The good news is that not all wealthy people (perhaps not even most) are unwilling to contribute their fair share to the common welfare.

Here’s an interview with one of them.

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  1. i am currently in a mixed race relationship with a native american mand its out of love and attraction not money or anything else im attracted to many races and its all in how the man treats and how u feel about eachother love has no color only feeling

  2. cucci alminda says:


  3. jane jarwiltz says:

    income equality? Garbage men get paid same as CEO’s? What is the point of getting good education? Working hard? Silly Jasmine.

  4. Now tell me my little friends. How is treating people equal a severe unrestrained force of authority? And how are individuals of Homo sapiens unequal?

  5. appa liptrocher says:

    why should they..? Women can be soldiers by the way, so your point is invalid and pointless. Women go on about how war wont exist if is for men, but women it and become soldiers…..please think about what your typing.

  6. Dear Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, pls show some . Kudos 2 4 being e voice to those who can’t be heard.

  7. schia reira says:

    I heard there were around 50 people at the morning rally and over 10,000 at the rally for marriage equality. Says it all.

  8. winteaudi slavermin says:

    I remember when my parents showed me and my brothers the video and my little brother threw his head back and busted my older brothers nose open and they both cried.

  9. The government of Sudan has the death of Khalil Ibrahim, leader of the Justice and Equality Movement, the largest and most powerful of Darfur’s rebel groups.

  10. hira osvik says:

    I plan on doing something like this with Chinese character and Eastern music in the background. The calligrapher would be a very old man totally focus on his writing.

  11. estell carpowelle says:

    After honestly looking at how many dozen communist regimes that have existed throughout the world do you REALLY believe your statement “China is supposed to look out for the little guys (that is the communist purpose for being) ”  ??????   Come on!   Communism does nothing but appeal to the little guy with promises of equality in order to use them to get the power mongers and blood thirsty into power.  Then the little guys are killed off, abused, oppressed, and used as cheap labor so those in power can remain in power.     There is NOTHING good about communism.

  12. shen beau says:

    bigcooter on Socialism in one dynasty? The defense of the Korean regime as socialist is at odds with the genuine socialist tradition, and its commitment, above all, to equality, mass democracy and working class power. –

  13. No, it is not. This just means that you already used before (are the ONLY ones) and you still have nuclear weapons and refuse to disable all the nukes, which necessarily implies that the U.S. is a nuclear threat.

  14. viatibacke raj says:

    Lady GaGa fans are disgusting. You all preach equality and tolerance then jump on Adele for being fat. You’re why there is no tolerance.

  15. Great to meet tonight at If you think he’s done enough to help others & promote just wait –

  16. toumi zago says:

    This Labour poster from the 1930s is incredibly applicable to present day – Equality of Sacrifice? All in it together?

  17. sella oli says:

    *2* SHARIAH LAWS ARE INCOMPATIBLE W/ DEMOCRACY ** bcoz No Equality 4 Women in Islam * #Bahrain –

  18. lil sniperd says:

    Thursday was International Women’s Day, and like always, there was some guy saying, “Why isn’t there an International Men’s Day? Yuk, yuk.” And while the usual response is, “Every day is a men’s day, you asshole,” maybe it’s time to agree.

  19. djohambela says:

    Yesssss! This is another HUGE victory for equality, the LGBT community, and most common sense! A federal judge in San Francisco has ruled that denying insurance benefits to same-sex married couples is discriminatory! Yayyyy! The ruling is in response to a complaint filed by federal law clerk Christopher Nathan who married his husband, Thomas Alexander, […]

  20. Happy 100th Harry Hay! Thank you for all you gave to equality & activism in your life. #TakeTheSpring –

  21. sch blaciai says:

    To attempt to summarize the accomplishments of the late John Payton, former president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, would be like using a thimble to “try to empty an ocean,” Vernon Jordan Jr., a senior…

  22. van seman says:

    So a woman who tweets about Pornhub is on TIME’s most influential women, but another who encourages self-love and equality is not.

  23. dukesser tomo says:

    Im all 4 equality but if a woman was President I bet we would b goin to war alot more frequently.I’m guessing once a

  24. ham schuk says:

    am i the only who was NOT SHOCKED the declared their for marriage equality? i honestly thought they had already with Prop 8

  25. pall connorrisi says:

    They need to make a Lady Gaga Superstore or something. Everything in there Gaga. Pens, notebooks, cups, bed decor, posters, anything

  26. hoff caddocker says:

    By Scottie Thomaston David Blankenhorn, who founded the Institute for American Values, testified in the Prop 8 trial as a witness in favor of Proposition 8. He is the witness who, when cross-examined by attorney David Boies with questions on how marriage equality would harm heterosexual marriage, replied “I don’t know.” He is also the […]

  27. ruopoul valvaso says:

    Truth is, men are better at than women, gender equality in is wrong because the talent isnt equal. WNBA sucks for a reason.

  28. The concept of responsibility is being used by politicians as a distraction from the real problems in society, which have to do with inequality according to research from the University of Exeter. In the wake of the financial crisis there has been a renewed interest in issues of fairness and responsibility. The political debate about equality of holding people responsible for their choices and helping people out when they suffer from undeserved bad luck has formed the focus of a four-year research project led by the University of Exeter. Perceptions of fairness have a strong influence on the current debate about what of society we should be trying to build, according to the and Humanities and Research Council (AHRC) funded research. The researchers found that over the past few decades the prevalent view is that if someone is disadvantaged by their own bad choices, then society has less of an obligation to help them out than if someone is disadvantaged by bad…

  29. marford collbangma says:

    I will guide you & teach you about equality for all&acceptance but I will never condition you to think or act a way.

  30. epp saff says:

    I like Jonathan Krohn. Sure, as a 13-year old he was a Republican. He outgrew it, and now he’s pro-marriage equality, pro-Obamacare, etc

  31. die wingheochs says:

    Was thinking of the rich business guys. Yeah, I know.. equality is a bit too much to expect from the Toxics

  32. In the name of equality, I’m currently using Bacon Ipsum, Hipster Ipsum, and Samuel L Ipsum text for building out the new site.

  33. per oorstegama says:

    In case you missed it… Jesse Ventura on marriage equality: “Love is by far bigger than government can ever be” …

  34. ach wefer says:

    Washington State: Stand up for marriage equality. People should be able to marry the person they love. APPROVE R.74 …

  35. qvischowsk says:

    That said I want a hairless cat and a corgi and they will be friends because I believe in equality

  36. tatgeren-r kutsler says:

    I believe in equality, if we have a 5 day week of school, we should have 5 day weekends as well.

  37. It’s time women a church where all may enter and where equality is constitutional. I would join you for solidarity.

  38. ciriere bahlemakah says:

    If and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike shar

  39. baiss ceru says:

    I will never believe in Sexual equality, having sex with a woman is far too nice to even consider giving it a thought :3

  40. kunpoulos bourger says:

    Reggae music is not all about smoking weed is about nature, equality, pride, politics, peace, religion && spirit. People is just ignorant !

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