It’s hard to adequately express the sheer relief and gratitude I feel that the Bush Misadministration has been replaced. Much of my family resides in Texas, and I remember Dubya’s gubernatorial campaign and term as governor. Not fondly. This experience made it obvious to me from the time of Dubya’s candidacy for President in 2000 that, if he won, our country’s problems would magnify and multiply in large, dangerous ways — as has indeed happened. I predicted that a Dubya presidency would lead us to war and a bankrupt economy, although I didn’t predict that he would ruin our standing in the international community and spread the damage he’d do at home throughout the world. Interestingly, I never doubted George H. W. Bush’s competence or intelligence (though I often disagreed with his policies); he’s an impressively accomplished and capable person. However, it’s been obvious all along that Dubya is at best a weak shadow of his father, and at worst flagrantly incompetent, unrealistic, and amoral.

In 2000 I frequently expressed this view, and even folks who opposed electing Dubya as President thought I was overly paranoid about the danger he represented. Even so, as we all know now, Dubya lost the popular vote that year,  but was awarded the presidency by judicial fiat (ironic, given the rampant neocon attacks concerning the Franken/Coleman contest). The first few months of Dubya’s first term as president were met with mostly what looked like tepid indifference to his administration. There were the usual partisan bickering contests, of course, but little general alarm. Aside from incrementally imposing theocratic ideals on domestic policy and disassembling environmental protections in favor of expediency and profit (nether of which is  even remotely trivial, of course), Dubya had little apparent impact before September. Or at least, comparatively little, immediately-obvious impact.

Then came 9/11. Just about overnight, Dubya’s popularity went from slipping slowly below its mediocre standing to an historical high. Americans were rightfully shocked, frightened, and enraged by the attacks, and we almost uniformly supported the President’s stated goal of finding and punishing the responsible parties. Although I still reviled the Dubya Administration and feared the irreparable damage it seemed likely to do, I too supported eradicating Al Qaeda and killing or imprisoning bin Laden. But, as Al Qaeda is a diffuse, international organization rather than a nation (not unlike many megacorporations), I did not and do not support war. More sophisticated, effective, and alternative techniques for disrupting Al Qaeda are what’s called for. I did, however, fear the probability that Dubya and his allies would use the political capital granted them by the 9/11 attacks to assure their places in power and profoundly advance unrelated agendas, agendas I would likely oppose. As indeed happened.

For a short time after 9/11, the news was replete with stories of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. But then, in a heartbeat, the stories largely went from Al Qaeda to Iraq, from Osama bin Laden to Saddam Hussein. There’s no doubt, of course, but that Saddam Hussein was an autocrat in charge of an oppressive regime — but neither is there doubt about two other important facts: one, there are many such regimes around the world that we do not wage war with, some of whom are our allies (Saudi Arabia and formerly Saddam’s Iraq, for example); and two, Iraq was neither an ally, refuge, nor supporter of bin Laden or Al Qaeda (nor did they have the WMDs that were later much proclaimed). Yet, somehow, many people seemed willing to accept that since we almost all felt decisive action was needed, and that since Saddam Hussein was undisputedly a “brutal dictator” (to use Dubya’s phrase), making war in Iraq was good, necessary, and appropriate.

I disagreed then, and I disagree now. It was a shameless shell game, widely accepted with the same evident suspension of disbelief we exercise in order to enjoy a magician’s act. Here we are still, in the 8th year since that terrible day, nearly bankrupt, internationally discredited, and with tens of thousands killed in the name of the thousands murdered in the 9/11 attacks. Those thousands and their families deserve justice, but what we’ve done in Iraq since then simply does not represent this justice. In fact, it represents, among other things, a departure from the pursuit of justice. It represents a betrayal of the people murdered in the 9/11 attacks, and of the brave soldiers who have given service, and even their lives to this canard (to understand the true nature of the Bush Misadministration’s “support” of our troops, look at how they treated veterans).

What’s the point of talking about all this now? Well, though they have shrunk to a strident minority, neocon supporters of Dubya and his fallacious, destructive policies still exist, and they still actively seek a return to power. In fact, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Dubya himself have engaged in an outspoken campaign to revise history in order to establish a positive legacy for themselves and favor the return of their ideological allies to power. Moreover, the remnant of our country that still supports Dubya’s erstwhile policies, and believes the war in Iraq is right and just, continues to vociferously assert that Dubya’s true legacy consists of the most important thing a president is supposed to do: protecting Americans and the country. Considering that Dubya willfully ignored key intelligence that could have prevented 9/11 or similar attacks (including direct warnings from Bill Clinton), and then shamelessly used 9/11 for political advantage, this assertion is truly dangerous and must be addressed, often and loudly.

