Apparently the growth in power, size, and abusive behavior of government is spontaneous and almost irrepressible, like a black hole and its enormous gravitational pull inexorably drawing everything within its reach, even electromagnetic radiation, into a dark, inescapable oblivion, voraciously adding to its own mass and energy, much as a hungry teenager adds hamburgers to his infuriatingly flat stomach. I say this because I’m convinced now: King Bushie the Simple, Grand Inquisitor Cheney, and Kardinal Rovesley were good leaders who did their best for a world that neither understands nor appreciates them. Since this is indisputably true (just ask Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh, and the men themselves), and since they are all clearly driven by noble ideals (certainly not by the desire for power, money, and self-aggrandizement at everyone else’s expense), we know that they must have heroically tried hard to protect American Liberty, keep the size of government down, and manage our national budget responsibly. The facts that, under their watch, civil liberties and human rights eroded like sandcastles on the beach, government swelled like an elephant gestating quintuplets, and the federal budget went from the surplus they inherited to the largest debt in history merely denotes the size and ferocity of the dragon these great leaders courageously sought to slay. Had we but given them more time and support, they might yet have beat back the Beast Born of Liberal Idiocy, won the battle, and brought Freedom and Jesus to everyone everywhere.


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  1. beier katemeyna says:

    Do we need karl Rove annalists;1970, Rove used a false identity to enter the campaign office of Democrat Alan J. Dixon to steal letter heads

  2. soorrry. i just checked out the website and it’s completey random. i was just joking. take a FREAKIN SETTLE DOWN CAN’T YOU TAKE A JOKE pill.

  3. verty van fle says:

    it WASNT OBAMA! get a clue cantwait for rumsfeld to return the 2.6 trillion STOLEN from DOD. BUSH MERRLY LYNCH BUSH

  4. shahrenzoi says:


  5. When a man writes a song that gets him laid, he can call himself a musician. When a man writes a song that gets other men laid from covering it, he can call himself a rock star.

  6. Cheney is a war criminal who will burn in a hell of his own making for 9 eternities; now doing everything he can to keep his pumping!

  7. Very fine interview. People who’ve read and listened to enough analyses and from good authors and sources over the years about these wars will gain little from this interview, but it’s still a fine one, nonetheless.

  8. genbarruge broka says:

    Great video. a hard subject to approach and brings back the reality that conjoined twins have to face in everyday life.

  9. lenes belmerff says:

    Wondering why ppl lie nd beat around the bush when u ask a question but when they wanna know smthn they want an answer.. gtfo..

  10. pedeibertk says:

    What did the Bush/Cheney admin do to us that so many are willing to believe their gov’t wants to spy on you & round you up? GetAGrip! Geesh

  11. I Am Sorry For Lying About WMDs (Dick Cheney’s Apology to the Iraqi Children Who Died in His Mindless War) –

  12. Disgusting that ‘progressives’ R buying into a KARL ROVE trap of drop Biden 4 Clinton SHAME ON U // cosign

  13. walliebel says:

    In honor of ABC News & Meet the Press debates,Fox News is planning a future debate of Democrat candidates hosted by Sean Hannity & Karl Rove –

  14. “US marines in Afghanistan accused of war crimes.” GC: What BS. How about War Criminals-in-Chief Bush, Cheney, Obama, etc who wage the war?

  15. Hey- answer me this- if Bush, Cheney, & Rumsfeld were held responsible for Abu Ghraib – then why are Obama & his ilk getting off easy here?

  16. pertarvinc vidi says:

    – Did the ask that same question an have the same response when Mile Malloy said the same thing about Bush?

  17. cribayetta says:

    Drinking Games | TM Daily Post: How Drunk Would You Be If You Played Rove’s SOTU Drinking Game? Driving Dad Film…

  18. lippetleva says:

    Like him or hate him when cheney spoke our enemies Listened they didnt laugh like they do when biden opens his mouth

  19. Can you tell diff between Democratic war mongerers & the neocon variety? Paul Bremer, Liz Cheney, Karl Rove, etc: –

  20. cecedith mio says:

