in the world — but it mainly helps people who currently get no care. Why Prasch even mention that? And how is that not a transfer of wealth?A lot of other arguments are laughably bad — or would be, if the subject so Is there ANY evidence at all that the subsidies in the affordable care act “are fading rapidly,” for example? Is it at all plausible that there was nothing at all in the MA special election effecting the outcome other than health care reform?]]>

  25. lavedorwig degre says:

    Fox News: Where Romney Advisers Are Undisclosed, Analysts – Media Matters

    Fox News: Where Romney Advisers Are Undisclosed, Analysts – Media Matters
    Fox News has repeatedly hosted advisers to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney without disclosing that they are helping his campaign. Media Matters examined recent appearances by advisers John Bolton, Jay Sekulow, and Walid …

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  27. Listening to BBC commentators trying to make sense of why the hell Americans are in a froth about universal health care.

  28. yo what if sally ride had a lesbian baby in space & it’s biding its time til it returns to to impose sharia obamacare –

  29. brousso-wo schie says:

    Eric is responsible for death of at least one American in is complicit in They need to pay. –

  30. jimadelly mastoff says:

    But really, dis Obama health care p scares me. y mark on the 4head or hand jus as bible stated. Tell me abt it

  31. Obama abandons his “Truth Squads” and reforms them into “Lie Squads.” Love that smell of Desperation In The Morning

  32. solo wyan says:

    The 22% were watching HoneyBooBoo. poll of 533 uncommitted voters: 46% say that Romney won, 22% say Obama wo …

  33. sigueva hurch says:

    USA the most scientifically advanced nation ever. Republicans like this are hell-bent on dragging it back to dark ag …

  34. ledge koch says:

    WH questioning Romney’s foreign policy cred. Sum total of Obama’s was he lived in Indonesia as a toddler for a year or …

  35. A record low number of American voters want to see the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – repealed, according to a new, post-election poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Obamacare was not the top issue driving American to vote, although nearly seven in 10…

  36. petraclema heggen says:

    Today in 1979 – Prov. Republican Army member Thomas McMahon is sentenced to life in prison for the assassination of Lord

  37. will yehillo says:

    i am sooooo down! & we can wear obama & obama hats & pins! They’re all on his website lol

  38. If you must layoff employees because cost of Obamacare, War on Energy or new regulations -choose the obama voter first … –

  39. And yet that is exactly what liberals and  progressives are doing. Led by spin doctors at The Nation, they’re spinning ObamaRomneyCare (ORC), and that’s what it should be called, as if it were a step in the right direction. As if it were the only outcome of the national health care reform debate in 2009. The individual …
    Neda Grev liked Targeting Single-Payer Advocates » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names on 29 July 2012 (5 months ago).

  40. …Of their right to privacy they lost with things such as patriot act. But bc a republican passed those acts they don’t mind. So much … –

  41. Middle class is now seeing lower paychecks.They may do the math &also now see isn’t free medical but more t … –

  42. The fact that a “survival guide” for needs to be printed at all should scare the crap out of every American.

  43. aucettlefi senny says:

    Obama should have his buddy Rahm Implement gun control on the hoodlums on the West & South side of Chicago. Leave t …

  44. Think you know how the Affordable Care Act impacts Medicaid? Cindi Jones of the Dept of Med Assist Ser explains

  45. Proposed Regulations Define Essential Health Benefits And Actuarial Value Under Affordable Care Act – Employment and HR – United States…

  46. Cut ObamaCare off at the pass! Fix our own malpractice system in Georgia and save billions to keep our State afloat! –

  47. America should have free health care. You expect human beings to pay for our own health and pay to be healthy. Mo …

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