Media outlets, establishment pundits and politicians, and right-wing mouthpieces like Fox “News” are denouncing the growing citizen objection to corporate oligarchy as being nothing but the whining of slackers and hippies.

Here is one hippy slacker’s response (with regard to Social Security):

35 Responses to “A Senior Citizen Speaks The Truth”

  1. La iniciativa pacífica de las bombas infladas con mensajes merece un aplauso, no solo los felicito sino que también los acompaño.
    Yo soy estudiante de una corporación universitaria mediocre que es propiedad de un político, es mediocre porque nosotros no somos vistos como estudiantes sino como la fuente de ingresos para campañas políticas y lujos destinados a una sola persona (el dueño por supuesto). La ley 30 es la para que las universidades públicas sean como el sitio donde estudio.

  2. ga paka uwaw man lng tawn mo oi ka alayo ra jud ninyo tinokaran sa franciscan…. bitaw victorious mo sa padaghanay og rumble agree pero sa tukar dis agree ko ana

  3. brusko dawnielda says:

    News: Angry Occupy Wall Street protesters say cops stole their pizza: Suckers!
    A group of whiny Occupy Wall Str…

  4. whitelson casson says:

    Occupy Wall Street Plans a Second New York Encampment – This Saturday will be the one-month anniversary of the massi…

  5. u should just keep rappin bout pancakes, i dont think u got them Tupac balls to be rappin of politics.

  6. coller bunce says:

    Vielen Dank an Euch alle!

  7. mell ouboulisab says:

    Beyond ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’: The Music of Occupy Wall Street… Don’t tell me. “Coming soon to iTunes DRM!” –

  8. auker des says:

    Contract for the construction of the long awaited Kigamboni Bridge is scheduled to be signed on Monday between the government, NSSF and the contractor who won the tender. The construction cost is estimated at 100bn/- with the government bearing 40 percent while the remaining 60 percent will be borne by the National Social Security Fund […]
    A post from:

  9. But that ideal has turned into “what can I get from the government”. Your point is conservative and in line with the proper founding of this country, the later is the defination of a liberal.

  10. frangroglu sard says:

    a new social security number and name If u won a million bucks what is the first thing u w

  11. Cynthia Price commented on the post, Proposal to end spokes and the GA, on the site NYC General Assembly Occupy Wall Street –

  12. noordano actions says:

    20 Compelling Open Lectures on Occupy: While the Occupy Wall Street movement may not have the force or media cov…

  13. By CANDICE M. GIOVE Police arrested six Occupy Wall Street members squatting inside a Brooklyn home five … – –

  14. dedier says:

    How To Get Money 7 Tips for Using Online Social Security Statements Most Profitable Way for Small Blogs To Make Money Online < << >>>

  15. For a limited time you can download the free version of my Occupy Wall Street poster. High Quality Giclee Limited

  16. Die Proteste von Occupy Wall Street zielen immer stärker auf das Geldsystem insgesamt. Die monetäre Welt wächst viel stärker als die reale und damit eine Lösung der Schuldenkrise.

  17. bour ger says:

    Have you noticed, your Social Security check is now referred to as a “federal benefit payment”? I’ll be o •

  18. natoriegle pepindaude says:

    You would think getting beat by the 1 -7 Cowboys would have been enough bad news for New Yorkers this week but now those irascible Democrats that sit on the Nancy Pelosi led House Ethics committee, maybe as a refudiation to the Congressional Black Congress, have found New York’s most famous rent dodger guilty of 11 of 13 counts.Or so says Mediaite.

  19. ullassini maess says:

    Paul Ryan mocks senior citizen who wants to keep his medicare. Says “I hope he’s on his blood pressure medication!” as he’s dragged out of the townhall –

  20. Romney Tell at least one senior citizen a day that Obama stole their Medicare money, but Romney & Ryan will return it. –

  21. jesarpach huberg says:

    AP-GfK poll: Raise taxes to save Social Security: Most Americans say go ahead and raise taxes if it will save So…

  22. By the time everyone stops revisiting senior week down oc it should just be called senior citizen week since well all be 43 and still going

  23. We all need a laugh after the DNC, so if you haven’t seen it, here’s my “Call Me Maybe” Occupy Wall Street parody. — …

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  25. Just saw a weeping John Boehner selflessly shove a disabled senior citizen out of the way to save the woman from stepping on a dollar bill.

  26. Please pray 4 my senior citizen friend, Elly who stays w/me. She can’t lay down without the room spinning. Goin …

  27. mari hamstenber says:

    Spain’s social security system set to register deficit of 10.5 billion euros in 2012, compared to initial forecast of balanced budget.

  28. saenes dreau says:

    Getting ready to serve Christmas Dinner for Guiseley Senior Citizen’s Association. I see I’m lined up for the washin …

  29. rischrino walberges says:


  30. It’s like every handicapped senior citizen is on the road and doing 2 over the speed limit in the left lane

  31. It’s now a clean slate – cuts to the Social Security COLA to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent shoul …

  32. So Tom Brokaw wants the old and poor to pay their “fair share” with cuts to Social Security and Medicare. of the “Greatest Generation?”

  33. “Frankly, I was expecting lame pantyhose or maybe chapstick or something when I opened the box. Instead, there… h …

  34. Von Occupy Hilo – in solidarity with “Occupy Wall Street”

    February 22, 2013 The Hawaii State House Committee on… –

  35. you have got to be kidding me, there isn’t a single day that the social security office is open when i’m not at work?

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