Additionally, the frightening and severe economic crisis we now face rightly occupies much of our attention. Since it’s unlikely to significantly improve any time soon, no matter who is in charge or what is done, the American Public could easily lose its current faith in Barak Obama. This would present a key opportunity for far-right commentators to rationalize blaming conditions on President Obama and the Democratic Party, which they are already trying to do. Limbaugh and Hannity, for example, have been calling it “Obama’s Recession” for many weeks, since even before he assumed office.

This is important because, basically, the only probable alternative we have to Democratic control of Congress and the White House is the Republican Party, which, unfortunately, largely consists these days of the socially-intolerant, ideological extremists who have held sway for too long, rather than of the rational, intelligent conservatives who (though I might disagree with some of their policies) wouldn’t likely stomp us deeper into the abyss. We must remain conscious of the possibility that these disingenuous,  intolerant extremists will regain their place at the helm.

For the record, I don’t reject Republican or conservative ideology in general. In fact, I agree with some of what the Republican platform states. I agree with their stated principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, minimizing government interference in our private lives, and fiscal responsibility. However, I’ve seen little evidence of neoconservatives implementing these principles into public policy. In fact, I’ve seen the opposite, on a large scale.

Mostly, I see them redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich, unabashedly favoring the interests of Big Business over average citizens (without regard for the long-term consequences), dramatically increasing the size of government and its power and intrusion into our personal lives (see the so-called Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, Proposition 8, etc), and abjuring responsibility for their own behavior and well-being, over and again. Their mismanagement of this country has produced a disaster of truly monstrous proportions. We can’t afford another round of that.


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  1. gobala wyth says:

    are you aware of another solar power company in CA that received a $1.2B loan from Obama? Checkout Sunpower Co, thx –

  2. “If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.”

    — George Bush, cited in the June, 1992 Sarah McClendon Newsletter

  3. Rove’s goal is to convince Americans that unemployment is long-term problem, not an immediate problem. This is WRONG. –

  4. simokrysta krien says:

    MSNBC does NOT consistently LIE / facts to an Agenda. ( In Foxes case an Ultra-Conservative agenda). MSNBC is NOT committing CONSUMER FRAUD claiming to be “Fair and balanced” / “we you decide”! Fox so called “News” is the laughing stock of American Media period end of story. Fox News is a JOKE and there’s a GOOD reason Fox News viewers are the most UNINFORMED by FAT vs. viewers of ANY other network!

  5. gofferste says:

    What saying is that we like of or all of the healthcare bill that he signed. It would be childish if we called it “Obozocare.”
    I agree that everyone who wants health insurance should get it, but there are of the law that are wrong.

  6. chuck is like “i hear u do me real well” meanwhile been impersonating him for the last minute while chuck stared aimlessly into space….typical chuck

  7. jorkelmah says:

    Texas Republican guilty of stealing taxpayer money: Texas state Rep. Joe Driver (R) will plead guilty to a third-degree felony on abu…

  8. far kerman says:

    “Cisco, Lockheed and Borders announced a combined 23,000 in job cuts. Those follow 41,432 planned cuts in June 2011, up 11.6% from May and 5.3% vs. 2010…state and local governments have cut 142,000 jobs in 2011…Goldman Sachs announced plans to let go guy increases the debt by 40%, GDP growth is on the way down, Food Stamps are up, millions more are unemployed-and to accomplish this we spent $4 “
    —Daily Ticker 21 July 2011

  9. wow ur actually retarded lmfao! Maybe u shud watch the video b4 commenting.. Or did u just forget that he asked ” her name ” ? And lol ” another stunt ” … God u must be lonely..

  10. Watching for the 1st time. Its amazing how they attack Obama and nvr mention how Bush was knowingly killing americans!

  11. katringer says:

    2) I feel the same way Alonzo feels about a lot of issues, I also know he says the things he says because he thinks best for his race. Hell, I stand Obama but I feel that he does what he does because he thinks best with no malintent. just sick of seeing conservative Black Americans shot down and accused of having some hidden motive to kiss the white ass. When it comes to racism, it seems like we all the same thing, just give the brother some credit.

  12. excatly, ask yourself this: do you want the wealth to be shared by the 95% of the people or only 5%? if you answer is 95% then you should vote Obama. Mccain has this crackpot theory that the wealth will drip done from the top 5%, yea right, like them greedy bastards wanna share their porsche, yacht and trophy wife with us, the common folks

  13. mahl marger says:

    the chance that Cheney is eventually charged. One of the sources for information was Cheney. Libby is stuck between one hell of a rock and a hard spot. want to go to jail – and yet who would want to point the finger towards Cheney?If this gets to the point of finding the truth as to the original convincing of the people of the righteousness of going to war – Cheney will be in trouble. Remember, Cheney looked the American people in the eye and said “I did not have sex with that woman” – Whoops wrong guy. What Cheney did was look the American people in the eye and said….”we know where their WMD are”! That statement is now known to be false and was ….IS ….more damaging than falsehoods.NL]]>

  14. Used to be a guy called Gringrich who nearly ruined the US economy and turned out to be a sleazebag. Is this S Carolina guy a relative?

