It’s tragic that we have to continually re-establish what has already authoritatively been well-established by an abundance of data.

However, what’s significant here is that a well-know climate skeptic is finally convinced that climate change is a fact.

Climate change is real, study says

by Boonsri Dickinson

Rising land temperature is real, according to a study. A climate skeptic has conduced several studies looking into temperature data collected by weather stations over the past half-century and has concluded that climate change is real.

Average Global Temperature

To be clear, the findings discussed below haven’t been peer-reviewed.

Phil Plait at Discover magazine reiterates the early nature of the papers:

Because of that, the results need to be taken with a grain of salt. However, due to the nature of the study’s foundation and funders, which I will get to in a moment, the results are most definitely news-worthy.

The Berkeley group submitted four scientific papers for peer review and expects it to be part of the body of work in the next IPCC report on Climate Change.

The Berkeley Earth Project (BEP) looked at land temperature since the mid-1950s. Berkeley Earth’s founder and director Richard A. Muller said:

Our biggest surprise was that the new results agreed so closely with the warming values published previously by other teams in the U.S. and the U.K. This confirms that these studies were done carefully and that the potential biases identified by climate change skeptics did not seriously affect their conclusions.

Muller is a physicist at the University of California, Berkley, who had a reputation for being a climate change skeptic, says his studies back up the work of previous groups. The study used five times as many station locations: Using over 39,000 stations and combining data sets of 1.6 billion temperature reports from 16 publicly available data archives, the scientists were able to avoid station selection bias.

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project was created to make sense of global temperature change, with the world’s most comprehensive set of data. Previous global warming studies by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and the Hadley Center for Climate Prediction and Research in Britain have found that global land temperature rise has increased by 1.2 degrees C from the 1900s to now.

Muller previously said in a testimony to congress in March that “based on the preliminary work we have done, I believe that the systematic biases that are the cause for most concern can be adequately handled by data analysis techniques.”

The rise in temperature since the mid-1950s, most climate scientists say, is in part due to carbon dioxide emissions from human activities.

Muller also said in his testimony that the number attributed to human caused global warming, which is around 0.6 degrees, needs to be improved. “Berkeley Earth is working to improve on the accuracy of this key number by using a more complete set of data, and by looking at biases in a new way,” he adds.

Some of the critical findings in the studies posted online include:

  • While urban land heat does occur, it doesn’t really add to the average land temperature rise.
  • Yes, a third of temperature sites reported a period of cooling over the last 70 years. This leaves the other two-thirds though, which reported warming.
  • Weather stations ranked as poor, performed just as well as the stations considered okay. Therefore, it’s alright to include poor stations in the study of global warming trends.

The Berkeley collaborators include Saul Perlmutter, who won a Nobel Prize in Physics. Using the same skills the physicist used to discover that the universe is expanding, Perlmutter and other astrophysicists and particle physicists in the group will analyze the massive weather data set.

Next, Muller wants to study the ocean temperature to build a more complete view of rising temperatures.

via Discover and The Independent

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45 Responses to “A Climate Skeptic Sees The Light”

  1. fumilahura azi says:

    i get it…if global warming is a fraud, then why on are those that firmly believe that it is fraud, why are they not demanding, protesting and so for the truth?! it seems to me that all they do is just talk about it (complain) but that is it. we need someone with guts to a movement for the truth.

  2. Someday global climate change will result in Florida being flooded and people will be like “man, this was so it”

  3. the texas weather over here feels like fall/winters been hit by some early spring weather.. global warming lol feels good though 🙂

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  5. pomathibis says:

    Photosynthesis limits the free carbon dioxide in the air. Not mankind. We have increased life on Without affecting the weather.

  6. The UN’s global warming unit, IPCC, is so discredited that “it is not clear how much additional benefit there is to having a huge bureaucratic scientific review under UN auspices” said Ken Caldeira in announcing that he is resigning as one of its leading authors on the next IPCC The previous one won […]

  7. halo kellammel says:

    “…Christ the Saviour is born….” The truth is that the world doesn’t really believe it needs a saviour, does it? Well, everyone would like to be saved from the perils of the European financial crisis, the Middle Eastern riots, HIV/AIDS, global warming, and a host of more personal disasters. …

  8. its time the truth came out about plegerism under the lie of sharing someones private life [ RAPE, HYPOCRACEY} while they are being violated and with repetitive phrases, no one can truly believe anything unless teckno -slavery is stopped, its not just ‘do the math”,” tip of the iceberg’, it isn’t rocket science’ ect, timmy stories and harry,ECT., its global warming{by the way number one was in 1974 when I frist said it at o.c.e., still is nucler] pay the creatoR Hope under

  9. We seem to be having consistently weird weather – I wonder how it’s going to be when and if global climate change sets in…

  10. Is it hot in here, or is it just you? Or global climate change? Or a faulty thermostat? Or an unseen radiator?

    Nope. Just me. Never mind.

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  12. cowlindonn nyechlein says:

    i seem to bring out the weird in the Loonies. there are people who do not grasp global climate change, and they are firm in their beliefs.

  13. – Excited for this event!!!!! How does messages play a role in motivating lay audiences to act on global climate change?

  14. gurnbachis cawlek says:

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  15. malkinor caty says:

    % decrease in the incidence of the terms “global warming” and “climate change” in major newspapers in 2011: 33 (Apr ’12)

  16. A new NRDC study says Arizona & other states could see faster diminishing water supplies without more planning for global climate change.