    It has become increasingly fashionable in Jerusalem and Washington to advocate a military strike on Iran. Central to the case for war is the argument that a nuclear-armed Iran, unlike the Soviet Union and China during the Cold War or Korea today, would be impossible to contain, and therefore attacking Iran is the “least bad option” to prevent an intolerable threat. Ehud Barak, Israel’s Minister of Defense, told an audience at the annual Herzliya security conference in early February that military action may soon be needed because “dealing with a nuclearized Iran will be far more complex, far more dangerous and far more costly in blood and money than stopping it today.” Echoing this theme, former Bush administration official and current Mitt Romney adviser John Bolton recently called for an immediate bombing campaign on the grounds that attempting to contain Iran was futile. “The mullahs,” Bolton “do not buy our theories of deterrence.” And last Thursday, on Capitol…

  21. banaeser ling says:

    Taxonomy: Kingdom : Animalia (Animals) Phylum : Class : Insecta (Insects) Order : Coleoptera (Beetles) Suborder : Polyphaga (Water, Rove, Scarab, Longhorn, Leaf and Snout Beetles) Superfamily …

  22. of course KIKE like you fool me.. I know you are masters of deception and manipulation.. however, your end is very near .. nearer than you can imagine KIKE.. just wait until the 9/11 file and the assassination of JFK file are reopened and when the American people know the truth .. there will be no ISRA HELL in the world map.. KIKE..

  23. reida conzo says:

    The guy from Moody’s just said the peak in jobs was sometime in I think 07, during the Bush admin.

  24. no way why is he playing hard to convince, road trip, vacations, Bush other good music and drinks.. Sounds awesome to me!!!

  25. stiaanuels says:

    Romney believes as Karl Rove did that u can pretty much tell American people anything as long as u speak with conviction & keep on repeating

  26. wthraiter says:

    Tesla: Man Out of Time: Tesla: Man Out of Time by Margaret Cheney (107)Buy new: $16.00 $10.88 44 used & new from…

  27. intermugni says:

    It already is a creature of the GOP- see Citizens United and Bush v Gore, result oriented decisions designed to help GOP –

  28. Anyone get video? Well LOL at Cavuto. He just let Karl Rove dig himself deeper re: C O’Donnell and the DE Senate race.

  29. haishiyash ciskaleyra says:

    Dick Cheney says selection of Palin in 2008 was a ‘mistake’ and suggests Romney should go for experienced running mate Former vice-president Dick Cheney said Sunday that having Sarah Palin on the 2008 White House ticket was “a mistake”, urging this year’s Republican candidate Mitt Romney to go for someone more experienced. As those vying to be chosen as Romney’s running mate spent the weekend campaigning around the country, Cheney suggested that main criteria had to be: “Is this person capable of being the president of the United States?” Palin, who was a first-term governor of Alaska when John McCain picked her to his running mate, fell on this count, Cheney implied. In his first interview since undergoing transplant surgery, Cheney, 71, told ABC News: “I like Governor Palin. I’ve met her, I know her. She was an attractive candidate. “But based on her background – she had only been governor for what, two years? – I don’t think she passed that test of being ready to take…

  30. gretton criti says:

    Rove’s PAC has $70 mill 2 take the 4 seats nec. 2 control the Senate~he called out Tammy Baldwin & Heidi Heitkam …

  31. obama’s only fixing what bush did to our it’s going to take longer than 4 years , people don’t realize …

  32. I hope not, but I fear he could. After Bush won a 2nd term, I never overestimate the American people.

  33. hi mate, tried one of your dives last night.. Into a bush. Turns out it were a thorn bush. You’re a Terrible influence .

  34. George W Bush hiding? Why is Karl Rove spending $20 million in Ohio; don’t get fooled again by slick Mitt a disciple of Bush-Rove economics

  35. @chubbyclaudia
    Can I have the full songs list that you always play in GT? Thanks in advance 🙂 Lots Of Rove.

  36. hirank sch says:

    The fiscal cliff is all deciding who pays for Bush’s 2 wars & tax cuts. I oppose taking $$$ from Medicare & Medicaid to do that. –

  37. Did they ever catch Joseph Kony?” Nope. That nigga is in the bush. They will never catch him lol –

  38. if you’re in Mr. Cheney’s sixth hour government: bring in extra pair of underwear tomorrow, our video will make you pee

  39. kennarsivo mir says:

    Mark Levin to Karl Rove: “Get the hell off the stage pal.” I agree even though Levin is a NeoCon. Time for Rove to go –

  40. You mean Bush tax cuts and two stupid wars? MT Time to face the spending that got us into this mess. –

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