  15. If i could commit one felony and not answer for it, i would kill Eric Bolling. The most repulsive person ever.

  16. Individual wealth or community wealth?

    Low cost and high revenue.

    Freedom for some individual but not freedom for community.

    No government, no money, and no existence will be the ultimate freedom! ^__^

  17. Dept of Labor’s U-6 Unemployment rate is over 16% !!!! That’s on Obama … and why he’s history next year! –

  18. Headed down to KJ LH to be on real life Pastor Wayne Cheney listen out for me 102.3 FM at 9 PM

  19. When the Museum of African American History and Culture opens on the National Mall in 2015, it will be “not just a record of tragedy, but a celebration of life,” as President Obama said during the ground breaking ceremony on the site today.

    The museum, the 19th in the Smithsonian Institution, will feature objects collected from across the country that tell the stories that make up the African American experience, including personal items that belonged to Harriet Tubman and one of the planes flown by the Tuskegee Airmen. Lonny Bunch, the museum’s Founding Director, gives us a first look at some of the treasures that will be on display. Watch it now:


    Learn more:
    Read President Obama’s remarks at the ground breaking ceremony

  20. Arevshat Barry: paylrider i love hairy bush i hate that some bold assholes preach the opposite like a religion and some women buy it
    It is the weekend and althought glad its the weekend…sometimes being single the alone time gets to you….one can always have the busy’s but usually isn’t the solution. I have always had some kind gentleman friends girlfriends but as time passes things change many of them have found a significant other that must come before friendship… I currently do not live in your state but have plans to move just waiting for timing as we have to all do in life…not that its easy….but destiny Gods will are better than substitution. I’m basically just doing this post for something to do to occupy time. I have found some of my favorite prayer men have come from believe it or not Chirrup’s List. If God can use a donkey one never knows! Write if lead.
    Join to connect with friends, share photos and create your own profile.

  21. sackmann says:

    not as bad as someone running over to puke by the bush right outside the window that is currently open…

  22. gros wailobrosc says:

    Summary of Neocon bla bla Chalabi bla bla war monger bla bla run up to Iraq war bla bla Iran bla bla bla bla. –

  23. Obama makes his case for another term – CBS News: The GuardianObama makes his case for another termCBS News(CBS …

  24. Amurrica Series: Obama Talks About Gay Marriage And Biden On The View: The View This country is such a joke he…

  25. giri rosalmervi says:

    india is a country whr to bring ppl togethr al u need is emotn!!!leadershp wont wrk in sch a huge democrat

  26. Think about it. For a black person to become Republican they would have to embrace all of their hateful racism against blacks–to be insane.

  27. nooria bresh says:

    @da_Cheney_boi i been in da lab too…we gotta run one whenever u ready bruh…i
    Know u tryna get nice wit dem cowboys nice!

  28. Flash: CNN just admitted on their site that their poll sample was more Republican than country as a whole. …

  29. First, Westfield lacks convenience – you don’t schlep all the way to Shepherd’s Bush for a pint of milk and packet of cigarettes.

  30. thnerignat hsia says:

    To topple a nation: Destroy the economy/divide its people/disable the military/ silence the opposition. Stand up and be heard !

  31. “We used it from the 1930s to the 70s. It worked. We stopped in 1980 and began using “supply side” economics. That failed repeatedly. It’s still failing today. >No one’s arguing to cut taxes for the high earners. [From the 2012 Republican “Reform the tax code by reducing marginal tax rates by 20 percent across-the-board””

  32. New members play lottery for office space
    Albany Times Union
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep.-elect Julia Brownley of California shimmied and danced, smiling broadly. And that was before the Democrat even got the good news: She’d won the lottery. No, Brownley didn’t win the $588 million Powerball jackpot. She won the …
    and more »

  33. I am a hardcore democrat and I just cannot even believe that people think the way that republicans do. Sorry to offend…

  34. wim sechomfiel says:

    A weak democrat Pres means 4 more yrs of republican admin-We dems worked our buns off so GOP can continue war on we pple –

  35. GOVT SPENDING INCREASE – 1ST TERM: Reagan: 8.7%, H.W. Bush: 5.4%, Clinton: 3.2%, W. Bush: 7.3%, Obama: 1.4% … –

  36. I always thought you invite successful people to speak at your functions. Rove is as successful as his last endeavor. –

  37. brany sah says:

    Today The Big Fraud II officially begins. Get ready to fight against socialized medicine, gov’t handjobs & to keep your guns

  38. olyn mundson says:

    See this bush Aba girl wearing all d colors of d rainbow at once…*RME* Nne, it is color blocking not ‘kolo’ blocking!

  39. NEEDS to be! With Rove & other LIB PROGS dominating GOP it simply needs to be blown up, destroyed to save nation

  40. mcglowiak hiso says:

    Obama “can anybody tell me when an administration has ever regretted picking a fight with Bob Woodward? the wors …

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