  17. gragatch says:

    Global climate change and other fast-developing scientific fields can take a cue from a prolonged process that eventually led to a workable compromise regarding the release of new data by human genome researchers.

    read more

    July 22, 2010
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
    The major bills before Congress to regulate greenhouse gases to combat global climate change suffer from “multiple unfixable flaws” that undermine their effectiveness, according to a detailed congressional disclosure by two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees, posted today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).
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  20. “Some groups of animals on the sea and land did recover quickly and began to rebuild their ecosystems, but they suffered setbacks. Life had not really recovered in these early phases because permanent ecosystems were not established.

    Professor Benton, Professor of Palaeontology at the University of Bristol, said: “Life seemed to be getting back to normal when another crisis hit and set it back again. The carbon crises were repeated many times, and then finally conditions became normal again after five million years or so.”

    Finally, after the environmental crises ceased to be so severe, more complex ecosystems emerged. In the sea, new groups, such as ancestral crabs and lobsters, as well as the first marine reptiles, came on the scene, and they formed the basis of future modern-style ecosystems.”

  21. des petruding says:

    Of late, more and more people are becoming ‘green’ and are searching for friendly ways to do numerous things. Instead of driving gasoline powered cars, people are opting to drive hybrids; rather than using electricity generated via fossil fuels, individuals are utilizing solar energy and wind energy; and in the household, people are using… –

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  23. I feel like global warming is taking over planet in 2012 cause I’m melting and so are the ice caps

  24. rahn rowski says:

    Herman van Rompuy dismisses Copenhagen climate summit as ‘incredible disaster’ and expects Cancún to be no better The European Union’s new president, Herman Van Rompuy, has predicted “disaster” at the latest crucial round of global climate change negotiations in Mexico and voiced relief that he stayed away from the Copenhagen summit a year ago. on a meeting with Van Rompuy in December last year, just after he was the surprise choice to be the first president of the European council, a senior US diplomat described the Belgian as “animated and frustrated”. Van Rompuy said the Copenhagen climate change talks had been “an incredible disaster”. Looking forward to the current negotiations in Cancún in Mexico, the European leader predicted that these would be a disaster too. The US cable paints a picture of an isolated Van Rompuy. The devoutly Catholic former Belgian prime minister has been chairing all EU summits this year. His first in February amounted to a Copenhagen

  25. trey bus says:

    Maybe Global Warming is caused by rappers pronouncing words incorrectly so it sounds like they rhyme? We don’t know for sure.

  26. card-nou lie says:

    Notes on the global; climate change front, that a chunk of ice the size of New York City has just from…

  27. zapilrodbr says:

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  28. Just finished a great 3 day conference concerning global climate change and human health through IAGT and CIESIN w/ Columbia U.

  29. It’s fall weather in August. God this whole global climate change thing is weird. I’m not complaining that its not 90 degrees though!

  30. mercaddini karuinojos says:

    Among other things, we are praying for awareness of global climate change & courage to face it & try to solve it.

  31. ☢ : This is What Global Warming looks like 2.0This is What Global Warming looks like 2.0 We dump billions o… ☣

  32. If your opinion about global warming is based on the weather outside then you don’t deserve to have an opinion about global warming

  33. By Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer: Over the last 100 years, global temperatures have warmed by about 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit (0.74 degrees Celsius) on average….
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  34. lizzink con says:

    Cameron bangs on about global climate change. What precisely does he really mean by this. Frankly his cheap rhetoric doesn’t stand up

  35. “We Have Never Seen a Year Like This Before”: Meteorologist Jeff Masters The devastating tornadoes and rampant flooding that’s rocked the nation this year has often left the public with more questions than answers when it naturally sought out ‘big picture’ explanations to the extreme weather events. The biggest question of all, of course, was whether the extreme storms could be blamed on global climate change. We’ve run a couple posts attempting to shed some light on the answer to that question — which, as succinctly as possible, goes something like…Read the full story on TreeHugger

  36. bashlander eral says:

    Political will, international talks, serious action and market changes show we are determined to rise to the challenge As things stand, the world is plainly not on track to keep the global temperature increase from climate change below 2C, which is generally regarded as global warming’s danger threshold. The UN Environment Programme (Unep) said last month that at best, current commitments would take us somewhat of half way towards a climate safe trajectory; and a World Bank published the same week showed some of the dangers of a world warmed by 4C. Anyone who engages seriously with the science is right to be concerned. But I would identify four reasons to be hopeful. First, if we act we can still climate change’s worst impacts. Both the Unep and an International Energy Agency published the week before said that time was running out, but that 2C is still within reach if we can muster the political will. Second, the international process may be slow, but…

  37. Ice sheets of West Antarctica are warming fast: The vulnerable ice sheets are warming as fast as anywhere else o…

  38. rilly karsentree says:

    AFP – An international gathering on climate change opened here Sunday to prepare the ground for a UN summmit on the issue in Durban, South Africa in December.

  39. rinodiano ocelindley says:

    RT It’s no longer global warming, it’s climate change.
    It’s no longer gun control, it’s gun VIOLENCE
    When it doesn’t wo …

  40. calves nec says:

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  41. Basics and batik of climate change: Orrin H. Pilkey and Keith C. Pilkey’s Global Climate Change: A primer is ill…

  42. Aside from the fact this weather will contribute to the long term evidence of global climate change.. I dig this nice weather.

  43. apper laina says:

    O hell nawww. Y the hell is it 62 degress outside in the winter time? This that global warming stuff. Smh

  44. klothgebha carlstek says:

    Can we officially change ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Global Climate Change’ everywhere to stop people from arguing that it’s cold out?

  45. borone patrindick says:

    Global warming: it’s a heated debate, but a recent suggests that temperatures here on have been the highest they’ve ever been in 4,000 years. Plus, it’s predicted that over the next few decades, temperatures are likely to surpass levels not seen on since before the last ice age occurred. The study was
    Read The Full Story

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