As I wrote earlier, I question the approach we’ve taken so far with these various types of “economic stimulus.” In terms of options that actually seem politically feasible or likely to happen, I haven’t heard one yet that rings true, from Republican or Democratic officials in Washington. The real problems are deep and systemic, and the real solution will have to be equally so. Below is a stimulating (ha, ha) interview on Daljit Dhaliwal’s Feb. 20th edition of “Foreign Exchange,” in which her guest argues that we’ve seen the results of stimulus efforts like these already in other countries who experienced similiar crises.



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  1. But what does innovation mean? The means become improved? But then the question arises: To what end? and to what effect? We can theoretically completely transform the entire globe to maintain our “standard” of living.

  2. U.S. President Barack Obama says that the most task for world leaders meeting at an economic summit in France is to resolve the European financial crisis.

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    Woolsey speaks her mind on Obama, the Tea Republicans and the Occupy …: By Richard Halstead Rep. Lynn W… –

  7. Very good interview. Congratulations to Ms. Dhaliwal. Mr. Jay came very close to a critical analysis of positivism.
    Best wishes to him.
    William Keyser

  8. salisharal kacell says:

    “Anthony Worrall Thompson” admits to finding it hard to make ends meet since the recession struck and apologises to all of his fans

  9. Sara Borellis sang for Obama at fundraiser. Now you know why such a mediocre talent was pushed up the Repays with Shill for left

  10. culletting haslimat says:

    Not the law of the jungle? Isn’t that the only law proven to work? The promise and vision of the UN’s founders? Where can I get a copy of that? Why is it hard for him to keep a straight face? I have my version of the answers, what do you think? Think while you still can but do it quick before they fulfill the promise and vision.

  11. Benny Dhaliwal’s new video “TERI MERI” from the album Va Vai Va is now live on the official page. Check it out…

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  13. helberi hoon says:

    It takes death and depression to make people actually cherish life… Should of cherished it when you had the not being forced.

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    “The accused include Fazil Say, an internationally acclaimed pianist and composer who has been accused of “publicly insulting the religious values of a segment of the population” via comments on Twitter.

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    An indictment against youths accused of being members of the hacking network Redhack also is notable because it characterises the group as an “armed terrorist organisation.”

    The social media cases have onlookers concerned about the future of freedom of expression. “

  18. eikley kozlof says:

    Obama’s attack on Bain Capital explains why our unemployment rate is at 8.2% & why we got a Downgrade. Obama doesn’t understand business. –

  19. niessell arkelly says:

    “More men are coming to experience what women have experienced for a long time, & are complaining.” Weird labour stats:

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  21. yeah that was a good lesson that one. we got some great writing from that one. power of a good stimulus to get kids thinking

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    Lyn Stroub liked Obama: “If You’ve Got a Business – You Didn’t Build That! Somebody Else Made That Happen” (Video) |. –

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  25. ciri granz says:

    left on stimulus, clean energy, gays, insanity of GOP. right on PBS, FHA, death penalty, insanity of Ivory Soap libs.

  26. FTSE LIVE: US Fed hints of end to stimulus halt rally: 17.35 (CLOSE): The recent rally on London’s FTSE 100 In…

  27. Once I was a bear! I was petrified! But now that I’ve got Chiddu on my side! And then the stimulus came along! I grew strong!

  28. karre stamounton says:

    Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, Inflating phantom assets to collateralize expanding debt is failing due to diminishing returns on stimulus, zero-interest rates, money-printing and monetization of Federal debt. That the policies of central states and banks have led to one disastrous asset bubble after another over the past 15 years is undeniable. This […]

  29. montz brucklyno says:

    Flush with more than $4 billion in stimulus money, the meter industry deployed 30 million meters in the two years after the program was passed. That was a big boost. But nationwide, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that meter penetration levels are only at 23 percent. That’s because only a handful of states have dominated the market so far. Take a look at the image below from GTM Research. It shows that a very large swath of the contiguous U.S. — 28 states — will have less than a of their meters to technologies by next year. The lag in these states is caused by a number of issues: the lack of coherent policy, the low price of electricity relative to other states, and whether or not utilities have assets that have fully depreciated. For example, many rural cooperatives in the Midwest have adopted automated meter reading technologies, but have not embraced more advanced meters. On the other end of the spectrum, states like…

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